A Response to Zelalem Eshete P.H.D

This article would have opened a long over due dialogue if the call was for “all Ethiopians” as opposed to “all Amharas” and from an Ethiopian rather than a person who says he is an “Amhara ethnic individual”. The root problem for today’s Ethiopia is, with all due respect, people like Zelalem Eshete P.H.D. who make broad brushstroke statements without one fact to back them up. Let us not get sidelined by accusations of an anonymous Amhara problem when there is a real Ethiopian problem to solve!

Before I go through the real issue for today’s Ethiopia, I’d love to ask Zelalem Eshete P.H.D. a question. He suggested that  all Amharas (and Ethiopian Amhara specifically) marginalized abuse that “all Amhara forefathers” according to the article  are responsible for? Where and to whom and what historical reference are we talking about, exactly?

By saying let’s “stand by the gap”, what gap can we stand by in today’s Ethiopia as if the Amharas have the upper hand or are somehow better positioned to fill in? Perhaps we are the missing piece to fill the void since we are pushed to the curb by false accusations of things that have happened a thousand years ago that nobody has evidence of or historical citation to back the accusations but some crooked TPLF “historians”. Is it they who are funding you to re-write history?

I have the right to ask what acts exactly I should confess about that only my ethnicity is responsible for in the history of Ethiopia? What deeds am I repenting for? This article, as daringly bold as it is, should have stated what events it’s talking about, specifically. When and where was this historical event that has happened in over 3000 years of history of Ethiopia that my ethnicity is solely is responsible for? And what cowardice or cruelty did it carry out to another ethnic group of Ethiopia to pretty much kaput the whole country? Please cite the event for us so we can “repent”! Now, you must deliver as you already senselessly called upon us by insinuating the we are the core problem to moving forward.

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My brother Zelalem Eshete, my forefathers, at least to talk about my own family history, were snatched from the picture every time Ethiopia was invaded or attacked. For them Ethiopia was first before their wives and children. My grandmother, alive to this day, lived all her life in the Oromo region and speaks the language well (very well actually) and all her dear friends and business partners were and are all Oromo and so growing up, even though in Addis, I always somehow thought we must be Oromo since my mother, aunt, grandmother and my grandfather speak and pretty much exercise Oromo tradition in the house. I never heard anything derogatory that my mother or my grandparents said about the place where they lived peacefully and respectfully with others. I must share this with you – my grandmother actually boasts to this very day every time she is challenged that she will move back to Denbi “my Oromo people will bail me out” that was her rhetoric.

So for me, my grandparent’s memories were of good people, good friendships, love and a beautiful fertile place they’ve lived throughout their lives up until the Durge regime took everything away from them and had no choice but to leave from the place they’ve always known. I remember, even though I was very little when my grandfather died, his body wasn’t buried so the Oromo friends could come from Elibabure Denbi to cry as it is always the case in Ethiopian culture. And when they arrived the way they cried in their own traditional way made “lekeso” unique and special, at least for me. My great grandmother remained living there even long after my grandparents relocated and every time she came to visit what we would eagerly wait for was “enchoté” as we all love eating “enchoté”. We celebrated Oromo tradition by virtue of my grandmother living there for almost their whole life. So I had a hard time (at least from my own family experience) to what I have to say to confess and repent from. Both sides of my grandparents almost lost everything during the Italian war and after the Italians left and the King came back, they were working in rebuilding Ethiopia just as everybody else and every other ethnic group was doing.

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Please, since you called on “All Amhara” I’d like to have an answer to what specific historical event you want me to confess and repent from as my forefathers history is as I put it above.

The Durge regime accused them and put my grandparents in jail for months after taking everything they’ve worked for labeling them “nefetgna” and so my childhood up until the TPLF taking over I know of the Amhara regime being attacked and now even more by the TPLF junta.

As far as reality goes, for the last 23 years we are the foremost target by TPLF gangs, young girls of Amharas are given injectables so they won’t reproduce, last I checked it is only the Amhara people who are are depopulated, accused of living in certain places of their own country. Their own parliament accounted 2.5 million people missing were Amharas – ethnic cleansing to put it in the exact word on it. As I am writing you this letter, in Waldeba, Harar, Benishangul Gumz and from other places the Amhara people are being told to go back to their own region after living a millennium in such places. I find it ironic that you chose to generalize and call on all Amharas being “be’firde gemedelenet”  when you should have called on the international community to stop the genocide that is going on right now against the Amhara people!

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In the whole history of Ethiopia, if I have to go through history even though Zelalem Eshete’s article is not in accordance with history. In thousands of history of Ethiopia here isn’t a single event that one ethnic got organized and carried out attack to another ethnic. There were wars between ourselves one ruler against the other, but never one ethnic to another ethnic up until Meles formerly known as Legasse Zenawi and his gangs, who are organized themselves as “Tigraian”liberation front.

