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Amhara Genocides Must Cease Immediately

Tesfaye Z. Yigzaw

I would like to express my deep condolences to the mothers, fathers, and elders savagely slaughtered by TPLF and OLF terrorists.

Tigray People Liberation Front has been proposing separation to conceal its crimes. Is this a wish of the people of Tigray?  If it is true, I wish them good luck and goodbye. Nevertheless, I would like to ask every Ethiopians to think thoroughly to read this article with patience by evading impulsiveness to reach to a preconception decisions. Ethiopians must take a serious of debate whether a region of Tigray to secede or remain with Ethiopia. It is the interest of every Ethiopians to debate on this issue. War is not a solution; therefore, it should be done peacefully. The geographical map of a previous province of Tigray was well known and delimited, which exclude Welikit and Raya regions. As these regions had been annexed and occupied by force and the populations were massacred and disintegrated by TPLF. I came to this argument with myself, TPLF has caused a lot of sufferings to Ethiopians ethically, culturally, economic and politically. There is no remedy to this upheaval caused by this evil terrorist organization called TPLF. Therefore, I call upon Ethiopians to act on this call. One should not reluctant assuming about attachment with Axum. The Axum civilization is not built by present Tigranes, a simple analysis is that as the economy and politics of Axum collapsed, the population were migrated to southern Ethiopia and some to Eritrea. Scientifically this is true, no one lived 3,000 to 5,000 years in a single place, especially in a barren land except ignoramuses. Thus, do not be fooled the Ark of covenant is in Axum, Ethiopia is a very mysterious land and for sure it is somewhere in undisclosed place. In fact, historically, Axum was not a religious center rather it was a political epicenter.

Thirty years in human rights abuses and terror-ridden government of Tigray People Liberation Front (TPLF) era was ended by a mass uprising that led the terrorist TPLF to flee and run away, in hid out in Tigray. This terrorist organization was not limited itself with previous crimes but massacred the army that was collecting harvest for Tigray farmers and were on sleep. The very army that was helping the people of Tigray with its own resources including school children. TPLF has no remorse and compassion as human being. This initiated a war with a central government. This terrorist organization is one of the richest terrorist groups in the world, it owns, in fact by monopoly all resources in Ethiopia and manage businesses around the world. During it was on power, an estimated 50 billion dollars were hauled out of the country, this money, some shared among top families, and some parts of it is used to fund criminal activities. Every crime in Ethiopia, past and present, whether it is direct or indirect is triggered and bankrolled by TPLF. TPLF had been preparing for a long time to terrorist activity and had a wrong wishful to stay on power in Ethiopia. Here is some among its strategies; when it was on power, it massively recruited teenagers from ethnic groups in different parts of Ethiopia to train its political ideology in Tigray. Parents did not know where about of their kids. Secondly, TPLF formed a Federalist group and recruits were from different parts of the country, to name some of them; Bekele Garba, Lidetu Ayalew, and Ezekiel Gabissa (a professor of narcotic kchat), and some others. There is no information how much financial supports they have received, but for sure they are not serving for free.

The Second group is an Oromo Liberation Front; this is another terrorist organization. It has no mind of its own, first stablished as an Islamic Movement, and gradually transformed itself to an ethnic Oromo movement. In 1960 through, and up to early 1990th. It massacred several innocent civilians. This group has no respect to humanity, two years ago, it slaughtered hundreds of human beings. The mastermind of this crime or it is under the command of Jawar Mohamed, a self-declared leader, accordingly, prior to that he established an Oromo Army in Atlanta, GA. The old Oromo Liberation Movement seems very quiet; however, it is very active, its army was returned from Eretria with its full fire capacity of armaments but never shot guns at warfront. After returning to Addis Ababa, the leader was asked reasons for his rebel army was not disarmed, he arrogantly answered “who has a right to arm and to disarm.” This is absolutely a call for readiness to fight. The Oromo fanatics, had murdered Amhara during Mengistu’s regime but was not in this scale, suddenly controlled. However, a TPLF terrorist had drafted a manifesto singling out Amhara to be annihilated from the surface of the earth and it was made a law by incorporating in the constitution after it seized power by the blessing of the west in 1990.

