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Abiy’s Regiime Exposes Ethiopia to More Danger

Al-Shabab is a mortal enemy. It exploits Ethiopia’s weaknesses and hits hard when the opportunity arises. In other words, Ethiopia’s internal chaos and civil war is a boon for terrorist Al-Shabab and others. Ethiopia’s borders have become more vulnerable today than when Abiy’s army invaded the Amhara region.

The country’s foreign enemies are laughing at Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Do not blame them; Blame the Ethiopian ruling club headed by a brutal dictator, Abiy Ahmed.

The UN Security Council is reported to have held its third session on Ethiopia. The UN system in general has begun a more vigorous debate and discussion concerning the human toll on Amhara and Oromo civilians through Abiy’s reckess and illegal use of drones, military aircraft, tanks and other heavy weapons —all barred when used targeting civilians.

Atrocities against the Amhara reinforce the UN call for accountability cornering similar atrocities during the war with TPLF.

This heightened awareness has led the UN system to conclude that Ethiopian government policy of dealing with the civil war through military means will not work.

In other words, the popular uprising spearheaded by Fano is unstoppable. It is also reported that the world famous Israeli Intelligence agency Mossad has concluded that the Fano insurgency is gaining more ground each day and that it will “determine the fate of Ethiopia.”

The capture by Fano of a TPLF General assigned by Abiy Ahmed is telling.

Dr Aklog Birara


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