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Abiy Ahmed’s 15 Billion Dollar Palace in the Poorest Nation on Earth

Fact 1. Twenty million Ethiopians go hungry each and every day.
Fact 2: More than four million Ethiopianss are displaced.
Fact 3: Ethiopia needs to create two million jobs each for those entering the workforce
Fact 4. In Oromia, parts of the Somali region, severe drought is taking a toll on millions of Ethiopians, with pastoral communities facing famine-like conditions. .
This is a sample to show that Ethiopia cannot afford to squander limited capital resources on war and prestige projects.
Watch and listen to the video below and do your part by disclosing the truth.

1 thought on “Abiy Ahmed’s 15 Billion Dollar Palace in the Poorest Nation on Earth”

  1. Bad decision and misplaced priority to build a new palace witj that amount of money from the meagre and precious resounces counry can ill afford to spend on it. But again, he is Abiy and his granduose. inexplicable and erratic moves. May be he thaught that his property gospel things and shrill will propel the country into sudden economic and technological heights and become a real thing..

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