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Boycott Racist Banks and Financial institutions

January 14, 2021

January 14, 2021

It is a daunting task to cure the disease spread by Weyane for the last thirty years. The diaspora can play a leading role to drive and educate the public and use the public power to correct the ills. Activists and concerned groups can take the drive to all social media to increase awareness for the public.

Banks like Awash Bank owned by only Oromos and have a practice, one has to be an Oromo to work in the Bank. The same for Oromia bank. Wegagen and Anbessa Banks all the share holders are Tigray and for sure the high level officials and management of the banks are Tigree.

How on earth such a racist business exist? Yes in Ethiopia it is normal, had it been in the United States in the first place the government has a check and balance and will fine the institution heavily and leave alone strive and flourish it would not get a chance to survive. Also the public do not have an appetite to do business with such institution.

So let us educate the public and rise up and help the government to correct all the evil practice sowed by the TPLF.

The first step is to black list such racist financial institutions.

  1. Awash Bank
  2. Oromia Bank
  3. Wegagen Bank
  4. Anbessa Bank

If you know other racist institution we can expand the list.
What should be done? Let us raise the awareness to the public and the public can punish these institutions.

The public should stop doing business with these banks close all your account in these banks and move your money to other banks which are more Ethiopian and which do not have racist practice. The public can punish these institutions for good paralyzing their operations.

For this institution to get out of black list they should sale all share held by one ethic group and sale to all Ethiopians and make sure that the ownership is open to all Ethiopians. Need to diversify the ownership and make sure from top level management to lower rank employee reflect Ethiopian ethic composition. Employment should not be by race should be by competence and qualification. If these institutions make the change and are verified will be removed from black list and the public will be encouraged to do business with them until then the black listing and alerting the public will continue.

There is a Bank under formation called Amara Bank. How ugly it is to call a Bank Amara. This bank will be also black listed unless the name is changed. Also the share holders of this bank under formation should not be only Amara and the top management and the lower rank employee ethnic composition should reflect Ethiopia and the hiring specially the top management should be based on competence not race. Please pay attention not to practice racism other wise will be blacklisted and the public will be alerted not to do business with your institution.

The people have the power and make racism history and let it be fair for all Ethiopians equally and all of us has to play our own role.

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