I eagerly await for your response. I would hate to fail taking action from preventing Ethiopia falling of the cliff because of my rebelliousness.


Lydia <lyduindc@gmail.com




  1. Are you from this planet? You might have good memories, but how far are you sure nothing really happened. Which historian are you referring? Is there any history written by people other than Amharic speaking people except dr Lapiso. Do you expect that these historians write such a kind of story. I don’t think so.

    Please you need to see it from other dimensions/angle. What you have been taught might not reflect the whole story of Ethiopians.

    And let me tell you forget about 100 years but in recent years we have been seeing systemic discrimination toward other tribes in general if not particulary to Oromos. But that doesn’t not make us not to live together but not in denial.

    I am an Oromo and Ethiopian no one will give or deny my tribe and nationality. It is in my blood.

  2. Dear Lidiya

    You must be crazy or in a state of self denial( self defense). Every body knows that Amharas have a complexity in that they consider themselves the superior people than all other ethinics,(even they don’t want to acknwolege the existence of other ethnics ).For Amharas, Ethiopia=means Amhara only.so they have been imposing their language,culture and religion(orthodox Christianity ) on others and have been trying to make a Homogeneous Ethiopia (Ethiopia of one language,one religion and one ethnic group ).After the fall down of Dergue, everything went out of their control and dreams.For example, I heard an interview of PM H/Desalegn. before he was appointed as PM, he has visited USA and he met an Ethiopian lady in diaspora(most likely Amhara ).she said to him. “EPRDF is doing good in Ethiopia, but what I hate is that you brought the issues of ethnicity and many people whom exitance even known come out and dancing naked body=,in Amharic Maninatachew yemaytawaqu sewoch beher nen iyalu ke chaka watitaew rakutachewun yizafinalu”- she said to him. Now this may true or false. For me and many of Oromos and even other ethnic groups, the self inflation and grandiosity complex of Amharas need to be stopped.Ethiopia is for all of us. Who gave the mandate for Amharas alone to represent Ethiopia.??? pls u better call all right wing Amhars elites to admit their weakness and come forward for dialogue to build a better future united nation.

    Geda Beka ,email- marsijuly2009@gmail.com
    from ADDIS ABABA,Ethiopia

  3. Dear Ewenete
    The Amhara people equally suffered if not more under the regimes labeled as AMHARA for instance it was by the HaileselSie regime hundreds of thousands of WOLLO Amharas were left to die, is there any crime worse than leaving people to be starved to dearth???????? If this happened to Tigres or Oromos we could hear it everday
    What about the milllions of Amharas who were killed by Oromo invaders and Gragn Ahmed ? This wars drastically reduced the poplar ion of Amhara people
    The persecution of thousands of GOJJAM people by YOHANNES and the intentional and evil minded destruction of their crops and animals led to the famine called THE GREAT FAMINE forced a mother to eat her infant this famine was caused by the Evil Tigre YOHANES who has the same mind set of the current TPLF Tigres who are evil humans
    My friend don’t you know GOJJAM is the most impoverished and underdeveloped Province in Ethiopia ????? Eve though the people of GOJJAM are one of the most hard working people in the world they were denied of infrustructural developments and industries which could have transformed the region in to one of the most developed farms which could produce TEFF even to the world market rather they were bombed twice more than any other people by the Hailesillasie and DErg regime
    RED terror GONDER was the most affected province by this heinous persecution of YOUTHS ?
    Ewnwet the problem with Amharas is they don’t complAin for what happens to them that is why the end is of AMHARA people want to blame them for the crimes they never committed that is why OLF mad and hate Writer historians are preparing themselves and their followers for the second GENOCIDE on AMHARAS which started 500 years ago by their barbaric OROMO forefathers who killed millions of AMHARAs and exterminate and made extinct people like ENARYA, DAMOT etc

    Dude these crime committed by Oromos on Amharas and other people who used to live in the present day OROMIYA are documented by other historians and travellers not only by Amhara historians as the Hate driven OLF historians claim

    by the way we have so many OLF historians who are re writing Ethiopian history in order to prepare future and current Oromos for the planned GENOCIDE on AMHARA people and are using Authors like TESFAYE GEBRE EBAB

    • You are entitled to refer to the debteras’ tale of stories, which definitely does not reflect the true history of the horn of Africa and in particular that of Ethiopia. I don’t think Oromo people or organizations trying to speak on behalf of Oromo nation have any hatred against any group. But the struggle of Oromo organizations for the restoration of the dignity of their people and quest of Oromo people to exercise their full right and culture are seen as hateful and barbarism by the people like you.

