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Andinet North America Association of Support Organizations Open Public Meetings @ ESFNA


Andinet NA  Flyer


  1. I have come to understand that some people from ESAT are collaborating with the government of kenya because I was writing about the serial killer called Gush on Face Book this week. He was attempted to kill the prominent Ethiopian Journalist called Abebe Gellaw. Though I have a strong believe on the voice of the voiceless, I am now loosing hope on ESAT. I am scarifying my life for exposing the dictatorial, divisive and ethnocentric regime in Ethiopia on social media, Face Book, in Kenya where the dictatorial, divisive and ethnocentric regime secret service squads and zombies are operating above the law.

  2. Amhara can hide under andinet to come back to thier dictctorship. this time also the same old motto unity where many of oromo and southern people sacrifice to keep thier empire together while the amhara elities enjoy life in AA and washington. We will see where they can go. They dont have gun or oil to keep the already dissatisfied oromo and south people into the Union. Get LOST you want have a vote in oromia and southern people to asure you.
    We are done with Amhara and Tigre rule. We need self rule.

  3. andent dc group and canada are the worst worthless group, andenet should create a better support group rather than a coward and worthless indivdiuals like birhane mewa and other worthless groups, but i have the biggest respect for andwalem and other brave ethiopians and we should directly support them

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