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Biden Administration’s Porky Pig Dumbplomacy Reboot in Ethiopia

September 6, 2022

In my August 8, 2022, commentary, I asked: “US Special Envoy for the TPLF: From the “Ugly American” to the “American Easter Bunny” or is it Porky Pig?”

Porky Pig, it was.

Here we go again!

Almost a month later, it is Porky Pig Dumbplomacy reboot in Ethiopia.

On September 2, 2022, the US State Department announced special envoy Mike Hammer will be travelling to Ethiopia “to press for an immediate cessation of hostilities and the start of peace talks.”

Truth be told, it is Susan Rice, the Princess of Darkness, who is sending Hammer to Ethiopia do her dirty tricks in Ethiopia.

(*** Truth be told, the US does not have a policy for Ethiopia. Susan Rice does. She is the invisible hand that uses US power to rock the Ethiopian cradle.***)

On July 23, 2022, the State Department announcing Hammer’s first trip said,

 Hammer will travel to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Ethiopia… to review progress on delivery of humanitarian assistance, and accountability for human rights violations and abuses as well as efforts to advance peace talks between the Ethiopian government and Tigrayan authorities.

When Hammer arrived in Ethiopia, he had time only to take selfies with leaders of the terrorist TPLF and issue directives to the Ethiopian government.

Hammer traveled to Mekele, the terrorist stronghold in Northern Ethiopia, and delivered a secret message sent by Susan Rice, “Hold on. Keep fighting. Help is on the way.”

Hammer returned to Addis and delivered an ultimatum to the Ethiopian government in a joint press statement.

That statement proved beyond a shadow of doubt that Hammer’s mission was to serve as a terrorist TPLF negotiator in special envoy clothing.

Hammer issued three directives to the Ethiopian government in his statement:

1) Undertake  “a swift restoration of electricity, telecom, banking and other basic services in Tigray;”

2) Imperatively provide “unfettered access to Tigray accompanied by the lifting of sanctions on cash fuel and fertilizers;” and

3) Provide “access to the International Commission of Human Rights Experts in Ethiopia to investigate a credible investigation.”

No orders or directives were issued to the TPLF!

All the TPLF terrorist leaders had to do was watch Ethiopia being screwed as they sip on “chilled screwdrivers,” their favorite cocktail drink, from the balcony at Axum Hotel in Mekele.

Is it a case of stupid is as stupid does or the ambassador (king) has no clothes?

Every time the TPLF is getting hammered by the Ethiopian National Defense Force, Amhara and Afar militia and Fano forces, the Biden administration (“BAD”) squeals like a stuck pig to save their terrorist TPLF from an ass kicking.

BAD plays the role of the hear, see, speak no evil monkeys when the terrorist TPLF is pillaging, murdering and marauding in Amhara and Afar regions.

Blinken kept his mouth shut for more than 10 days as terrorist TPLF forces pillaged and rampaged in Amhara and Afar regions with their child soldiers deployed in human waves.

On September 2, 2022, Blinken tweeted the US

condemns the continuing TPLF offensive outside Tigray, the Ethiopian government’s airstrikes, and Eritrea’s re-entry into the conflict. We call on all parties to immediately halt military operations and redouble efforts to engage in peace talks.

It is always a case of stupid is as stupid does, to recall the memorable words of Forrest Gump.

Now that terrorist TPLF is getting hammered left and right, BAD sends Mike Hammer to hammer Ethiopia from taking any further military action against the terrorist TPLF.

Double standard has been the MO of BAD in Ethiopia since the terrorist TPLF launched its terrorist attack on the Ethiopian Northern Command on November 3-4 2020.

BAD has never been even-handed in the conflict. In fact, BAD has put its thumb on the scale to favor terrorist TPLF.

The fact of the matter about Susan Rice’s policy in Ethiopia is simply this:

Anyone who believes BAD and Susan Rice have benign or good intentions in  Ethiopia is a fool, a damned fool!

I knew from day 1, at least day 5, of the Biden inauguration on January 20, 2021 what Susan Rice/BAD will do in Ethiopia.

I was spot on in my prophetic predictions.

I have discussed in detail what I have called the “Five Pillars of US Policy in Ethiopia.”

In pursuit of the five pillars, there is nothing Rice/BAD have not done to accomplish their singular objective of totally destroying Ethiopia.

The BAD has provided financial, diplomatic, military and intelligence support to the terrorist TPLF overthrow the democratically elected government and impose its foreign power backed rule.

The BAD has coordinated with the European Union, the UN, Egypt and others to undermine Ethiopia diplomatically at the UN and other international forums including multilateral lending institutions.

The BAD has done everything it can to make Ethiopia a battleground in its geopolitical competition with China in Africa.

