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Boeing Signs 787 Landing Gear Exchange Agreement with Ethiopian Airlines

July 20, 2022

Boeing solidified a contract agreement for the 787 Landing Gear Exchange Program with Ethiopian Airlines during a signing ceremony at the Farnborough Air Show. The new contract includes 19 787-8 landing gear exchanges. With this new service, Ethiopian Airlines will receive predictable pricing, reduced inventory investment, and instant access to Boeing’s global inventory and will complement the parts support program in place for the 787 and 777.

“We are pleased to sign an agreement with Boeing for the repair and exchange service of Boeing 787 landing gears,” said Mesfin Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines. “This year marks 10 years since Ethiopian Airlines introduced the 787 platform, and this landing gear exchange is part of our long-term strategic relationship between Boeing and Ethiopian Airlines.”

Additionally, Ethiopian has signed for Boeing’s Airplane Health Management (AHM) service for their 787 and 737-8 fleets.

“We are delighted to continue our longstanding partnership with Ethiopian Airlines with landing gear exchanges that deliver the support Ethiopian requires for its 787-8s and by bringing Airplane Health Management to Ethiopian’s 737-8 and 787 fleets, said Stephanie Pope, president and CEO of Boeing Global Services.

Boeing’s Landing Gear Exchange Program is a cost-effective landing gear solution for customers seeking to streamline the repair and overhaul process. Boeing’s program offers inventory, engineering support and provides a single source for overhauled and certified landing gear that meets the customer’s requirements and industry standards.

Stephanie Pope, President and CEO of Boeing Global Services (left) and Mesfin Tasew, CEO of Ethiopian Airlines (right), signed an agreement for 787-8 landing gear exchanges and Airplane Health Management (AHM) at the Farnborough Airshow.

AHM is a digital solution enables airlines to reduce unscheduled maintenance via real-time fault forwarding and customizable, analytics-driven diagnostic tools. The service provides major value across various airline functions including maintenance control, line maintenance and supply chain management.

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian) is the fastest growing Airline in Africa. In its seventy-five years of operation, Ethiopian has become one of the continent’s leading carriers, unrivalled in efficiency and operational success. Ethiopian commands the lion’s share of the Pan-African passenger and cargo network operating the youngest and most modern fleet to more than 130 international passenger and cargo destinations across five continents.

As a leading global aerospace company, Boeing develops, manufactures and services commercial airplanes, defense products and space systems for customers in more than 150 countries. As a top U.S. exporter, the company leverages the talents of a global supplier base to advance economic opportunity, sustainability and community impact. Boeing’s diverse team is committed to innovating for the future and living the company’s core values of safety, quality and integrity. Learn more at www.boeing.com.


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