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Abiy Ahmed’s Credibility Crisis: A Nation in Turmoil

fascist Abiy Ahmed

By Habtamu Kebede
The term “bankruptcy” is commonly associated with financial struggles. It is a legal procedure that occurs when a person, organization, or state is unable to repay their debts or fulfill their obligations. In the case of Abiy Ahmed, his administration is facing financial difficulties, but this is not the main focus of this piece. Instead, the focus is on the loss of social capital, reputation, a moral authority, legitimacy, political influence, and state control.

It was just yesterday that all the state-run mainstream media outlets, such as EBC News and FANA TV, broadcasted Abiy Ahmed’s visit to Eastern Walaagaa, Nekemti. The television networks showed their viewers a stadium full of supporters who came out to show their support for Abiy Ahmed. It is truly remarkable that they went to such lengths to save Abiy Ahmed’s face and advertise his popularity among the residents of Nekemeti. However, the reality was far from what was portrayed on TV stations.

Abiy Ahmed is not popular in Wollegaa and is even a despised political figure among the Oromo elite, particularly those from Wollegaa. At one point, he even stated that he would not visit the area out of fear of being assassinated and causing further division among the Oromo people. However, it has been reported that the majority of those who were referred as supporters on the national television were not actually from Nekemti, but were instead forcefully transported there against their will by large trucks from nearby villages and towns.

According to reports from human rights organizations, Abiy’s military campaign in Wollega has resulted in numerous civilian casualties and widespread destruction of property. As a result, the people of Wollega view Abiy Ahmed as a symbol of death, destruction, and suffering. He has launched a relentless military campaign to silence those who challenge his absurd brand of Prosperity Gospel, turning Wollega into a battleground where he has killed numerous people, including the elderly and children. Despite this, he arrives with a heavily armed security detail, pretending to convey a message of peace and harmony. However, the reality is that he is the one responsible for the massacres in their community.

Abiy is responsible for orchestrating targeted killings of high-ranking government officials and influential figures, including the former Chief of Staff and Amhara Regional president, as well as the popular Oromo vocalist Achaluu Hundesa and recently Betti Urgessa. These individuals were brutally gunned down by Abiy’s henchmen under his direct orders. What is even more shocking is that Abiy himself attended the mourning ceremony, pretending to grieve despite being the one who ordered the ruthless killings. These actions not only demonstrate the heinous nature of Abiy’s actions, but also reveal his lack of empathy and disregard for human life. It is clear that Abiy will stop at nothing to maintain his power, even if it means sacrificing the lives of millions of innocent people.

In Nekemetti, Abiy Ahmed delivered a speech that was divisive, controversial, and highly offensive to other ethnic groups, particularly the Amhara. Abiy claimed that the Oromo people have finally achieved freedom and independence after enduring over a century of apartheid-style oppression and suffering. This statement could be interpreted as a provocative attack against non-Oromo groups. Additionally, it seems that Abiy was intentionally implying that past administrations specifically targeted the Oromo, despite evidence to the contrary. The fact remains that previous governments targeted anyone who stood in their way, regardless of their ethnicity. Furthermore, it is worth noting that many of the previous heads of state were also ethnic Oromo, including Mengistu Hailemariam, the ruthless dictator who wiped out a generation of Ethiopian youth.

However, Abiy has a reputation for being inconsistent and unreliable. There have been instances where he has made contradictory statements to different groups in order to gain temporary acceptance. For example, he may say one thing when meeting with the Orthodox clergy, but something completely different when meeting with Islamic leaders. This inconsistency shows that he lacks a moral compass and the authority to take a firm stance on any issue. As a result, his actions are unlikely to be influenced by his words in Nekemti.

Abiy has been leading a disastrous military campaign in Tigray that lasted over two years, resulting in the loss of over a million lives. He is currently using weapons of mass destruction, including drones and warplanes, to cause extensive damage and destruction to the Amhara people. His misguided and irresponsible policies have had a detrimental impact on all people for the past six years, leading to a loss of social capital and political influence. This is one of the reasons why he is no longer making frequent visits to the Amhara region, as he used to do in the past.

Abiy Ahmed has also lost credibility among other nations and global leaders. According to reports, even the United Nations Secretary General António Guterres has expressed frustration with Abiy Ahmed’s dishonesty and deceptive statements. He is no longer on friendly terms with the Eritrean government and is at odds with both warring factions in Sudan and the Somalian government. One could say that he is now like a naked man standing in a busy street forcing every passerby to look at him with disgust.

The Ethiopian economy is currently facing significant challenges and is on the brink of a recession. Since coming into office, the national currency has depreciated by almost a third, and the high inflation rate is having a severe impact on the entire population, particularly civil servants who rely solely on their monthly salaries. In some cases, essential government employees, such as educators, have not received their salaries for several months. The World Bank has been unable to reach an agreement to release loans and other forms of monetary aid. Despite limited resources, Abiy has been investing in the purchase of drones and war planes, which have been used to attack and kill innocent civilians. Additionally, he has been allocating funds towards the construction of extravagant lodges and parks. It is now evident that he is either delusional or living in a fantasy world, where he fails to acknowledge the harsh reality of the current economic situation.

The question at hand is whether Abiy Ahmed is facing bankruptcy. The answer is clear to those who acknowledge the current situation. While there may be some who are hesitant to speak the truth, the majority of Ethiopians and other stakeholders recognize that Abiy Ahmed is not only facing bankruptcy, but also a potentially irreversible crisis. This is why FANO, the popular Amhara armed force with a vision for a just and democratic Ethiopia, must unite to protect the country in the event of a potential regime collapse, which is a looming possibility.

2 thoughts on “Abiy Ahmed’s Credibility Crisis: A Nation in Turmoil”

  1. While every website is talking all about divisive politics, one other incidence that worries me a lot happened yesterday. An earthquake tipping the scale at 4.9 had hit one location on the farthest southern part of that country. I hope everyone is safe. But that country is lucky again it did not strike at heavily populated cities like the capital itself. This shows it is a matter of time before a major earthquake hit a major urban area in that region. Eritrea, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Somalia are sitting on an active plate. I don’t think any one of these countries except Djibouti is not even thinking about it. They are busy picking on each other and their population is multiplying like worms. I scoured all over our websites, I could not find a single site mentioning about this earthquake. They are all instead jammed with terms designated to denigrate others like ‘Oromummaa’, ‘Neftegna’ and ‘Woyane’. Sad and disgusting at the same time.

  2. TO ITTU ABA FARDA , when are you going to stop your stupidity, you did it million times when ever there is an article is on this website which criticize ABIY you always divert to different direction, stop it now you fool

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