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May 19, 2012

Dear Advertiser:

We welcome you, we would more than glad to have you advertise with us. The “zehabesha.com” is becoming very popular advocating for Democracy and Human Rights in Ethiopian and East African communities around the world. Advertising at Zehabesha.com is a cost effective and more profitable way for you to promote and create awareness for your product or service. Advertise on our website, we have very low rates, and you will find us easy to deal with and trustworthy. We offer effective, very low cost website advertising solutions that enable advertisers to place their banners or text links on our site in various key locations.

Traffic to our site is very stable and has been steadily increasing year by year since we first went live in 2010. According to our server logs we average 400,000 page views a month and 120,000 unique visitors. According to Google Analytics we receive 320,000 page views a month and 340,000 visits (108,000 absolute unique visitors). These are display (image) ads that are on every pages of our English and Amharic sites, including our archived news. The same advertisement is seen on every one of our web pages.

The prices are for advertising images of comparable size. The size of your ads can be any size you wish, although it is usually best to offer. Leaderboard: (728 x 90) $500 a month, $5,000 a year. The same ad is seen at the top of every one of our web pages. Large Rectangle: (336 X 280) $470 a month, 4700 a year. Medium Rectangle: (300 X 250) $460 a month, $4600 a year. Top Skyscraper: (120 x 600) $450 a month, $4,500 a year. Banner: (468 x 60) $350 a month, $3,500 a year.

Zehabesha.com is a cost effective and more profitable way for you to promote and create awareness for your product or service. Unlike many other sites, we only charge an advertising listing fee but do not charge a percentage or a royalty on your resulting outcome. Your message will receive unlimited impressions for the duration of your campaign. Please contact us admin@zehabesha.com; info@zehabesha.com or call us at- 612 986 0557 today for more information.


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  1. Hello ,
        I see advertising on the website http://www.zehabesha.com and it is impressive. I was wondering if there is any content or advertising opportunities available on your website?

    What is the price if we want to publish an article on your website?

    Note: the article can not be text as sponsored or advertising or something like that


    william damian     

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