      For you, a good Oromo you accept and want to see is the one who denies him/herself and his/her dignity and culture. You want to see Oromo nation which accepts the Amhara language, culture and religion in the way you want and who submissively live under repressive system when you and shameless Amhara individuals use derogatory names and phrases against Oromo people. Those days or decades or that century has gone for good NEVER to come back again.

      People like Getachew Reda, the so called “professor” Getachew and others are nowadays producing people like you to drive a wedge further to break up the already shaky relationship between the Oromo nation and the Amhara people. Any further attempt you and your-likes are doing will definitely further put the Amhara people in a position of advantage for long to come. You are barking to try to salvage what is already torn apart not be redeemed forever.

      It is nice to live for the Amhara people to live to their size unless they want further isolation. Overwhelming majority of Oromo and other nations and nationalities prefer any form of dictators instead of seeing the Amhara regime of monolithic and unitary Ethiopia under one language, one Orthodox Church, one flag and one Amhara led government.

  4. words heal, words wound and words kill. What constitutes a word’s worth depends upon whether you are giving it or getting it. As an Ethiopian born in a multicultural -multilingual South-west, I would die for the epigram “who serves his country well doesn’t need to have ancestors.” Race, nation, ethnicity, so forth are none-words, undefinable entities … Dear ethno-brokers, “If you think chickens are dumb, try planting some vegetables.” You shd go down to the sea in and do business in great waters and see the works of the wicked, and the wonders in the deep! I am an Ethiopian!

  5. Dear Solomon
    I have not mentioned or said Oromos didn’t do anything. I have strong belive thatthey have done histrorical Iinjustices on others where they try to expand to. I don’t agree this theory of migration of Oromo. That is different topics for another day.

    What I was sayingis historical injustices have been happening which need to be sorted sooner than later. So we need to come up with new ideas such these kind of issues can be solved. But trying to live in denial will not help the situation we are in.
    So we need to encourage people when they come with alternative solution and try to evaluate.
    I am telling you that I strongly belive that when our for fathers expand in the 1500s they might have done crime.

  6. Dear Lydia God bless you. Zelalem eshete is the blacksocks of meles zenawis.when the future of weyane is dying because of their sins, they became preacher of confession and repentance. Blacksocks, the longer, the stronger they get.

  7. Dear Lydia, God bless you!

    Ewnete and Godda, instead of chanting a nonexistent history tgat is invented by Eritrean and Tigray historian wannabes, please go read or learn your history from your fathers. This deliberate invention is put to set a trap to you and your children’s, it’s sole idea is to give the infiriorty complex tgat you don’t have that the tigrays and Eritreans suffer from. You were and true Ethiopians with proven acts of defending our country while tigrays and Eritreans were bending to worship Italians

  8. Dear wogemaru
    For your information I neither belive history written by old scholars or the one being written by the new ones (opdo or olf).

    I see what happened in other part of the world and compare it to Ethiopia then I make my own conclusion. Ethiopian history has a lot of lies and the same holds with the history which is being written.

    What I am saying is I don’t read history written by anyone affiliated to any of the regimes, past or present, or poltical parties or libiration fronts they all do have hiden agenda. “Politics is full of lie”.

    Not reading history shall not make less Ethiopia. Love of people irrespective of tribes, religion or political affilations is that makes you more ethiopian than defenders of so called Ethiopian history.

    The point we are talking here if not mistaken is that do we need new approches or live in denial. That is the question here not making noises.

    Our past has everything to do with what is now. I strongly belive because of our past mistakes tplf and eplf are taking advantage but I am sure they are not the one who started it. They just opened the Pandora’s box of Ethiopia.

    So don’t try to put blames on them it is between the Amhara and Oromo. If they don’t solve their problems tplf will be there forever to rule our sorry a….

  9. While salute Dr Zelalem for his insight and superb understanding of our situation today, I have no doubt that the writer of this articles lives very much in the past far removed from the our realities of today.

    What does his approach and all others like him (we have many of them unfortunately) means we remain lamenting under Wouyane’s rule as the country we cry for slowly but surely slips between our fingers into eventual demise.

    Dr. Zelalem’s approach is the only way forward to saving our country though surely other ethnic elites also do not ask for Amharas’ total humilation as they do a humbling and regretful gesture.
    How the WEoyanes enjoy the echoes of dog fight from remote corners of the world having skillfully put us on an ever sinking ship from where we prove to be unskilled enough to disembark our self. What a shame!!!!

  10. To all Oromos under extreme identity crises, please calm down. Our ancestors thought your ancestors how to eat, chewing and swallow properly. Your ancestors shit everywhere by running without sitting and my ancestors thought how to shit properly in toilet, but you all are cowards blaming Amhara especially Gojjamis…..So shut the Fuck up before we will deport you where u came from….you r aliens.

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