The BAD has worked overtly and covertly to undermine democratic reforms in Ethiopia in the hopes of eroding public support for the elected government of Ethiopia and inciting rebellion with the aim of restoring terrorist TPLF to power.

The BAD has openly worked to demonize, criminalize and ostracize Ethiopia using the Western press-titute media and continues to wage its grey war against Ethiopia.

The BAD has done all it can to thwart, undermined, discredit and prevent the June 2021 Ethiopia election.

The BAD has made over a dozen of attempts to jack up Ethiopia before the UN Security Council, impose sanctions and get authorization for the use of force to maintain or restore international peace and security (humanitarian intervention).

The BAD has imposed crippling sanctions on Ethiopia “the likes of which the world has never seen.”

Alas! The BAD’s efforts to destabilize and dismember Ethiopia have failed spectacularly!

Now, Mike Hammer is sent once again on a fool’s errand.

Mike Hammer, a diplomatic buffoon and clown

Mike Hammer is a diplomatic buffoon who could not negotiate his way out of a paper bag let alone resolve the conflict in Ethiopia.

Hammer’s cringe-worthy display of amateur diplomacy is exceeded only by his  abysmal stupidity, lack of judgment and downright dumbness.

Hammer takes selfies with the TPLF terrorist leaders completely oblivious of and insensitive to the fact that such a reckless action would deeply offend and apoplectically outrage the Ethiopian government.

His selfie was sending a clear message to the Ethiopian government:

I don’t give a damn if you can declare the TPLF terrorist and issue indictments for the arrest of its leaders. They are OUR terrorists. I will take all the selfies I want and if you don’t like it, you can go **** yourselves.

Hammer’s selfies with the terrorist leaders are seared in the minds of all Ethiopians. It can never be erased.

The selfies and his inane joint statement have made Hammer a laughingstock in Ethiopia.

Some charitably call him “medosha ras” (“hammer head”) or dummy/dunce. He is the butt of many uncharitable jokes in Ethiopia.

No one takes him seriously.

Hammer is an embarrassing buffoon, a simpleton, who is more comfortable at the dinner table than the diplomatic table.

Dennis Rodman has more diplomatic sense and sensibility and statecraft than Mike Hammer.

A total fiasco!

Mike Hammer is to American foreign policy as Homer Simpson is to nuclear power.

I suspect Hammer will sooner or later ask himself why no one in Ethiopia (except perhaps terrorist PLF leaders) is taking him seriously.

He should look in the mirror.

It is a pity Susan Rice had to scrape the bottom to pull Hammer out for the incredibly complex job.

Hammer’s selection shows the depth of moral and diplomatic bankruptcy of Susan Rice and the lack of leadership at Foggy Bottom (State Department).

The fact of the matter is that Mike Hammer crashed and burned during his first visit.

Hammer is damaged goods.

He has no credibility and zero trustablity.

He is devoid of creativity and originality.

He is the paragon of American diplomatic mediocrity with a marked propensity for stupidity.

He is incapable of exercising impartiality, equity, parity or neutrality.

He lacks sincerity and is there only to advance Susan Rice’s diplomacy of animosity.

His mission is to accomplish Ethiopian disunity.

He will find out his efforts will amount to nothing more than an exercise in futility.

A diplomat without any credibility is a “dumbplomat.”

Mike Hammer is a “dumbplomat”!

So, it is going to be amateur hour when Hammer does his second stint in Ethiopia.

What a pity!

What the hell does the Biden administration want from the Ethiopian government?

The fact of the matter is that Ethiopia has agreed to everything the Biden administration has asked.

BAD asked for “unfettered humanitarian access” to Tigray region.

The Ethiopian government granted “unfettered humanitarian access” to Tigray region.

BAD asked for a “ceasefire” in Tigray region.

The Ethiopian government declared a unilateral ceasefire and withdrew federal forces from Tigray, which is an insult to its sovereignty.

BAD asked the International Commission of Human Rights Experts in Ethiopia to undertake a credible investigation.

The Ethiopian government agreed to have the International Commission of Human Rights Experts in Ethiopia to undertake a credible investigation.

BAD asked for a restoration of electricity, telecom, banking and other basic services in Tigray.

The Ethiopian government agreed but sought iron-clad guarantees its technicians and workers will not be murdered by the terrorist TPLF as they have done before.

The Ethiopian government has done everything the BAD has asked but each time the BAD keeps moving the goal post.

The fact of the matter is that:

1) The BAD will not rest until Ethiopia is dismembered and destroyed. Period!

2) The Bad wants to be the kingmakers in Ethiopia and restore the terrorist TPLF to power. Period

3) The BAD want to get rid of African Union from playing any role in the conflict and make itself the ultimate determiner of the destiny of Ethiopia. Period!

