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May 1, 2023

Released to all wire services and Media outlets

May 1, 2023
Washington D.C.

The Federal Government of Ethiopia has declared an all-out war on the Amhara region after a relative peace and silencing of the guns from the devastating war in northern Ethiopia. There are credible indications that the Ethiopian government is committing war crimes using all its arsenal, including the Air Force. Unless this brazen aggression is immediately stopped, thousands of Amharas will be killed, with devastating humanitarian consequences that can spillover into the wider community of nations. The Middle East and Europe will be flooded with unprecedented refugee crises. This brutal onslaught will only galvanize stiff resistance and further destabilize the country triggering a collapse of law and order.

We call upon the international community and their partners to give the utmost attention to the war declared on the Amhara people by Abiy Ahmed and his generals. This unlawful operation must be stopped at the flashpoint areas of Amhara region. The government has also cracked down on non-Oromo speaking residents of Addis Ababa, restricting people’s movements, launching house-to-house kidnappings. The bank accounts of Amhara businessmen have also been frozen.

Eritrea, Turkey, Russia, China, India, USA, AU, UN, EU and other members of the International Community should never undestimate this new declaration of an all-out war on the Amhara people.

Therefore, the International Community should call upon the Government of Ethiopian to:

  1. Immediately stop the war against the Amhara people.
  2. Stop the Amhara Genocide in Wolega zones of Oromia region and Northern Shewa zones of the Amhara region
  3. Stop the ethnic cleansing of the Amharas from Addis Ababa and surrounding cities
  4. Stop the systematic demolition of Amhara and other non-Oromo Ethiopian homes in Addis Ababa and its environs
  5. Free the over 10,000 Amhara political prisoners in Addis Ababa and the over 20,000 political prisoners in the Amhara region.

We urge this conflict to be handled through dialogue and not through civil war.


  1. All Shewa Ethiopian People Multipurpose International Association
  2. Adwa Great African Victory Association (AGAVA)
  3. Amhara Dimtse Serechit
  4. Amhara Wellbeing and Development Association
  5. Communities of Ethiopians in Finland
  6. Concerned Amharas in the Diaspora
  7. DC Task Force
  8. Embilta
  9. Ethio-Canadian Human Rights Association
  10. Ethiopian Dialogue Forum (EDF)
  11. Freedom and Justice for Telemt Amhara
  12. Global Alliance for Justice – The Ethiopian Cause
  13. Global Amhara Coalition
  14. Global Ethiopian Scholars Initiativ (GESI)
  15. Gonder Hibret for Ethiopian Unity
  16. Major Lemma Woldetsadik Memorial Foundation
  17. Network of Ethiopian Scholars (NES)
  18. Radio Yenesew Ethiopia
  19. Selassie Stand Up, Inc.
  20. The Ethiopian Broadcast Group
  21. Vision Ethiopia (VE)
  22. Worldwide Ethiopian Civic Associations Network (WE-CAN)



  1. Once again I urge all of us to exercise the utmost calm and constraint. It is most needed now. That country has been weaving and swerving on the path of chaos since 1974 thanks to the gun loving/toting commies and their by-products. Now by all indications it has reached its last station. Given the hapless status of the opposition which is in disarray beyond repair that country is in its last chance. It has only two options, two roads so to say, to choose from. One is to fall off a cliff into an abyss of death and destruction and the 2nd one is left for the level heads to lead the citizens of that country to unabated peace and stability. I will hold both the regime and those who oppose it responsible if that country descends into the first path of its final bloody undoing which will be the world’s worst nightmare since WWII. Calm and restraint are in order!!!

    • Is there anything more crazy than saying: ” I will hold both the regime and those who oppose it responsible . . .” Are you real Ittu Aba Farda?

      Who are the level heads, do you think the mad dog, your Abiy Ahmed, would lead the country to peace and stability?

      The man who has turned the country into the worst jailer of journalists and those who dare to even think in public? As long as Abiy Ahmed is around there would only be chaos, death and destruction, no amount of wishing would change that.

      We wont let you forget you have been and continue to be Abiy Ahmed’s cheer leader!

      • The Abiy Horse ITTU ABA FARDA is trying to coverup ABIY’s five years crimes and blaming the AMHARA people who are straggling to live in ABIY ethiopia as human like the other ethnicity without fear.

  2. We should dedicate all our efforts to support our people at this cynical time.
    All of you who are contributing your share to embolden our people’s struggle are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much.
    Negash Amsalu

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