Abiy Ahmed & Professor Al Mariam


Mesfin Arega
April 04, 2021

Ever since Abiy Ahmed came to power, Professor Al Mariam has been continually heaping praise after praise upon him.  Initially almost all Ethiopians did the same, hoodwinked by Abiy’s deceitful oratory in praise of the Ethiopia we all love.   However, Professor Al Mariam continued to do so, even after Abiy Ahmed glaringly exposed himself to be an OLF wolf in Ethiopia’s clothe, hell-bent on building an exclusive Geda-ruled Oromo empire on the grave of Ethiopia.  In his recently penned opinion (THANK YOU, PM ABIY AHMED FOR EVERYTHING YOU HAVE DONE, April 2, 2021), Professor Al Mariam essentially called Abiy Ahmed the messiah Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been longing for a long, long time.

For sure, Abiy Ahmed is messiah for the anti-Ethiopia OLFits, since he (through masterful deceit) has achieved in mere three years, what they wouldn’t have dreamed of achieving in hundreds of years.  This, in turn, means Abiy Ahmed is the antichrist for us Ethiopians, solely because the inclusive Ethiopianism is the antithesis (direct opposite) of Abiy Ahmed’s exclusive Oromuma.  Abiy Ahmed’s KEGNA politics claims essentially everything Ethiopian to be exclusively of Oromo, by Oromo, for Oromo.

If this is so, we can’t escape wondering why the Abiy Ahmed the good professor sees is completely different  from the one most of us Ethiopians see.  If us average Ethiopians can easily see Abiy Ahmed for what he really is, it should have been much more easier for any one with professor Al Mariam’s political acumen.  I can only come up with one explanation why this seems to be not the case.

Before I  talk about what I think is the reason why professor Al Mariam adulates Abiy Ahmed, I would like to express my greatest admiration and appreciation for professor Al Mariam’s decisive role in chasing TPLF out of Arat Kilo.  Surely, he was one of the most incessant (if not the most incessant) and one of the loudest (if not the loudest) voices which blasted TPLF’s wall of Jericho.   We should always be grateful to him for speaking up against TPLF – for being a thorn in TPLF’s shoe – when few people dared to do so.   I, for one, will always be grateful to him no matter what he says or does vis-a-vis Abiy Ahmed.  Moreover, I have neither the moral high ground nor the slightest basis to even slightly doubt his deep love for Ethiopia.   I just happen to see his very high opinion of Abiy Ahmed from a different angle.

Professor Al Mariam practices criminal defense.  As a criminal defense lawyer defending a client, he may be disgusted by what he knows the client has committed, and may even hate the client for his (her) crime.  However, his job is to defend the client at all costs, in spite of his own feelings, opinions or beliefs.   In particular, he is expected to give his client’s words and deeds as much positive twist as necessary to convince the jury that the client should be acquitted if not applauded.  Basically, a criminal defense lawyer is an actor in a criminal court trying to make a saint out of a devil.

The specter of crime against humanity is hovering over Abiy Ahmed (and his die-hard lieutenants like Shimelis Abdissa) for crimes committed against Amhara in Metekel and Wollega, not to mention Burayu, Shashemene, Zeway, and Arusi Negele.  The question is not if but when Abiy Ahmed will face justice.  Therefore, Abiy Ahmed needs as much PR as possible before his inevitable court date for ethnic cleansing of Amhara.

In this regard, Professor Al Mariam seems to see Abiy Ahmed, not as the leader of Ethiopia directly responsible for the horrendous crimes committed under his watch, but as his client to be defended from such accusations at call costs.   Knowing how deeply professor Al Mariam cares for Ethiopia, I do not see any other way to explain his adulations of the anti-Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed.  Moreover, Amhara being the pillar of the proud, black Ethiopia Al Mariam loves,  the barbaric massacre of Amhara by white bootlicker tribalists would no doubt torment him to the core.  Therefore, there is no other way professor Al Mariam would say “Thank you PM Abiy Ahmed for everything you have done and continued to do for Ethiopia“, barely a couple of days after more than 200 innocent Amhara’s (most of them women and children) were barbarously slaughtered by OLF militia, in an operation apparently coordinated with high officials of Abiy Ahmed’ s own Oromia regional state, who are also prominent members of Abiy Ahmed’s own Prosperity Party.

Mesfin Arega




  1. Abiy Ahmed is doing his best to not commit crimes, that is what Professor Al Mariam and others with similar attitudes towards Abiy Ahmed value about what Abiy Ahmed did and is doing in the three years he was the Prime Minister of Ethiopia. PM Abiy’s best is not up to any ethical standard but that is not Abiy Ahmed’s fault but due to the environment PM Abiy Ahmed lived in for three plus decades serving TPLF as a spy ጆሮ ጠቢ,, so according to Professor Al Mariam he gives credit for the effort Abiy Ahmed put not to commit crimes in the past three years, even if it is impossible for Abiy Ahmed not to do so, because of the life About Ahmed led for the past three decades working directly under TPLF’s killing mqchinery .

