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All Tigrayans children are in war front! Int’l Community Asked to Condemn

August 28, 2022

The Biden administration is silent as TPLF sends child soldiers and uses human waves/shields in its terrorist war on Ethiopia, the prominent political science scholar, Professor Almayehu G/ Mariam said.

The terrorist TPLF has been forcefully conscripting the youth in Tigray and using children as cannon fodder.

The international community including the US government is being asked to condemn the group for its action, it was indicated.

Political science scholar in California State University, Professor Alemayehu G/ Mariam stated in his twitter that “the Biden administration is quiet as TPLF sends child soldiers and uses human waves/shields in its terrorist war on Ethiopia.”

Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Ethiopia to the United Nations, Taye Atske Selassie has also urged all to condemn the recruitment and use of children for war by TPLF.

“Anyone that truly cares about children must condemn the recruitment and use of children in human wave strategy by terrorist TPLF,” the ambassador twitted.

Government Communication Service said in a statement on Saturday that following the outdated human wave warfare strategy, TPLF has continued its large-scale attacks on civilians, sending youth in large numbers to bordering communities.

The regional states of Amhara and Afar have also called on the international community to condemn TPLF’s attacks on people in the regions.



  1. For Debre And His Cabals This Is It. That Means Win It All By All Means No Matter What! They Don’t Give A Flying Rat Ass If Tens Of Thousands Or Even Millions Die As Long As The Mantle Remains In Their Hands. They Will Send Human Waves After Human Waves Into An Awaiting Raging Fire To Break Thru The Defensive Line Standing In Their Way. They Now Reportedly Have Close To A Million Rag Tags Under Arm. If Half Of These Die, So What? They Will Still Have Half A Million Rag Tags Left. It Boils Down To The Age Old Battle Cry Of That Demonic Marxism/Leninism/Maoism That Instills In The Minds Of The Gullible Youth With ‘You Have Nothing To Lose!’ In This Case The Youth Is Not Given Any Other Choice Because It Is ‘All To The Battle Fronts!!!’ You Either Stay Behind And Suffer From Going Severely Under Fed Or Go To The War Front And Die At Least Trying!!! Debre And His Cabals Will Not Settle For Anything Except The Recovery Of Their Unchallenged Privilege They Used To Enjoy For 27 Years That Abruptly Came To An End In 2018. It Is Going To Be A Miracle That They Will Settle For Anything Less. I Hope And Pray That They Will Prove Me Wrong.

    Besides Using Human Waves In Battles There Is Also Another Battle Tactic They Have Been Best At. They Are Unidentified Violators Of Banned War Tactic Of Using Civilians As Shields. They Place Artillery pieces And Command Posts In Or Around Civilian Quarters And Public Institutions. In Such Cases There Abound To Be Collateral Damages. Health Facilities, Places Of Worship And Learning Will Be Hit Causing Civilian Casualties Which Will Trigger Domestic And Global Outrage And Condemnations. I Remember Reading An Interview A Few Decades By One Of Their Former Fighters In Which He Told Debre’s Predecessors Used To Hold On Walkie Talkie Conversations About Their Next Central Committee Meetings And Town hall Gatherings Know For Fact That The Enemy Was Eavesdropping Nearby. Then That Bloodthirsty Door Knob Mengistu Would Send Some Of His Fighter Jets And Bomb The Heck Of The Presumed Location Resulting In Massive Civilian Casualties. That Would Be Jackpot For Debre And His Predecessors. Now They Have Global Outpouring Of Sympathy And Incensed Civilians In Their Region. Now They Have The Blessing Of Mothers In Sending Their Children To The Battle Fronts.

  2. Having Said That This Latest Outbreak Of War Will Even be More Lethal And Devastating. At Some Point Both Sides Will Dig In trenches And That Will lead to A Bloodshed Unseen In Present Day History Of That Country. It Is Time For The UN Security Council To Put The Current Situation In That Country On Its Agenda Before It Is Too Late. Things Will Go Out Of Control And The World Will see The Entire 120 Million Citizens On The Move. 50 Million Or More Will Flee Into Kenya, 25 Million Into Djibouti And The Rest Will Go Scattering In Every Direction. That Will Send The Economies Of Every Horn Of Africa Nation Into Unmanageable Tailspin. Tens Of Millions Of Them Will Somehow Reach At The Gates Of Europe Looking At Every Western Europe Nation With Beastly Red Eyes. These Will Not Be Like Refugees Of The Past But Battle Hardened Millions Who Had Seen It All. There Will Be No Barbed Wire Fences or concrete wall That Will Stop Them. There Will Not Be Any Machine Gun Fires That Will Scare Them Away. They Will Come At It In Human Waves After Human Waves. Then You Can Kiss And Say Good Bye To The Already shaky Economies Of Those Countries. The UN, EU And USA Have To Intervene Now Before It Is Too Late.

  3. Subject: All Tigrayans Children Are In War Front! Int’l Community
    Asked To Condemn. Human Rights / August 28, 2022

    Shocking Observation
    a). Tigrayan Children carrying guns.
    b). In my sad opinion, it is not a joke
    c). The leader(s) of TPLF will pay heavy price for such crime,
    pushing children to war.
    d). Surely, WISE TIGRAYANS will come to the rescue of the
    wisdom studded Tigrayans from falling into savagery — unheard
    of in the history of Tigray. NEVER
    e) What happened NOW , in the year 2022???
    f). Awaiting for sane answers to the tragedy > NOT for bystanders
    but for the wise people of Tigray. WHERE ARE YOU, NOW

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