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Abiy Ahmed Ali is a Terrorist and Fascist leader of 21st Century

December 26, 2023
Tesfaye Yigzaw

Fano for liberty
Fano for equality
Fano for democracy
Fano for freedom and manumission
Fano for emancipation
These are a motto of Ethiopian heroes and heroines

Abiy Ahmed Ali: The most imprudent and oblivious individual of a 21-century dictator. It is very disgraceful to see him as a leader of a large country with a 120, million population, with a history over 3,000 years, only among the oldest four in the world history. What happened to Ethiopians? This is the question we all are asking? The most vibrant and strenuous Ethiopian society fell under such witless individual. In fact, there is a continuous and persistence of dictatorships that lead to the current immature and obnoxious person called Abiy Ahmed Ali. His background as a member of terrorist group of Oromo Liberation Front, and ultimately joined another terrorist group called TPLF. Abiy Ahmed Ali had grown under the mentorship of Tigray People Liberation Front. Under these group (s), he committed several crimes that has never been obvious to public. After coming to power, he continued to carry on with his clandestine crimes: the killings of engineer Simegnew Bekele, Hachalu Hundessa, Army Chief of Staff Gen. Seare Mekonne, The Amhara regional leaders; Dr. Ambachew Mekonnen, including his cabinets, and Gen. Asamnew Tsige. These men were murdered coldblooded by Abiy Ahmed Ali. These are just a few murdered individuals known to the public, but thousands have been disappeared with no clue to their whereabouts, and thousands young and old are suffering in his sleazy jails.

Abiy Ahmed Ali is a very sick man: he needs to see a psychiatrist whether he is sick of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and dissociative identity disorder or another psychiatric malady.

His diseases are very contagious and spreading fast by his ugly deputy; Abiy Ahmed Ali farts through Shimeles Abdissa: he spoke to his Oromo gathering “no Christianity, Judaism and Islam; but Gada, Oromos’ religion.” It is clear he neither worship Christianity nor Islam but a voodoo rites. This is the reason he and his group identified Amhara as Semitics savagely murdered those practicing Christianity and Islam of their corresponding religion. The killing of Orthodox Christians, and Muslims is widespread. Ethiopians have a great respect to religious leaders. Since Abiy Ahmed Ali come to power, his police officers slammed and bit up priests. Churches burnt down and priests have been slaughtered by these uncivilized Oromo fanatics. Abiy’s terrorist Oromo Liberation Front identified itself as “Cush”, for years has been killing innocent human beings since 1960s and no one has been brought to justice. The crimes against Amhara and Orthodox believers seems never to stop. The Hararege massacres by Sheik Abdulkariem Ibrahim Hamid (Jarraa Abbaa Gadaa), Arsi, and Bala massacres continued to this day. Waqo Gutu was a terrorist that wrongly acclaimed by some Oromo fanatics as a freedom fighter. All these men breeds like bunnies; for example this man has 20 sons and 17 daughters. Polygamies are inherent of their culture with multiple wives and numerous children is a norm. This includes Abiy Ahmed Ali’s dad who had over 20 children with multiple wives.

These men propagated hate among generations; a good example who inherited abhorrence is Jewar Mohamed that led massacres of hundreds innocent lives without accountability. All these Oromo fanatics have claimed themselves descendants of Cush or Kush. The fact of the truth is that all Oromo cannot be classified as Cush. The great numbers are Bantus; Kejela Mardassa and Gen. Berihanu Jula are good examples. I will detail in my next writings.

1 thought on “Abiy Ahmed Ali is a Terrorist and Fascist leader of 21st Century”

  1. Who told you Abiy is of an Aryan race just like Hitler? I have his birth certificate right here in my hand. His father was a Filipino and his mother was a Sami from Norway. His parents met as refugees. His father fled from Ferdinand Marcos dictatorship of The Philippines and his mother narrowly escaped the communist regime in Norway. So stop saying Abiy is from a German Aryan race. I got his birth certificate from Gondar and Afdem hospitals right here in my pocket. I am gonna put for auction on eBay, Christie’s and Sotheby’s on New Year’s Day. It will be worth in 7 figure numbers!!!
    Hey Ittu! There wasn’t a hospital and not even a clinic in Afdem in the 1970’s.
    You don’t believe me because you are an Oromummaa, Neftegna and Woyane. These hate Abiy even before they knew he existed.

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