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News Release

September 5, 2020

Dr. Abera Molla

In 1982 ABSHA was registered with the State of Colorado, USA and Ethiopian Computers & Software was added as an Ethiopic software company. Since then Dr. Aberra Molla, its CEO has computerized Ethiopic and received four USA and three Ethiopian patents.

In spite of these, Ethiopic and its user-languages have been under attack from different directions. With the false excuse that the Ethiopic characters were too many, there were numerous attempts over the last century to reduce the number of characters that existed for thousands of years. Some even cut the characters themselves to pieces. In an attempt to weaken the Amharic language, certain groups of people were discouraged not to talk or write in Amharic.  Instead, using Latin alphabets was highly encouraged.

Ethiopic Foundation which was established on April 4, 2016 has recently been reorganized with 13 board members. The aim of the Foundation is to nurture Ge’ez and the several Ethiopian languages that use it. Computerizing the Ge’ez alphabet scientifically, is one of the goals of the Foundation so that all of its user languages could easily utilize the available technology.

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Computerizing the Ge’ez and the many languages using it and protecting the invention with several patents was a daunting task that Dr. Molla has single-handedly undertaken for the last 38 years.

To encourage Ge’ez to be widely used and recognizing those who promoted it is another goal of the Foundation. Holding annual meetings to broaden users and supporters is also one of its duties.  The Ethiopic alphabet is probably the best user-friendly writing system that has a character for practically any phoneme or sound. Promoting the Ge’ez alphabet as a writing system for African languages is one of the objectives to be pursued by the Foundation with Amharic as a common language.

For more information, email the company at geezedit@aol.com 10145 E. 143rd Way, Brighton, CO 80602, USA

Board of Directors


  1. Subject: “ABSHA Ethiopian Computers & Software Press Release”, by ZeHabesha, September 19, 2020

    Commentary, 20 Sept 2020
    It is the most essential, crucial, valuable project for Ethiopia and , I dare say, for the ENTIRE Continent of Black Africa. Imagine! Africans using indigenous African written superior written language — unparalleled anywhere — and AFRICAN CHILD growing up with a PRIDE or his/her OWN LANGUAGE, without depending on colonial languages, which are the basic INSTRUMENT to ENSLAVE the BLACK AFRICAN RACE, for ever. WE CANNOT DENY HISTORY WHERE THE BLACK RACE was, CRIMINALLY, manipulated to MENTAL servitude by colonial maureders. I better STOP. But my last line is to:
    AFRICAN Language
    THANK YOU Dr. Aberra Molla for building a foundation for AFRICAN LIBERATION & ENLIGHTENMENT [indeed >>>”Aberra” — what a foresight of PARENTS to pick such a name

  2. I second Rezen’s fitting and lucid comments on this development. Thank you!

    I was longing to hear from this great scientist Dr Abera Molla on the progress of his crucial and highly important project. I see there is progress and say, thank you, and please strive on!

    In line with the comment |I gave on the post of Prof Mammo Muchie, “Happy New Year with Ethiopianism, on 12/09/20, Posted on the ZeHabesha:

    I say:
    While Ethiopics is fundamentally Ethiopian wouldn’t it be appropriate to position it as a Pan-Africanist project?
    The project would undoubtedly require lots of research, soul searching, education, debate, commitment, political will, and above all money!
    It would be useful to know, for examples, which universities in Africa have centres that research and teach Geez and related literature? Which internationally reputed publications and which forums debate these / such proposals? Above all, where would the finance come from? (Anglophone, Francophone, Arabic sources? ha! ha!).

    The key area of action, in my humble opinion is to interest, convince, and collaborate with African compatriots (intellectuals, politicians, business people, opinion leaders, the youth, etc.) including African Americans and black people in the diaspora.

    By the way, I was thrilled to read recently about the collaboration of Dr Abera Molla with an African American, Mr Mark Powell, on works along this line (in the development of Ethiopics, I think). That shows the way!

  3. ለፈገግታ ያህል
    የብሩንዲ ፕረዚዳንት ስም እንደሚከተለው ነው ። >>> “ኤቫሪስት እንዳይሸእምዬ ”

    ምን ይታወቃል፣ የጥንት ታሪክ ……..?!?!?!

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