    Professor Al Mariam can attest that Abiy Ahmed is doing his best because in so many occasions PM Abiy Ahmed directly contacts Professor Al Mariam and asks for Al Mariam’s recommendations whenever Abiy Ahmed confronts certain problems he can not make up his mind what to do about the situation, then whatever recommendations Professor Al Mariam gives to Abiy Ahmed it will all be put in practice by Abiy Ahmed pretending it was all his bright idea while it was Professor Al Mariam who came up with the idea. Since this relationship between Abiy Ahmed and Al Mariam went on for three years Al Mariam is almost feeling as if he is the unofficial Prime Minister himself, because in countless occasions within the past three years Professor Al Mariam decided what Abiy Ahmed should do and Abiy Ahmed almost always fully followed Al Mariam’s decision.
    That is why Professor Al Mariam is all for Abiy Ahmed, for example the 200 people who died two days ago are seen by Professor Al Mariam’s as unavoidable unfortunate events with casualties in a time when the inept former Defence Minister Lemma Megerssa planted a seed of hate which would have resulted ugh 200,000 + casualties dieing if only PM Abiy Ahmed did not follow the decision of the unofficial PM Al Mariam to remove Lemma Megerssa (Abiy’s former team leader Lemma Megerssa) from his position as a Defence Minister.


  2. Al Mariam is a classical enable intellectual prostitute. Period! His love for Abiy looks unconditional romance rather than objective realty.

    Perhaps, more than 100 times innocent people have been massacred since the pastor came to power than the TPLF era.

  3. “Abiy Ahmed glaringly exposed himself to be an OLF wolf in Ethiopia’s clothe, hell-bent on building an exclusive Geda-ruled Oromo empire on the grave of Ethiopia.”

    If I were Professor Mesfin Arega I would quickly see a psychologist for recurring hallucinations and a priest for whatever. The university that hired him should look into his anti-intellectual and bigoted opinions and perhaps send him a memo as to what constituted evidence-based public discourse. His kind of clerical narration is the domain of extremist groups and have no place in civilised societies.

  4. I am not sure about the purpose of this article. What is the author’s point? Are you telling the readers that Brother Al has no right to his opinion regarding PM Abiy? Leading a massive country like the old country is easier said than done. The question I have been having for myself is; Does PM Abiy deserve condemnation or criticism? I tell you what!!! Abiy is it!! He is the last pit stop right on the cross road for the old country. This is the last chance it can muster!!! It is not funny!!!!

  5. Re: PMAAA & Professor Al Mariam
    I do follow professor Al Mariam and read his many beautiful writings, reading his writing is like reading a work of art. His knowledge of English amazes me, for his many writings and contribution for Ethiopia is enormous, however there is time, such intelligent person stop and ask himself – why I support this PM unconditionally when I knew people are dying every single day from preventable situations? Isn’t the PM’s job first and for most the security of his people/Ethiopians? Especially, the killing/Genocide is directed exclusively against innocent Amhara even in their own region (Shewa and Welo) as well as Welega and Metekel. The PM as a leader of his own party/Oromo, isn’t he responsible for the direction of his party? When it is obvious that Amhara are the targeted people, then isn’t it appropriate all measures to be taken to protect them? Does he/PM really care to have a united Ethiopia and lead it? Well, Ethiopia without Amhara isn’t Ethiopia even though, Amhara will never allow Ethiopia to be dismantled. Then how long will continue Amhara blood to be spilled? I think Professor Al Mariam is a wise man and he is advising PM to do the right thing privately, otherwise what he/Professor Al Mariam writes about PM seems blind support or like a teenage cheer leader and his writing is going to embarrass, and haunt him. I rest my hope that Professor to advise his friend – PMAAA to get his act together before it is too late even if it is not already late? Myself and the people I know are sick and tired, and loosing hope in PMAAA leadership every second it passes without any action taken to save, protect and stop the slaughter of Amhara in Ethiopia! Stop Amhara Genocide Now!

  6. This article looks like its written by AL Mariam himself using one of his many TDAL hidden nicknames. No, many Ethiopians in Ethiopia and diaspora toppled TPLF not some single orange county resident using laptop from 9,000 miles away. That claim makes no sense. And please nobody with the right brain thinks Abiy is OLF. Despite the internet noise by handful of misguided activists (AND TDAL) agitators Abiy is extremely popular on the grassroots level in Ethiopia and the Diaspora. So please find something else to sooth your ego. Thank you.

  7. I am sorry to say but I have to say that this “professor” is one of the most irrational if not nonsensical “intellectuals“ who have no any sense of shame not only about themselves but sadly enough right in the face of this generation! Deeply painful!!!

