A song showing TPDM’s solidarity with G7 Popular Force (Ethiopia)

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  1. I hop you will post my opinion if you really bilieve on fwhat you are showing us. Sorry for Ethiopians who are desperate for change to believe in ‘SHABYA, Isayias Afework. I can tell you with confidence, any thing that comes from Eritera is very dangerous for Ethiopia, but if you are believing on it GO AHEAD, and GOOD LUCK, your will see the result soon. The so called Ginbote 7 leaders, if you don’t want to be denial for yourself, you can go back and check their background story, these people had made a lot of sabotage on Ethiopian struggle, but still talk the story what you want to hear and make you believe on them, I don’t blame them if you don’t know what to decide for your self and struggle for your own freedom and justice. Ehiopians were blaming ‘DERGE’ because Derge took the power by the power of gun barrel, and then ‘TPLF’ (WONBEDE SHEFTA) march all the way to the capital city, Addis Ababa, again the Ethiopian people claps their hands and let them sit on the power. How long the Ethiopians are going to be terriorized by Warlords? Are you telling us to accept another Warlords to march to Addis Ababa. Let me tell you this, Ginbot7 Leaders are crazy for power that is why they are changing them selves like a chameleon and confusing you to take them to their dream of power . Ethiopians, if you want your God given freedom and justice you don’t need warlords to lead you, so what is the soluton? A revolt against any warlord, and struggle inside Ethiopia is a solution for justice and freedom. Ethiopians need to stand up together for peaceful struggle (without any weapon) and pay the high pricce to the end, and then Ethiopians will get Freedom and Justice.

  2. @”Debela” who wrote the comment on behalf of TPLF, do you know any professional soldier in TPLF? Perhaps they are the most backward elements in Ethiopian History. You tried to talk about Peaceful struggle as the only way out solution out of this barbaric fictators. Ok ! Fair enough! Do you know they reason why peaceful struggle in Ethiopia for the past 22 years couldn’t work ? Do you think 2095 election reversed because CUD were not capable to hand over the power? ..do you think the vast majority of our journalists and Civil wright movements are went to jail because the are commited burglarise and corruption or rape? .. Forget ur senseless analysis. I know you are sensed the darkest time for woyane is coming. That is ur worries which you can’t help it.

  3. @fake Debela, you pretended to be some one concerned about the people of Ethiopia subjugated under apartheid rule of Woyane. At the same time you are accusing our people for offering a warm welcome to Woyanes when they came in to Addis. How could our innocent citizen including myself in advance know these TIgrians are evil. There is no way to prophesies. Unimaginable things happened that has to happen as long as TIgrians are running our country. You also condemn GInbot 7 and Dr Birhanu Nega as crazy and hungry for power. Dr Birhanu is not someone like your masters coming from Dedebit and illiterate. He is doing honourable job for living. He has tried peaceful struggle in Ethiopia before any one and he has proved it doesn’t work any more after he ended up in prison for life. We all know ignorant Woyanes came to power by armed struggle not otherwise. So how could you engage in a civilised manner with someone totally relying on his gun. We need to talk to them the way they could comprehend well. Eriteria is not our battle ground so there is nothing to fear on our side and we donot need validation or any kind of advice from our enemy ‘woyane’ like you. At this moment the Eriterian government is by far better than any ordinary Tigre lat alone Woyane. By the way what do you feel when two brave ethiopian pilots defect with their mig and landed on Eriterian soil? You know I was overjoyed and I do not feel bad if those jets would be confiscated by the Eriterian gov because it was not originally belongs to Ethiopia but for Tigray. I am looking forward to see more defects to come. Peaceful struggle is the way to extend the misery of our citizen by allowing Woyanes to loot and abuse us by our own admission. We must stop crying and fight Woyanes now not later. If you need to defend the regime go and join Afazi. Stupid Woyane.

  4. Checking the Facts
    1) If there was a real Unity between G7 & TPDM we would have seen a Representative of TPDM on the Meeting just held by Ato Andargachew in Virginia
    2) There is No press release or official Statement from TPDM which supports G7 Claim
    3) G7 has no Army (Zero /Nada) but they claim they do which is a big lie
    G7 has supporters in Current Affairs & one the Current Affairs people realized this as all a big lie , that will be the end of G7

  5. This is a new invention to trick some of the few die hard supporters of the G7. Is there a group called TPDM. There could be one in name only. TPDM is the brain child of the Eritrean Government to create a so called opposition based on our diversity. Don’t fool your self. There is no a resistance movement supported by even the slightest part of the Tigrian Society or community against the current regime. I would know I am one of them. Please do not be deceived by kentu wore.

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