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‘Birds of the same feather fly together’ – By Yinegal Belachew

By Yinegal Belachew
I am writing this short note after reading some reflections about the appointment by the remnants of EPRDF of Hailemariam Desalegn as the new “PM” of Ethiopia. Yes, may be due to foreign pressure and other non-escapable circumstantial conditions, TPLF might succumb to temporary hibernation until it gets organized with a new wave of tyranny under certain Tigrian leadership. Now, it seems as though another non-Tigrian Ethiopian has assumed the premiership [which is utterly false and beyond the reality on the ground!]. Nevertheless, any major citizen of this planet should recognize the fact that this election is absolutely fake and far from the reality we people at home know. These Tigrian bugs and ticks in the government will never let Ethiopia and Ethiopians have a sigh of freedom unless they all are dead or change their niggard nature in a metamorphic manner. They have become astonishingly subhuman in their love for money and power; they have lost all their senses and have been altered from being moderately sane to being extremely insane/mad when it comes to appropriation of wealth and political power. Believe me; they will never and ever let Ethiopians have a real freedom. The idea of some foolish analysts that goes like, “Oh, let’s wait and see the new PM, and let’s give them the benefit of the doubt,” is mere wish and farfetched. As long as there is EPRDF and its engineers such as Bereket and Sibhat Nega, there won’t be any change in Ethiopia. የዐዋጁን በጆሮ ነው፤ሳይታለም የተፈታውን?
Anyone who dares say ‘let’s give them time,’ or ‘let’s give them the benefit of the doubt’ is either TPLF himself or naïve that cannot differentiate the upper case ‘A’ from the lower case ‘a’. We know the so called ‘EPRDF’ of the TPLF’s cloak of the hinter land. EPRDF is TPLF’s wider vest to fit the whole Ethiopia and carry out the mission of dismantling this otherwise beautiful nation along with its augustly enshrined magnificent history.
Whether it is Hailemariam or Gemechu or Sinshaw that comes to Menelik’s Palace, provided the security and the defense is under the hands of Tigrians, nothing will happen for the coming 1,000,000 years; this is what they are openly saying as well. The so called Demeke or HD are coats, to vulgarize the situation a little bit more, they are nothing but condoms, under whom the ghost of Meles is dwelling and ruling the country via the strict supervision of Tigrian robots such as Bereket Simon and Seyoum Mesfin up until the time the current dust is settled and the power vacuum created is filled by one of the elects of the Tigrian Hegemony… The country is totally under the control of the TPLF’s junta. You can’t help, you have to accept the bitter reality.
But what is our hope is that TPLF is dead by now. What I am saying could be oxymoronic. But it is fact. Meles was both EPRDF and TPLF, if at all we can say there are/were two entities as such. Meles usurped everything to his own purpose. They are now empty; that is why their fake mourning has become the first of its kind in the world. They are literally empty now, for he was their master and their idolatrous creature in which they used to believe as a god and without whom they are like chicks whose mother deserted and exposed them to hawks and crows.
Who is Hailemariam? Isn’t he one among them, among the hyenas? What is (so) special about this baptized Woyane? Isn’t he like Azeb Mesfin who denied herself and got Tigrianized by the devilishly mesmeric words of her husband and thence collaborated with him to carry out an incessant massacre on Amharas and other opposing ethnic groups throughout Ethiopia in the last 21+ years, and yet, as adding an insult to injury, obligated the Amharas to forcibly mourn the death of this butcher, the Bendel Bokassa of Ethiopia? Who is Hailemariam Desalegn? Hasn’t he been with them for the last 10+ years doing what they instructed him to do? What is new then? Who goes together with a stench? A stench always goes with a stench! If you are not putrid you cannot stand with the putrid around you; you cannot claim innocent if you are with criminals doing what they want you to do in your free will. White and black cannot comply with in terms of living together; one has to give way to the other. A mourner and a singer cannot perform their stuffs at a time, otherwise it is a fun, a theatrics; one has to sing or cry, but not both at a time. Likewise, if Hailemariam were good person, his place would be out of the compound of the Woyane, be it like me in certain hiding in Addis or in the Diaspora or if any worst scenario takes a lead, he would get himself in prison like Eskinder Nega. He has to steal, lie, be fraudulent, deny the reality, deny himself, deny the whole truth, become traitor, be a man of debauchery, be nihilist,… if he wants to stay with those people whose ID card clearly holds those mundane trivialities. Is he pious in the compound of scoundrels? Is he a saint in the realm of Mr. Lucifer? What are people saying? Why are they intermingling the ‘dry’ and the ‘wet’? Here I am not in a position to argue under the common controversial axiom: ‘if he is theirs, he doesn’t belong to us’ or ‘if you are ours, you cannot be theirs.’ This is a bit different from what I am arguing. I shall bring forth an additional case later as to why HD cannot be ‘a man of the people’.
