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Adwa Victory Celebrations 2021


February 8, 2021
by Tsehafi Taezaz

The 5th Annual RasTafari Nation march celebrating the 124th Anniversary of the Victory at Adwa was convened on 2 March 2020 in Cape Town, Menelik Square (Keizersgracht Parking lot).

The participants were representative of all various mansions, houses, collectives, groups, communities and organisations constituting the RasTafari Movement of Azania (South Africa).

This year a delegation of Ethiopians traveled from Johannesburg to join the celebrations in Cape Town with the RasTafari Movement, this is symbolic of the royal and diplomatic relations between the RasTafari Movement and Modern Ethiopia.

The fundamental purpose of the event is to celebrate the Victory at the Battle of Adwa, the Movement also uses the march as a platform to deliver a memorandum of demands, from the RasTafari communities of South Africa, to the current Government.

Organizers Ricardo Erasmus, Elfire Tafari, Lunga Lng Smile, Dricci Silver, Thau-Thau Haramanuba, RasBradley Ancient Monarchy Tafari, Adrian van Noie, Abera Amlak, ensured a well planned project. There are many who played a role in making the march a success.

Logistics were taken care of by Adrian van Noie of His & Her Imperial Majesties (HIM) Society, RasBradley Ancient Monarchy Tafari of Ancient Monarchy INC..

The NNC-RNC-RUF Leaders were present, this alliance represents the Supreme Council of RasTafari in Azania. RNC Secretary-General Elder Noel Melville and NNC Chairman Kebra Igust Igust was present with the other leaders mentioned in this debrief.

The InI was arriving on Menelik Square by 3 AM. RasTafari communities from Paarl, Strand, Garvey, Worcester, Houtbay, George, Oudtshoorn, Stellenbosch, The Cape Flats in general, to mention the geographic diversity and communities of the InI in attendance.
Guest speakers that attended the march included Gareth Prince, Prof. Mammo Muchie and Elder JJ Zebulon of the Voice of the Western Province (VOWP). Prof. Muchie came to Cape Town specifically to assist and support the Adwa Victory celebrations, he delivered a lecture at UWC on 29 February and made an address at the public celebration on 2 March.

Elder Priest Afa Negus opened the day’s proceedings with Psalms, Prayers and a message from the Throne Room.

Ras Gareth Prince handed the memorandum to the Government representative from the office of the Presidency at Parliament.

Back on Menelik Square the closing Prayer was done by Elder Afa Negus. The stage-show from 3 PM till 5 PM powered by Triple Crown Sound System was a great way of sealing up the march. Thanks unto Jo Baka, Anela Jahmena, Siphosethu Dyonasi, Ras Jud, Judge Supreme, Chanell Baatjies, Jahkongo Mazembe, Niko10Long, Mrgriep Brimestone and all other artists that volunteered their craft and art for the Adwa Victory Celebration.

Give Thanks for a successful event InI, Bless all efforts for collective security by the RasTafari people, those that were present in spirit, those that were present in flesh, Each and every I that stepped up for the cause of RasTafari. Unity, Pride and heritage.

Ancients and elders, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, youths and fruits. Progressive RasTafari forces, warriors on the front-lines, who never leave the battlefield till the Victory is won. One God One Aim One Destiny.

This is a non-profit platform, we give thanks unto the sponsors of logistics, communications and sound-system.
The selfless sacrifices, energy, time and efforts made by all to advance Jah Works.

Special thanks unto Elder Brent Roberts of Triple Crown SA for the support provided to the annual march since inception in 2015.

Through Jah Powers InI shall return to Menelik Square in 2021 for the 6th annual march ilabrating the 125th Anniversary of the Victory at Battle of Adwa.

The RasTafari Movement is a global community constituted by various organizations, houses, groupings and mansions who’s members, adherent, supporters and participants form a section of South Africa’s civil society.

Repatriation is a Must.

Adwa Movement Task Team.


  1. amhara elites are typical example of jealousy and bigotry. They hate TPLf because of their origin as Tegarus. During derge regime, we see people from the same subcity and village in government offices and religious organizations. religious institutions were filled by people from Gonder when Abune Merkorios was the Patriarch of Ethiopia. Calling every hardworking man a thieve is the most prevalent attitude in amhara region. In Ethiopia mainly in amahara kilil(region)They accuse a rich man as if he stole the replica of the Ark of covenant or any precious religious item from the church , burying herbs, or doing some satanic or stuffs related to magicians , etc They donot like you if you own some distinct talent or riches .How could we live with these people and abandon our children to bleed and die consequently . It is like for a cactus to stay along with a thorny plant and get pricked , pierced and bleed all the time as long as the thorny plant sways back and forth – amhara elites never stop driven by their own ego and disrupt our lives and development we have earned through hard working. They go against almost with every tribe in Ethiopia-disgraced land . ye ende nitsuhan hiwot kemitefa ,etiyopia anata yifres
    የአንድ የንፁሕ ሐበሻ ሂወት ከሚጠፋ አማራዊቷ ኢትዮጵያ(በትግራዋይ የአክሱም ታሪክ ላይ ተመስርታ ለ ባዕዳዉያን ሀገራት በባንዳነት የሚሰሩ አማራ ልሂቃን የምትታመስ) አናቱዋ ይፍረስ ፥፥ may ethiopia disintigrate and reach to annihilation if a single man lives is gonna be endangered by amhara elites. Minilik II (who steals our horse , killed our people mercilessly)dies from a venereal disease, according to recent reports.

    comment made by someone The prime minister is a CIA man, with studies in America, his mandate is to destroy Ethiopia to harm China, as usual, as seen in Armenia few days ago.

    Abiy is enemy of entire ethiopians . When you campaign and defend him beware you are going against all ethiopians and socalled amharinized ethiopia; You will see teh aftermath soon leaving ethiopia disintegrated. I told you when you post article about his election. Abiy is banda working for foreigners to dismantle ethiopia. It is like those people visiting magicians and told to deny God inorder to get what they dream-Abiy did anything to stay in power and earn money.

  2. Not only celebrating Adwa memorial & victory for the month of February, the program shall be conducted in all schools across the nation as young generation of Ethiopia has to know more about it.

    Historical achievement and the sabotage that had been made by England, Egypt (as it was colony of England with the help of such great empire & then Egypt misused the Nile basin unfairly) and later England made the pave for Italian invasion though Ethiopia had got great support from Russia and lastly made victory in Adwa.

  3. So, such a mess made shall be known by young generations as it leads them make strong on keeping the interest of their country.

  4. Yetesfa Chilanchle where are you I cannot find you are you in the cage or did they put you again behind bars ? I knew that you are fond of hashish and shisha ? stay strong. You must save money from this month salary sent to you by PP head quarter. PP and ethiopia will get destroyed sooon RIP

    • @Eritreans victimsabroadandkillersathome,

      What a stupid handle you have? Well, well, you worthless idiot, an embarrassment, a moron, you can write about the destruction of PP all you want. However, Ethiopia is not PP, it is a country with long and proud history, it is not a country some useless ignorant, village idiot like you can come out and declare its destruction – you will be gone out of this world long before that happens.

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