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April 2, 2021
    It is unsettling, trying time for our mother land
    Her old enemies are talking war
    Out to shad her blood
    Take her drinking water and occupy all that she possessed
    She has out lived all wars band of enemies
    In the middle ages  she vanquished  Muslim invaders
    Came to her shore to take her people  Into slaves
    In recent past , her brave warriors fought against
    Mussolini ‘s fascist army and drove them out of her terrorizes
    Her battle tested warriors gallantly fought Mussolini
    With brave heart in every region until he demoralized
    Defeated , and embarrassed and fled
   Once again her belligerent  neighbors threatening
    to cross her border
   To loot  and vandalize her precious water
    They must know they are playing with raging fire
    The like of which they never seen before
    A looming hovering above like heavy dark cloud
    To bring flood uproot people like dry trees in the ground
    I am anguished and heavy hearted and overwhelmed  by sadness
    Our precious home land is engulfed  by raging fire, social upheavals
    Disgruntled terrorists
   The threat of war from afar  has been always present and dangerous
    We also must pay special attention to home grown
   disillusioned , misguided  Disgruntled fellow brothers and sisters
    They have become assassins and arsonists
    Stetting ablaze villages farms , homes churches , schools
    The fabric of our society , our humanity and our core values
   Are defiled our rich history are in the verge of braking down
   The bed rock of our long held way of life  is its knees
    This tragic ethnic driven war even could  cascade
    Into massive mayhem and loss of life hard to comprehend
    Our cherish history will be disbanded and discard
    Foster animosity and suspicion neighbor against neighbor
   produce  a legacy of hate and a broke society in disrepair
    These are our flesh and blood being aggrieved  , falling victims
    Setting ablaze own homes
    Crying loud shading tears for being homeless
    They are invisible warriors without an insignia Or military uniform
    They are zealots could inflict an existential  societal harm
    They aspire a Goal to establish Some from utopia
   Burning down to ashes our precious land Ethiopia
    They are like an adolescent who murder his parents
    In the fit of anger , out of control emotion
    Ask for mercy of the court because he was an orphan
    Ethiopians are in mourning for the lost burned down
    Homes, churches for murdered souls
    For mutilated women for unborn babies  taking out by force
    from the womb of their mothers
    discarded to feed the vultures
   For kidnaped held hostage never return homes and families
    Ethiopia has been tested and retested  by war hunger and disses  and ramen
    This too will come to pass
    She will rise like morning sun  rise again and  again

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