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Army Veterans Denounce Westerners for Trying to Prolong Conflict in Northern Ethiopia

October 22, 2022

Some army veterans criticized the desire of foreign powers to prolong the conflict in Ethiopia by giving unreasonable support to the terrorist TPLF.

The two veterans, who participated in the rally held in Addis Ababa to condemn foreign pressure and meddling, said the West is now trying to weaken the country by creating a protracted war through supporting the TPLF.

The demonstrators denounced some western governments that are reinforcing pressures and threatening the sovereignty as well as integrity of the country since the TPLF attacked the  National Defense Force in 2020.

Speaking to ENA at the rally, Captain Abebe Alemu said the people, including myself, are raising our voice against the unjust approach of Westerners towards Ethiopia.

Those foreign forces, specifically some European nations and America, have been backing the TPLF in many ways, he added.

The retired captain further noted that the foreign powers are striving hard to rescue the terrorist TPLF group from its demise as they have doing during the past two years when they particularly realized that the National Defense Force is gaining significant victory to finish the job.

“They are trying to weaken the country by creating a protracted war under the pretext of negotiations with terrorist forces and equating the group with the government. So, this important rally is being held at this momentous period,” Captain Abebe noted.

However, the veteran stressed that the foreign powers must know that the country will not bow to their pressure and realize that Ethiopia is an important stabilizer in the geopolitically volatile Horn of Africa region.

Therefore, both Europe and the United States should support Ethiopia and listen to the voice of its people. In any case, Ethiopians will definitely prevail if they don’t listen.

He finally urged the public to strengthen their support for the National Defense Force which is fighting fiercely to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ethiopia.

The other veteran, Captain Demekech Menigistu, pointed out that Ethiopia has never violated  any country’s interest and always respects the sovereignty of other nations.

However, she noted that the country has been attacked by enemies from near and far to suffer humiliating defeats in the hands of Ethiopians.

Captain Demekech believes that the current war orchestrated from inside the country is intended to destabilize the country and prevent it from using its natural resources.

However, Ethiopia is building a strong national defense force that destroys the dreams of its enemies, she noted, calling on the Ethiopian people and government to strengthen all-round support that would enable Ethiopia to become a regional force.

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