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Alemeneh Wase: Where is Ejigayehu Shibabaw (GG)?




  1. Gigi is facing a tough time right now, and you all should help her right now. She is facing drug addiction because of her husband ( bill Lawsell). Ehiopicalink have reported that. Her husband took her money by taking over her economy…. Everyone who is living in us should reach out her or contact her friends. We all should raise money for her… let me know if someone have more details…

  2. that s tough how can we help her she is our icon….that made patroitism flow through our viens again with her spontanious voice .if i were a writer i would write obout her alot ctreating new words that can show her strength and greatness ….how can we help her …and how is she at this time.and wish god bless her and make her phenamenal women again the women we know before

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