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Adwa Victory Seminar 2020

by Tsehafi Taezaz

Join the RasTafari Community of South Africa and other associates of the Adwa Movement platform for an unforgettable celebration and film screening to mark the 124th Anniversary of the Victory of Adwa. Saturday, February 29th @ University of the Western Cape, Robert Sobukwe drive, Cape Town.

On March 1, 1896, Ethiopian patriotic forces decisively defeated the Italian Colonial Army at Adwa, in Northern Ethiopia. After and before the Battle of Adwa, Ethiopia was never colonized by European colonialists. Ethiopia became the first African nation to ever win a major battle over a powerful European colonizer. The Battle of Adwa, known as “The Greatest Colonial Battle in Modern Times,” took place near the 3,000-year-old City of Axum, Ethiopia’s ancient capital.
Adwa was a victory of right over wrong, a victory that shines in a free human spirit. The Ethiopian victory at Adwa instilled pride in the hearts of Blacks throughout the colonized world; it also inspired dreams of liberation from oppressive European colonizers and strengthened the spiritual bond between Ethiopia and the African Diaspora – people of African descent in the Americas and Caribbean.
Highlights of the celebration include special presentation and discussion with Professor Mammo Muchie.
“Those who have strength support us with your strength; those who are weak support us with your prayers.”     

Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia
“I am a woman, I do not like war. But I would rather die than accept your deal.” Empress Taitu of Ethiopia

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