Africa Today – Ethiopia’s marginalized Muslims

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  1. Comandor Assefa Seifu is an old feudal guard who have little feeling for the suffering of Ethiopian Muslims. Instead he talked about one incident in monestry. He also labeled Ethiopian Muslim as Wahabi. What a backward and hater is this guy.
    Ethipian Muslims have absolute right to be whatever they want as far as they did not cause problem. On the same token you don’t have right to oppress or label them because of this fake labeling.
    Cold blooded who talk about monestry while close to hundred Ethiopian Muslims gundowned specially 14 (some say 24) old, woman, child Kofele farmers masacred on broad day light.
    This is Ethipia where forced marriage took place between the north and the rest of contemporary Ethiopia.
    I fear to see South Sudan of Ethiopia if things did not change.

    Only few northern liberals like Prof Al, Tesfaye, etc see the real world and are not fanatic, extremist haters.

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