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Artist Jailed in Ethiopia For Rapping in Amharic ?

An Ethiopian Rapper known by his stage name as “Teddye Yo” went to jail last week hours after he released his music video in YouTube channel. He was jailed because of the strong message on his lyrics, then he was later released after spending one night in jail .Ironically his music video was starting with a jail seen depicting the harsh condition Addis Ababa residents and other Ethiopian citizens paying the price for free speech.

Teddy Yo’s latest music video Titled “Menberish ” or “Your Throne” was less than 4 minutes short music video, but it went viral in few hours after released it. because of the strong message it is sending to the Addis Ababa born residences who are felt abandoned by their own government and forced to live in a colonial era lifestyle which is living in occupations by the Oromo ethnic groups who are taking their land and identity led by new Addis Ababa mayor who is an Oromo Ethnic herself filling every government sectors by Oromo people even forcing the Addis Ababa kids to learn an Oromo language and ordering schools to fly an Oromo party flag by abandoning the Ethiopia national flag which is a historic and loved by billions of people around the world. Several Addis Ababa residents are in disbelief and shocked to see such actions led by Abiy Ahmed government who is doing nothing but encouraging the Oromo Prosperity mayor who is putting her ethnic interest ahead of Addis Ababa residences and systematically ans artificially making Addis Ababa Oromo land by building millions of Condo Apartments in Addis Ababa and award them Oromo people who brought from Oromia region .

illions of people protested in various social media and Youtube sites asking the Ethiopian Government to release Tedde Yo and asked the government to leave free speech alone. It is not new people are arrested for expressing their view about issues via blog, books, newspapers, media and other outlets but the arrest of rapper Teddye Yo put him the first Ethiopian rapper who went jail after his video in Youtube . Even some jokingly said they did not know Ethiopian Government even watching or listening Amharic rap music

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