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Abiy Ahmed’s House of People’s Representatives approved the State of Emergency

The  declaration issued last week by the Council of Ministers (CoM) in connection with the militarized conflict in #Amhara regional state. If deemed necessary, the six-months State of Emergency decree could also expand to other parts of the county. The members of parliament called off their summer recess for the emergency session that took place this afternoon. The Parliament said that the decree was opposed by 16 members of parliament, while 12 members abstained from voting. The Minister of Justice, Gedion Timotheos, was present at the session and “gave a wide ranging response and explanation to the comments and questions raised” by the MPs, the Parliament said.


1 thought on “Abiy Ahmed’s House of People’s Representatives approved the State of Emergency”

  1. Abiy Ahmed’s Oromumma run ENDF has already been swarming all over Amhara region committing atrocious massacres of civilians long before Yilkal’s call for help and the declaration of the State of Emergency. It has been three months since the ENDF demolished Debre Elias Monastery, attacked Northern Shewa, launched a full-scale attack on Dabat and engaged in skirmishes with Misrak Amhara.

    A day before the Parliament convened to ratify the Sate of Emergency, Abiy Ahmed has already drone-bombed civilians, destroyed churches and demolished homes of civilians in Amhara Region. Days and even weeks before that, tens of thousands of civilians, including journalists, activists and day-laborers were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Before the parliament convened most recently, dozens of prisoners and civilians have already been summarily executed in extrajudicial killings.
    The approval of the fake parliament will definitely exacerbate matters, escalating the government-sponsored Amhara persecution, mass-detention, ethnic cleansing and genocide, but it will not win the hearts of the persecuted Amhara people.
    The parliament has missed an excellent opportunity to redeem itself at the 11th hour and thus sealed its fate as an enabler of the Amhara genocide.

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