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Abiy Ahmed’s Controversial Decision: Granting Legal Recognition to the TPLF

June 4, 2024

( TH ) The legislative body known as the House of People’s Representatives, under the leadership of Abiy Ahmed, who had previously dropped out of elementary school and now serves as the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, has officially endorsed a decree that provides legal acknowledgment to the TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front).

The House of People’s Representatives recently passed a decree allowing the TPLF to officially register as a political party once again in Ethiopia. This decision came after a proposed amendment to the country’s Election, Registration of Political Parties, and Electoral Conduct Act was approved in 2019. Despite facing opposition from two members of parliament and one abstention, the majority vote led to the passing of the amendment. The new law now includes provisions for parties that have been involved in violent or illegal activities, outlining specific requirements for registration and the responsibilities of the National Election Board in overseeing the process.

The amendment, known as the Proclamation Amendment, signifies a significant shift in the political landscape of Ethiopia. It offers a chance for the TPLF, whose legal status was previously revoked due to its involvement in violent activities, to re-enter the political arena. The Council of Ministers played a crucial role in this decision-making process, convening on June 3, 2024, to revise the Election, Registration of Political Parties, and Election Ethics Act. The amended act was then forwarded to the Parliament for further review and consideration, marking a step towards inclusivity and political reform in the country.

Getachew Reda, a member of the TPLF Executive Committee, expressed gratitude for the Council of Ministers’ decision, highlighting its importance in promoting peace and stability. This move is seen as a positive step towards reconciliation and fostering a more inclusive political environment in Ethiopia. The decision to allow the TPLF to register as a political party once again reflects a commitment to democratic principles and the recognition of diverse voices within the political landscape of the country.





  1. Puppet Abiy Ahmed has no choice but to follow orders of his bosses to reinstate CIA surrogate TPLF. TPLF is badly needed for the prospective regional destabilization (reorganization) involving Eritrea, Djibouti Kenya, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia. Abiy’s bosses were not going to see their handiwork, TPLF, disappear into oblivion before “Project Disintegrate the Horn” becomes a reality. Isayas and Abiy are not going to live long enough to regret this most criminal and treasonous act of the century.

  2. Abiy Amed’s academic history was confined to primary school, as he chose not to continue his formal education beyond that point. Despite this, he was able to seize authority through dishonesty and cunning, ultimately betraying the confidence of his companions. To sustain his grip on authority, he resorted to imprisoning and even eliminating those who challenged him. Regrettably, he exhibited a total disregard for human life, viewing individuals as expendable and ending their lives without any sense of guilt.

  3. On the eve of terrorist TPLF’s reinstatement by Abiy Ahmed, TPLF army members cross into Amhara and commit a gruesome massacre

    Journalist Belke Kasa reported this.

    “… TPLF militants who crossed the Tekeze river from Tigray at Debre Abai have committed a horrific massacre of innocents in a place called Ale in North Gondar (Amhara) Adarkai district.

    “…The gunmen sent by General Warkainu from Army 11 (TPLF) burned four children alive. They shot and killed 11 people. They kidnapped 17 people. They burned 27 houses. They stole 534 livestock. They displaced 1478 people. The whereabouts of more than 40 people is unknown.

    “… This is the information that the security forces of the Humera zone of the Wolkait Police Department that arrived at the site and checked. The militants are crossing Tekeze from Tigray to Waldba. May 27/2016, he provided video-supported information. ..”

    ጋዜጠኛ በለጠ ካሣ ይሄን ዘግቧል።

    “…ከትግራይ ደብረ ዓባይ ተከዜን የተሻገሩ የህወሓት ታጣቂዎች በሰሜን ጎንደር አዳርቃይ ወረዳ አሌ በተባለ ቦታ አሰቃቂ የንፁሃን ጭፍጨፋ ፈጽመዋል።

    “…ከአርሚ 11 በጀኔራል ወርቃይኑ የተላኩት ታጣቂዎች አራት ሕፃናትን እሳት ውስጥ በመጨመር አቃጥለዋል። 11 ሰዎችን በጥይት ደብድበው ገድለዋል። 17 ሰዎችን አፍነው ወስደዋል። 27 መኖሪያ ቤቶችን አቃጥለዋል። 534 የቁም ከብቶችን ዘርፈዋል። 1478 ሰዎች እንዲፈናቀሉ አድርገዋል። ከ40 በላይ ሰዎች የደረሱበት አይታወቅም።

    “…የወልቃይት ጠገዴ ሰቲት ሁመራ ዞን የፀጥታ አካላት ወደ ቦታው ደርሰው ያጣሩት መረጃ ነው። ታጣቂዎች ተጨማሪ ኃይል ከትግራይ ወደ ዋልድባ በኩል ተከዜን እያሻገሩ ነው። ግንቦት 27/2016 ዓም በማለት በቪድዮ የተደገፈ መረጃ አቅርቧል።
    From Zemedkun’s Telegram page.

  4. Abiy Ahmed, a leader known for making controversial decisions, is currently facing challenges due to uprisings in the significant regions of Amhara, Tigray, and Oromia in Ethiopia. The ongoing unrest is undermining the unity among different ethnic groups and jeopardizing the stability of the nation. He has imprisoned numerous individuals who oppose him, persecuted them, and even resorted to violence, making him a highly contentious and dangerous figure in Africa.

  5. Any effort to promote understanding among citizens and thereby peace should always be commended and supported. There is always those at the gate trying to nullify such critical endeavor with the evil notion that ‘If I don’t lead it, to hell with it!’ Nothing is more noble than utilizing any and all opportunities to bring lasting peace and stability to those beleaguered people. It is reported that more than a million people have perished and millions have been driven out of their homes since 2020 alone. For some of us in our comfy and safe homes here in the Diaspora, we may take that just as another walk in a park. It is not funny, okay!

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