  8. Dear Arega,
    I think you’ve misunderstood Prof. Al Hailemariam. Once you understand his motive, you will know that you and the Prof. are on the same page. Let me explain: after Emperor Yohannes was killed in the battle of Metema, Dagmawi Menelik became the emperor of Ethiopia. After that Emperor Menelik took advantage of the lack of unity among Tigreans, subjugated the Tigreans, including by appointing surrogates and stooges, just like what Abiy has been attempting to do with Mulu Nega in Mekele. Once he succeeded in humiliating and subjugating the Tigreans, including by annexing many segments of their lands to Gondor and Wello or to the Amharas, he went on the spree of terrorizing and subjugating the rest of the peoples in what is now called Ethiopia. He massacred an untold number of Oromos and other peoples, confiscated their lands, which then gave away to Amharas.
    Now the Prof and all Amhara elitists are guiding Abiy to help them repeat history. So, first, they need to terrorize, humiliate and subjugate the Tigreans. After they succeed with that, they are convinced that it will be easy to remake the empires by terrorizing the rest of the peoples in what is now called Ethiopia. They believe the only thing that is standing between them and the remaking of the empire is Tigray. That is why they believe Tigreans have to be annihilated at any cost.

    For now, they don’t want to be bothered by the poor Amharas who are being massacred all over Ethiopia. They are collateral damage under the grand scheme.

    But they are missing one thing. With the Tigreans, Dagmawi Menelik achieved his plans by skillfully driving wedges among the Tigreans and by letting the Tigreans bicker and fight among each other, and he did not take away their lands until many years later. Many years later, Haile Selassie followed in the footsteps of Menelik, but this time by calling for reconciliation and by appointing Mengesha Seyoum as the Inde-Rase of Tigray, and Dejazmach Solomon Abraha, the uncle of Isaias Afewerki Abraha, as the Inde-Rase of Wello. Of course, Haile Selassie annexed even more lands from Tigray to Amharas, but by that time, the Tigreans were already too divided and weak to object.
    Here is what the learned Amharas are missing. Abiy and the Amharas are taking diametrically opposite measures in their attempt to subjugate the Tigreans. Dagmawi Menelik and Haile Selassie did not invite foreign forces to commit genocide on Tigreans; they did not rape their daughters and loot their belonging. They did not take their lands immediately. They did not demonstrate all over the world in favor of the genocide of the Tigreans. They did not declare war on the entire population of Tigray. They did not push the Tigreans to renounce their Ethiopian nationality in favor of separation.
    Read this from FT article.

    The whole world knows now, Abiy and the Amharas did not declare war on the TPLF but on the entire population of Tigray.
    But another biggest mistake they are making is that they are putting their full trust in Isaias to achieve their plans.
    The Eritrean people are sick and tired of Isaias, and I am convinced Eritreans are going to topple Isais in the next 100 days, if not before Ethiopia holds its general election this year.
    Isaias is the third leg in this three-leg-stool, the other two being the Amharas and Abiy. Once Isais is overthrown, the entire Abiy’s army in Tigray will collapse or surrender to the Tigreans, and the Amharas army will either flee back to its lands or crossover to Sudan and surrender to the Sundanese security forces.

  9. i am not sure what the ultimate goal of the war the Abiy administration is involved in at the present time. Nevertheless, I have the following advise and observation.

    1. TPLF and their supporters are still strong and fighting Abiy government in tigria, Addis and diaspora. TPLF was created in Addis and has most of its power in Addis. Its other power lies in diaspora. A minimum of 40% of ethiopians in diaspora are of tigria origin. TPLF leaders and their supporters were able to transfer billions of stolen ethiopian money to diaspora during the 30 year TPLF rule. Moreover, since TPLF and its supporters controlled Ethiopian airlines, they allowed thousands of their supporter to illegally enter USA and Europe.

    2. Abiy government must aspire to be a government of justice. TPLF and is supporters must pay the consequences of their bad actions. Any person of Tigray origin who got rich due to its loyalty to TPLF leadership must be forced to return the stolen money or job. If that individual owns lots of rental property, the tenants may have the right to not pay rent or the owner must pay compensation for unearned riches. Those of tigrai origin who earned their keeps must not be touched. Most of the jobs in Ethiopian airlines were any may still be held by TPLF agents/supporters. If they did not get the job based on merit they should be made to leave the job ASAP. The real war against TPLF should be held in Addis where most of the TPLF and their supporters wealth lies next to diaspora. IT IS THE ECONOMY (MONEY) STUPID. TPLF’s GOD was money/power and depriving them their GOD is the death nail of TPLF and their supporters. If Abiy government is able to track TPLF’s and their supporters money in foreign banks and investments and is able force them to return some of it it should try to do so.

    3. War in Tigrai region must not target law abiding everyday civilians. Stealing, ,raping women, killing or torturing innocent people, vandalizing industries/schools/churches by Abiy soldiers should not be tolerated and those who commit those crimes should be held accountable.

    4. The goal of the war should be to unite Ethiopia. To create a non ethnic based ethiopia and to destroy ethnic based regions and create non ethnic based regions. Another goal is to educate ethiopians that those who commit crimes, steal/loot/rape and disrespect their fellow ethipians and don’t earn their keeps will never be tolerated and face the strong arm of justice sooner than later. My recommendation is the make English the national language of Ethiopia.

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