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9 months ago
We are filled with immense pride as we announce the 127th Adwa celebrations as a true Pan- African Victory! We invite you to join us in commemorating one of the most significant moments in our history, a moment that ignited the flames of Pan-Africanism and inspired generations to come.
As we honor the spirit of Adwa and its remarkable impact, let us also reflect on how we can carry the torch of freedom into the 21st century. We believe that by working together, we can achieve economic liberation and create a brighter future for all Africans.
We invite you to be a part of this special occasion. Please mark your calendars for the Adwa Pan-African Forum on March 1, 2023, and the Adwa Pan-African Gala dinner on March 2, 2023.
Let us come together, celebrate our heritage, and strive towards a better tomorrow.
ሸዋ ደብረብርሃን
ዲዛይን:- አርክቴክት ኪሩቤል አለሙ


  1. ከዚ አስመሳይ የብልጥግና ደጋፊ ኢቱ ቱቱ ፋራ (Ittu Aba Farda)ይጠንቀቁ ይጠበቁ፤ብልጥግና ፓርቲ ያላጠፋው ጎጥ የለም፤፤መርዛም ፓርቲ(pp) የታሪክ አሽክላ ድሪቶ እንጂ ብልጥግናን አያመጣም፤፤በርሱ(pp) የተነሳ ብልጥግና ሲባል ስደት ውድመት ጥፋት መቃቃር ዕልቂት ፍጅት ማለት እንደሆን ይሰማን ይረዳን ጀመር፤፤ይህን መርዛም ባርቲ አንዳች ነገር ይንቀልልን ፤፤Amen፤Ittu Aba Farda servile to Prosperity party (PP ) like Prof Al Mariam, Dr Yonas Biru, etc

    Mahibrekidusan must be dismantled or disbanded by the state and itqs members should be sent to maximum security prison
    mahibrekidusan is not a religious organization but a commercial organization owned and run by mafias who kill and kidnapp religious men. Mahibrekidusan and EOTC have developement and poverty reduction facilities but never seen helping the poor except begging in the name of orphans and poor displaced people.
    They are bribing politicians to stay in power including fanos and prosperity party.

  2. Why Abiy and all OLF members panic when the name MENELIK and ADWA is news by all ethiopians and the world, because they go low when MENELIK and ADWA victory go high, this is the realty. Abiy and his cronys they do not want to see and hear any thing that make ethiopia great and the symbol of black victory.

  3. KEJELA MERDASA the leader of OLF his brain is smaller than a cockroach trying to stop the people of ADDIS ABABA from celebrating the victory of ADWA and the great leader ship of MENEILK , he did not succeed. The only thing he can do is to hang himself in MENEILK square.

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