What can Hammer accomplish on reboot?

It is noteworthy that neither Hammer nor the State Department reported on Hammer’s accomplishment’s on his first trip.

That is understandable given the fact that Hammer embarrassed the hell out of the Biden administration with his foolish selfie antics and the rest.

Blinken’s statement about Hammer supporting an “inclusive political process towards peace in Ethiopia” means only one thing:

Pressure and threaten Ethiopian government officials with crippling sanctions unless they agree to a power-sharing arrangement with the terrorist TPLF which will ultimately facilitate a hand over power to them.

The fact of the matter is that Hammer does not “work for the American people”, as he tweeted when he accepted the special envoy job.

Hammer works for Susan Rice, the “American Woyane,” who masterminds and manages the gang of TPLF terrorists in Ethiopia from the US.

Truth be told, Hammer should be officially re-designated as “US Special Envoy on Behalf of the TPLF” or at least the permanent US representative for TPLF in Ethiopia

I cannot imagine Hammer could come up with any creative idea (well Susan Rice is Hammer’s brain) on his second trip.

During his first visit, hammer was told the real deal straight up by Redwan Hussien, Ethiopian Minister for National Security in a tweet:

 The bottom line? The AU (African Union) is the only channel and has been reiterated in no uncertain terms once again.

Hammer is incompetent and does not have what it takes to get the job done.

In 2018, Hammer made all sorts of promises and pledges if confirmed as ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC):

If confirmed, I intend to continue our efforts to combat corruption and increase transparency, advance credible elections and a peaceful democratic transfer of power, continue this important humanitarian effort while seeking to address the underlying drivers of this urgent crisis and help set the DRC on a path to sustainable development and self-reliance, prevent future epidemics and potential pandemics.

He accomplished none of what he pledged. (See details in my earlier commentary. )

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, Hammer was widely criticized for interfering in DRC’s domestic politics.

The ambassador (king) has no clothes.

 Hammer was selected to become special envoy because he was the only one Susan Rice could find to send on a fool’s errand.

Rice wanted a “yes man” who would respond, “how high?” when told to jump.

Rice appointed Hammer because she is so obsessed and diabolically possessed with the passion to save the terrorist TPLF. Hammer — naïve, ignorant, callow —  fit the bill.

Which self-respecting American diplomat would agree to become special envoy having watched his predecessors crash and burn after serving in the position for just months?

Hammer was selected because he is a fool who will rush in where angels (and even devils) fear to tread.

Mike Hammer is a disgrace to American diplomacy and brings shame to the American people he pledged to serve at his confirmation hearing.

Beyond incompetence and lack of diplomatic skill, Hammer is clueless!

About Ethiopian and Horn of Africa politics.

Clueless about the position of “Special Envoy.”

Clueless about diplomatic decorum, professionalism and ethics.

Admittedly, neither Ethiopia nor Africa in general are top priority for the Biden administration to send the best and brightest diplomats.

But it is a downright insult to Ethiopia and Africa in general to appoint such a buffoon as special envoy.

BAD Hammer’s final hammer is crippling sanctions  

I have said before a million times, and I will say it again.

The Biden administration under the direction of Susan Rice has masterplan with one and only one objective in Ethiopia: THE TOTAL DESRUCTION OF ETHIOPIA.

The BAD thought they could hoodwink Ethiopians as it was done in 1991 when Herman Cohen called a bogus meeting and crowned the TPLF as the legitimate government of Ethiopia.

It is a different time and different Ethiopians today. You can’t easily pull the wool over the eyes of the Ethiopian people.

There are three non-negotiable issues for Ethiopia and Ethiopians:

1) Ethiopia’s dignity.

2) Ethiopia’s sovereignty.

3) Ethiopia’s territorial integrity.

For Ethiopians, the current conflict has become the quintessential existential moment.

The question is whether the Ethiopia that has existed since the time of creation — Genesis 2:23 – will continue or be wiped out by the Forces of Evil forever.

One hundred twenty million Ethiopians today in a single voice say, “If there is no Ethiopia, there will be no Ethiopians.”

If the choice is between suffering under BAD and Co.’s sanctions and no Ethiopia, the choice is clear.

Terrorist TPLF’s paid supporters in Congress are itching to pass HR 6600 and S.3199.

They want to destroy Ethiopia by death in a thousand cuts or sanctions.

BAD is preparing to impose totally crippling sanctions to destroy Ethiopia’s entire economy.

BAD will soon impose punitive sanctions on Ethiopia in the form of economic restrictions including  denial of access to the U.S. financial system, freezing assets under U.S. jurisdiction, prohibition of exports, etc.