It is a matter of using our common sense. It is a matter of seeing the default rules of our planet. Hailemariam Desalegn is as non-clean as Meles or any of his stooges, though variations could be entertained to a certain extent. After all, HD is the disciple of MZ, a handpicked puppet, as people say so. Hence, a student is chosen by his teacher if and when s/he fits his/her criteria of selection among other candidates. Therefore, we cannot sanctify HD more than his tutor and mentor MZ. If we expect something good out of HD, we are either stupid or ignorant of the game of politics. HD is an absolute obedient of the creed, the EPRDF, the faith, the satanic religion of the ruffians assigned to eliminate Ethiopia. As a matter of fact, this elimination process cannot be excused by few strides of growth such as sprawling cities and towns or skyrocketing buildings here and there or asphalt roads; that is natural, this cannot and should by no means stupefy us. A ruthless junta that has stayed in power for more than 21 years could construct the country more significantly than what we are witnessing now. Nearly twenty two years are enough even to form a new nation in a full-fledged manner. You can ask the age of the statehood of Israel; in just less than twenty years she was among nuclear powers, leave alone feeding her citizens thrice a day. But our vagabond and loquacious (ወሽካታ)PM had never been doing anything to feed ‘his people’ even once a day; he was simply busy of tantalizing us with untenable talks of development, a pie in the sky sort of fictitious tales, and we were salivating like Pavlov’s dog conditioned to his non-stop lies; I wonder on the role of media when it comes to misinforming and disinforming the mass and creating illusive pictures by twisting tangible facts; I wonder on what ETV and its allies have been talking about this late PM, posthumously. He himself would be ashamed of the living if he could have a chance of watching at least one of the lies that are being broadcast(ed) on ETV. Without a need to engage in constant lying to cover up systemic failures like the EPRDF, you can see China and other Far East nations as to how they have been able to develop within just 20 or 30 years.
Whether we like it or not Hailemariam Desalegn(HD here above) has no legitimacy to be the PM of the country as Meles had neither. It is not a matter of ethnicity or educational background; understandably, he is from the elite, ostensibly an erudite who is said to have been a dean of a public university, though his education is not related to public administration. It is a matter of legality; in the first place, EPRDF itself is not the lawful child of the country; it is bastard, a hodgepodge of listless individuals from this or that ethnic group with rotten ideology whose peculiarity is confusion fused from Marxism and ethnocentrism. Starting from its formation, this group of bandits is known for its negativity and destructive nature. It is therefore logical to say that any individual from this group of the lost generation is lost, Period! according to the favorite word of the ringleader of the Mafiosi, MZ.
Ethiopia needs to be recreated with a new spirit of Ethiopianism. She doesn’t need the yeast from EPRDF. EPRDF has been the major cause of her spoilage. As we cannot expect chicks from the eggs of a snake, we cannot expect EPRDF to be benign and pave the way for our freedom. It is therefore an absolute naivety if anyone expects HD to be the new messiah for the redemption of this country. Naivety should have a limit and do not bang your heads with empty hope.