PM Abiy’s government strength.

Abiy has inherited a lot of political complications from previous regime, though himself grew up in the frail of TPLF sentiments. Presently, he may be facing misfortune an equivalent to Mengistu’s regime in addition to GERD, where Ethiopia had been cornered from inside to outsides. There are no question PM Abiy loves his country. He has done great changes to the city of Addis Ababa, which I heard from distant, and hope to visit soon. Also, admirably the reforestation schemes the country badly needs. His leadership strength is estimable particularly resisting western pressure to exit his beloved country in a mist of war backed by Ethiopian enemies that would make him exceedingly a hero and an Ethiopian, absolutely different from Mengistu.


PM Abiy’s weakness and predicament:

PM Abiy is unwilling to dismantle TPLF’s oppressive systems, specially which alienates Amhara ethnic group. He is also unwilling to bring forward to revise and amend the constitutions that divide the country and society into ethnicity. It is highly advisable to have a well earnt and professional political advisers instead of gathering imprudent persons around himself. He must avoid addressing the cause of one ethnic group over the other. He ought to learn from Mengistu who an Oromo is never mentioned his ethnicity, the same apply to Emperor Haile Selassie and Menelik II. It is natural for a leader not to be a one side trailblazer.

Since inceptions, Amhara has been sacrificing itself to defend and safeguarding Ethiopia for generations. Ethiopian enemies from inside and outside are consistently attacking Amhara to break up the country. I know very well the people of Oromo. As the rest of Ethiopians, they are very kind and generous, there is no doubt, and those who perpetrate these evil crimes are paid by TPLF. And, it is well known TPLF itself has been funded by foreign governments, specifically for one, Egypt is number one enemy of Africans as well as Middle Easterners.

I would like to raise this question: would it be better to bring complete change rather than a modification of futile reform, which to ruin a country? Individuals or political parties must disclose funds they receive from outside country. The government must control illegal funds transferred to any of these groups.

Finally, TPLF must be eliminated from the surface of the earth with its terror ideology. It is the most immoral, unethical organization. Ethiopia is better off with non-ethnic politics. There must be a law to prohibit ethnic and religious parties. Here is the best way out; no political party should be organized based on ethnicity and religion. Those concealed behind ethnicity and religions are intend to promote corruptions, violence and terror, to coverup their political ignorance, in fact they are blockheads attempting to be rich with innocents’ blood.



1 thought on “Amhara Genocides Must Cease Immediately”

  1. Subject: Amhara Genocides Must Cease Immediately by Tesfaye Z. Yigzaw, JULY 16, 2022

    Humble Reaction
    No sane person will disagree with the Title. And Ethiopians are not known for that madness.
    Now let us quote a few lines from the last paragraph of the Article

    QUOTE: There must be a law to prohibit ethnic and religious parties. Here is the best way out; no political party should be organized based on ethnicity and religion. Those concealed behind ethnicity and religions are intend to promote corruptions, violence and terror, to coverup their political ignorance, in fact they are blockheads attempting to be rich with innocents’ blood.UNQUOTE

    One can’t help being shoxcked and utterly helpless to refute the above emotional reaction >>> no, ethnicity; no religion; no gathering ………… taking the assertion that these items are : “concealed behind ethnicity and religions are intend to promote corruptions, violence and terror, to coverup their political ignorance” END of Quote

    And so, Ethiopia would end up being a vast land of PRISON emaciated from any tendency for Freedom, Liberty, Human Rights, Equality, Equal Opportunity, Pursuit of Hapiness as Individuals for the benefit of ALL.

    On the other hand, what is being advocated ………………never mind >>> I better STOP here. THE END

    Post Script
    Dear Editor, If my reaction is too far out of line, please >>>yes, please, <<< don’t hesitate to throw it in the waste bucket, next to your Office Desk.

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