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All-in-one-platform for Creating Post-scarcity Economy in Ethiopia: Part One – Part Ten


In successive ten parts with a continuing title, I presented for your consideration three documents (definitions and technical descriptions) on the creation of a post-scarcity economy of Ethiopia. The first document is about vision and mission formations (Part Three, Part Four and Part Five), the second document deals with long-term planning (Part Six, Part Seven, Part Eight and Part Nine), and the third document explains the back ground idea (Part One and Part Two).

The vision document contains the vision statement (creation of a post-scarcity economy), the goals reaching the vision, strategies of the vision goals and a mission statement. The vision goals and mission statements intend to serves as a guiding document to communicate the overarching purpose and desired future state of the Ethiopian economy (that is a creation of superabundance resources for 170 million people by the year 2048).

The second document, the long-term planning document, outlines the specific strategies, policy areas, initiatives, and actions required to achieve the goals set out in the vision and mission document. It includes details of the different phases and the operational policies needed to implement in the coming 25 years. The long-term planning document provides a roadmap for implementation of the vision goals and strategies.

Both the vision statement and long-term planning document inspires and motivates the Ethiopian people and their leaders to work for the future. The documents help to align the efforts of everyone involved in the country’s economy. They provide a shared understanding of the long-term goals and direction, ensuring that all actions are coordinated towards creation of post-scarcity economy.

The various components of these documents seamlessly integrate a toolkit of essential elements, including root cause analysis, vision, and goal setting, mission statement formulation, strategic planning, policy framework, phases of long-term strategy, enabling factors, and guiding principles, forming a cohesive and holistic system. These steps and tools have been designed with the overarching aim of creating a post-scarcity economy in Ethiopia.

Much like an all-in-one software platform, the technical descriptions of these diverse components harmonize multidisciplinary approaches of economic development analysis that were previously addressed in isolation. Moreover, this comprehensive solution platform offers you ample room for conducting multidimensional analyses. You have the flexibility to determine the focus areas, all while benefiting from its integrative and versatile functionalities. >> Read More ……

All-in-one-platform for Creating Post-scarcity Economy in Ethiopia




1 thought on “All-in-one-platform for Creating Post-scarcity Economy in Ethiopia: Part One – Part Ten”

  1. USA, take your double agent, Abiy Ahmed, safely to DC. Ethiopians, including children, are dying every single moment

    “Conflicts in regions such as Tigray, Oromia, and now Amhara disrupt agricultural activities, already leading to food shortages and further driving up inflation. There is considerable evidence that food shortages will worsen next year and beyond, as cultivation in parts of the country has almost stopped completely because of the interminable conflicts.” Author
    —FBI bring Ethio 360 genociders to justice—
    Undoubtedly, this alone could bring about mass displacement and a surge in crime rates. Consequentially, the entire population will be abandoned to suffer from the aftermath, in case the gun violence is curtailed and tribulations taking various forms and shapes still hover over the Ethiopian sky.
    Mahibrekidisan, Ethio 360, and most Amhara activists are enemies of Amhara and the rest of Ethiopia. ETHIO 360 staff are ordering the killing of civilians. Criminals should be brought to justice. Killings of criminals are a capital crime, let alone unarmed innocent civilans of Amhara, Oromos, Tigrayan, Kimant, Gurage, Agew, and many other ethnic groups in Ethiopia.

    TPLF, PP, Fanno, and Shabiya are all terrorists. Leave alone; all ethnic members remain united and enjoy peaceful coexistence as they used to.

    USA, take your double agent, Abiy Ahmed, safely to DC. Ethiopians, including children, are dying every single moment. Stop your indifference and act of turing blind eyes while children are persecuted for the sake of power-mongering genociders like Abiy Ahmed and his gang members.

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