The various sanctions and targeted actions by the Trump administration and BAD have brought Ethiopian-US relations to a new low.

BAD has imposed a variety of other sanctions which have diminished trade and financial ties between the two countries. In January 2022, BAD removed Ethiopia from AGOA benefits.

BAD has tried over a dozen times to get the UN Security Council to sanction Ethiopia, but to no avail.

So, the BAD has only two options left.

First, unleash total and scorched-earth sanctions on the Ethiopian economy.

By creating extreme hardship in the Ethiopian economy, BAD expects to make the lives of ordinary people so painful and miserable that they will rise up and overthrow the very government they elected in a landslide.

In that chaos, BAD expects the Ethiopian people to do the heavy lifting regime change for them so they can restore the terrorist TPLF to power.

Second, BAD will try to find a way to justify humanitarian intervention (declare war on Ethiopia in the name of saving lives, preventing “genocide,” etc.) by coordinating with the EU, NATO, Egypt and others.

If BAD resorts to crippling sanctions against Ethiopia, all Africa will take note that they are next in line.

On August 8, 2022, South African Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Naledi Pandor hand delivered the message of what Africa will do to Blinken:

There has been a sense of patronizing bullying from some of our partners in Europe and elsewhere — ‘You choose this or else we punish you’. I definitely will not be bullied in that way, nor would I expect any other African country worth its salt to agree to be treated.

Nearly one-half of African countries have shown they are fed up with GAD bullying by refusing to join BAD in a resolution to condemn Russia’s military action in Ukraine.

If BAD wants to make absolutely sure Ethiopia-US relations are permanently and irredeemably damaged, it should go on with its sanctions.

Newton’s law predicts, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

I suspect China, Russia and others will be quite eager to fill the vacuum created by BAD sanctions.

If BAD and its lackeys believe they can break the Ethiopian spirit by crippling sanctions and neocolonial war, they will get a taste of ETHIOPIA INVICTUS right smack in their faces.

On June 18, 1940 British Prime Minister Winston Churchill gave a stirring speech to the House of Commons which, I believe, today applies to Ethiopia.

Paraphrasing Churchill’s speech:

…All I will say is that untiring vigilance and mind-searching must be devoted to the subject, because the enemy is crafty and cunning and full of novel treacheries and stratagems… Remember, the enemy is crafty and there is no dirty trick he will not do…

I expect that the Battle of Ethiopia is about to begin.

Upon this battle depends the survival of the Ethiopian People and Civilization.

Upon it depends our own Ethiopian life, and the long continuity of our country free from colonialism and white domination.

The whole fury and might of the enemy will very soon be turned on us.

If we can stand up to the enemy, all of Africa will be free.

But if we fail, then the whole of Africa will sink into the abyss of a new Dark Age.

Let us therefore brace ourselves to our duties, and so bear ourselves that, if the Ethiopia is to last for a thousand years, history will forever say, “This was Ethiopia’s finest hour.”


P.S. The terrorist TPLF does not desire or want peace. So say the thousands of captured TPLF forced conscripts:

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  1. The unholy marriage between Mrs. Susan Rice and the TPLF are undermining US interests in Ethiopia. Mrs. Rice as the TPLF mole in the Biden administration, is doing all she can to save the TPLF but her efforts will be futile. The TPLF will be history sooner or later and she will be seen mourning the demise of the TPLF.

  2. I’m Not Sure What Brother Al Intends To Achieve By Lobbing Sheer Insults At The President And His Officials. I Don’t Understand What Such Unnecessarily Scathing And Name Calling Will Produce. I Really Don’t. USA Is The Only One Trying To Resolve This Conflict Peacefully. Those Two Bullies In Beijing And Moscow Don’t Give A Rat’s Arse If Those Niggers Murder Each Other To The Last Man. They Instead Have Been Shipping AK47’S And RPG’S. Not Only That Grandchildren Of Mao Have Been Smuggling Tons Of Gold Bullion Out Of That Country For Years Now. It Is Allegedly Worth Billions.

  3. Professor Al Mariam has rightly called the Biden administration `Obama 11`. All his arguments and points are persuasive and shed light on the ill conceived and sinister policy of the Biden administration in relation to the conflict the TPLF has ignited. Imposing sanctions or excluding Ethiopia from the Africa Growth and opportunity Act (AGOA) is a proof of the partisanship of the administration or support to the TPLF. Obama 11`s policy is the same as the Obama 1 and its aim is to save the TPLF.

  4. If some people think there is even a faint whiff of wind between Brother Al and I they will find themselves hopelessly disappointed.

  5. Hammer’s Selfies With The Terrorist Leaders Are Seared In The Minds Of All Ethiopians. It Can Never Be Erased.

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