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Abiy Ahemed must resign immediately to bring Peace in Ethiopia

August 5, 2023

Tesfaye Yigzaw

Fano is a unique, respected historical brand name to safeguard freedom in Ethiopia.

Ethiopians living at home and abroad fully had supported him when he came to power for the obvious reasons; quest for democracy and to have him throw out Tigray People Liberation Front’s savage and uncivilized system of ethnocentric system of government. The people of Amhara suffered for long, under continuous dictators; Dergue and TPLF are the most recent past, and Prosperity Party (Abiy’s Oromo Party) has a continuations of its apartheid predecessors.

We have witnessed the past few years, the carnage and suffering of the Ethiopian people, in particular the suffering of the Amhara would never abate, however the murders getting worst, and the economic discrimination has persisted. We cried, when the people of Oromo celebrating Ireecha on their culture festive savagely thrown in a lake and murdered by TPLF soldiers at Debre Zeit. We cried and wept when People in Ogden, Gamble and elsewhere killed by TPLF. When Abiy came to power we hoped and assumed a relief, as a young man, he would understand the need and changes the people, and the country needs. It has been just a wish and the carnage never to end.

In the past few years, I have heard him talk; beyond his political speech, he talked about unfounded and untruthful about scientific discoveries, I am not sure whether he understood what he read from a literature or listened to his illiterate advisers. These facts would tell me, this man cares about his ego than established facts.

Few years on his reign, the Oromo radicals led by Jewar Mohamed and Ezekiel Gebissa (an advocate of a narcotic drug Chat or Khate), annihilated thousands in Oromo region, specifically Orthodox Christians, mostly Amharas and burned dawn many churches. They hanged a person upside down and burned human being live. These hooligans group inherited the teachings of terrorist leader Abdullkarm Ibrhim Hamid (Jaaraa Abbaa Gadaa), and identifying themselves as Cushitic as opposed to Semitics that includes Amhara and other non-Oromo groups, though I do not agree with this classifications. The word “Kero “, a violent and unlawful savage group is initiated by this man, under a theme “Islamic Oromia” murdered thousands in eastern part of the country.

Now, transformed from an Oromo Liberation Front as to be identified itself in a new terrorist group called Sheenee. This group has been involved in killings of thousands of people with no mercy including infants, and adults. I felt distressed to hear a little girl was forced to say “I could not be an Amhara or speak Amharic again” as she was slaughtered. This group not limited itself in killings, had been forced Amhara to evacuate from their homes. I strongly believe this group “Sheenee” is another terrorist wing of government, under the direction of Shemelse Abdissa. They abducting people, taking ransoms, raping and killing.

Nevertheless, Abiy Ahemed and his government is entirely responsible for all the crimes committed. He must resign from his post and hand over the government temporarily to the President and a Parliament until a new government is formed.



  1. What this author chose to write is his inalienable rights even though it may look senseless. But his description of PM Abiy’s advisers ‘illiterate’ is wrong and uncalled for. This is the time when well read individuals should do everything in their intellectual prowess to help avert any potential civil war. They should not be hurling insults and name calling at other they don’t know personally.

    There is a powder keg everywhere in that country now. It desperately needs the know how of its educated children to diffuse/neutralize this ticking explosive. Amhara region is not a small village. It is a region of more than 30 million people. An all out conflict in Tigray which has a population of less than 7 million had killed close to a million people and displaced millions more. Take that outcome and juxtapose it on this much bigger region. Just imagine the magnitude of death and destruction. It will not be a walk in a park. It is not funny okay! Intellectuals should know better. They should stay away from fanning the flame of senseless war.

    Now, these days I see more and more individuals who own media channels on YouTube and other outlets/platforms coming to the fore and spreading poisonous and hateful propaganda. These smart alecks have a history of taking advantage of the suffering of the people that country to line their pockets by way of fundraising drives. They have been doing that since they came here and seek political asylum. I assume they are citizens now. They were able to raise millions using well known funding sites. Once in a while they throw a bone or two to show/pretend their charity effort. They have managed to secure hundreds of thousands of paid gullible subscribers generating a revenue windfall in hundreds of thousands in U.S. dollars every month. This is on top of millions they had raised thru Go-Fund-Me campaigns. Just imagine what they pay themselves as CEO’s of these charities.

    Just look at them. You can see them bulging with beer guts and at least three layers of hot dogs both under their chins and napes. They are said to own luxurious homes and drive top car models. God knows when the last time these connivers were audited by independent accounting firms or the IRS. But they are back at it again these days. These are both who are said to be Amharas and Oromos. Some of them are engaged in arranging conflict hatching conferences. All their conferences are attached with calls for donations. To these evil minded individuals from both regions the suffering of those noble people has become a lucrative market, an opportunity to enrich themselves. They take their children to schools and McDonald’s here but they urge the youth in that country to rush into an awaiting flame. That is why I have nothing but utter contempt for these faceless swindlers. It is sad but all true.

  2. IJOLEASABOT: first, why do you afraid to put your correct name? I left Ethiopia when I was very young man. I am not affiliated to any organization or group. I speak or write based on what is right. I have been doing this for long time ago, and will continue to do so when I see rights are abused. I am living in the USA most of my life, I travelled to Ethiopia few times to visit but do not have any interest. I speak for humanity not ethnicity. You are paid to protect criminals including Abiy Ahmed. I do not care his education but I see him an ignorant person, but not only him all those surrounding him. I judged them based on their work and speech. I am able to tell you what they are, if you would Like. I am not paid by any person , group or organization(s). My intellect does not allow me to do so. I came from a culture, family and an Orthodox Church that shaped my life. Therefore, do not just say any thing you do not understand. I speak rightfully when I see wrongs.

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