Thanks to We have learnt that this HD had bought articles and ornaments worth of over 10 thousand US dollars in a mall when he was flown to South Africa for a working visit. It is a shame for a ‘son of Jesus’ to expend such a huge amount of money on such glittery articles while on the other hand millions of people are dying of starvation at home. OK, it doesn’t matter if we die of starvation or famine; it is his right to buy anything he likes. But from where did he get all that money? Who gave him? Could it be from his scant monthly income? Did Mr. Tycoon Alamoudi give him all this money? It is ridiculous. We know his salary cannot exceed Birr 6 thousand a month; and we know that it is almost impossible to save 10 thousand dollars, even if he is allowed to live on earth for thousands of years, and spend on such trivial expenses. It is good of him if he can properly survive with what he earns. We know what is happening in our country. It is therefore fishy to have HD as immaculate as people talk of him and his decency. Let them make folly of foreigners who can easily be preys of any EPRDFic lies and deceits. We know who is who; to whatever religion he sticks to or whatever soothing words he speaks in churches or pulpits, we can distinguish who is who by his actions rather than his words. Words are there to cover the truth. Gentlemen and women, never surrender to stupefying words! I sometimes say, ‘This world would have been much better to live in if there had not been languages and religions in a fashion we know them now.’ Do you realize how other animals co-exist without harming each other in a degree we humans hurt one another?
Birds of the same feather fly or flock together. Woyanes are always Woyanes. Never expect anything positive from them. Their traits are electrifyingly ionized with destructive motifs. They are peace-fewer creatures though the term ‘peace’ is never off their lips. They are fond of calling democracy, but they are naturally undemocratic with much despotism. They talk about truth, but they are absolute liars, pathological liars, as people say so.
But as a window of hope, I can courageously tell you this historical event that has to manifest itself in the near future; it is not a matter of human choice, it is a process. A natural process. The end of one cycle and the beginning of another cycle. Is it bad or taboo to remind the natural phenomenon of the negation of negation? Sorry if I am wrong in doing so. Nonetheless, whether we like it or not, they are finished; the sun of TPLF is setting abruptly, in a manner no worldly force has never thought or imagined of! Do you think Abba Paulos would resign as Patriarch of Ethiopia after desecrating the religion of millions of Ethiopians? Do you imagine thousands of regiments of an army would befall the iron-fist throne of Meles Zenawi if he were not deposed in a short cut arranged by the unknown? Hey, please let’s think of the unthinkable, at least in rare cases such as this one.
They are disconnected from their celestial patronage; their malevolent protégé has been defeated by the benevolent Father; why not they ordain thousands of Generals and Marshals overnight anoint millions of bishops and pontiffs, they will never regain the cream of the country in a manner they used to control alone like hitherto. God has said ‘enough!’ and this message has been openly communicated to them. That is why they are in a mood of madness everywhere. Let’s wait and see the coming few years or months in the least. No matter what we do or don’t do. Time itself has its own answers for the plight of people, whichever sort of people we might be, whatever masks we may preserve in our survival kits. The scale is always there. We now know that their architect is gone. They are simply waiting the last nail to be hit on their coffin; we are just waiting for the last straw that breaks the camel’s back. Presently, they are singing the songs of their Lord, Meles Zwenawi, until he finally calls them to join him at the place where he is now enjoying the fruits of his earthly deeds. Most definitely, he is not in heaven, neither will they be there too. The leader of the spiritual wing of the campaign has already gone for good. Forget not that of the business wing. He too will join the majority soon. The trio will meet there and will discuss the fate of their hellish children who are currently overacting due to the pinching of their sins and crimes. The Thresher has begun His job and is currently busy of discerning the chaff from the seed. What else should we raise now? Nothing! God bless Ethiopia. ልባችንን፣ ጤናማ ኅሊናችንንና አእምሮኣችንን ለተነጠቅን እግዚአብሔር ይሁነን፡፡ ሆድ አምላኪዎችን ፈጣሪ በመንግሥቱ ያስበን፡፡ ‹እንዲህ ልጠግብ በሬየን አረድኩት› ከማለት ይሠውረን፡፡ ከዘረኝነት ልውስ መርዝ ይታደገን፡፡ ሀገራችንን ወደጥፋት ማዕበል እያዳፋት ያለው ትልቁ ወረርሽኝ ዘረኝነት ነውና ከዚህ ሰብኣዊ ፈውስ ከሌለው ደዌ እግዜር በኪነ ጥበቡ ይታደገን፤ አሜን፡፡

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