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To:                   The Ethiopian Community of America


From:               Yahoshhuah Israel, Cultural Historian/Author

The Col. John C. Robinson Global Initiative, Inc.


Re:                   Political Mobilization


My Dear Brothers and Sisters


If there was ever a moment in time when the opportunity to effect change in the status quo – in the future policy of this nation towards Ethiopia it is now.  Never before has there been an election as we are witnessing today.  It is unprecedented in every way. Literarily the outcome could be decided by a handful of men and women leveraging their votes to one party or the other.  The race for the presidency is so close (and will continue to be until the end) that both the republican and democratic party will need every vote they can manage to gain. Each nominee is desperate for every vote they can muster.


The Ethiopian and immigrant community has been pretty much absent in the past which means they have not been calculated into the equations of either party.  This means that they are positioned to be a new segment not accounted for in previous elections.  Everyone else has been accounted for. Everyone else has been predicted and with that prediction the race is at present “dead even”.  A new group unaccounted for, unexpected and unforeseen could decide the outcome of such a close election. Everyone realizes this.

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Such a group if strategically and intelligently directed could demand for their support significant favors from the incoming administration.  Their are no guarantees but I believe that this is the greatest opportunity for disenfranchised groups to gain a position of power that they have not had before.  I also believe that this is an opportunity for a changing of the guard.  As we all know the old guard has been of little benefit to the people of Ethiopia.  In fact the present administration has actually contributed to the continual proliferation of a system that has forsaken the people of Ethiopia in favor of strategic military presence.


I am asking for Ethiopians here in the US to take action. I am with you to consolidate your votes into a block that can make a difference. Doing that we will meet with these parties and explained what we demand in return for our support. I believe that we have destiny on our side and that now is the time for Ethiopia to once again become a force for justice and world peace but it can only come through you; You have to take the lead.

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Will you stand up for the people of Ethiopia?



Yahoshuah Israel


  1. A message to people of Eretria !

    Shabia is on death bed . make your December conference in addis a success .
    HGDF shall be blown in to pieces ?

  2. Time and time again, the Democratic Party hv down played the struggle our ppl wedged for freedom, peace and the rule of law. Now, the ppl hv risen. Will undoubtedly be victorious. The US administration should come upfront and state to the Eth ppl, if they support their struggle for freedom and democracy. This to me is morally and politically the right thing to doWe also remember when President Obama payed a visit to Eth, he said the current Gov assumed power democratically.But, the current Eth Gov is trying to prolong its rule on the ppl by killing, torchere and tribally dividing the ppl. We don’t want the Ariana massacre to happen under you watch.there is still time for the current administration to unequivocally support the Eth ppl Struggle. There are estimated 6 – 8 million Ethiopians residing in the US. Their vote will no doubt make a difference in the upcoming elections. But, we are not waiting for the candidates to state what and how they support the Eth ppl. What we are demanding is, for Obama administration to take action now and stand with the Ethiopian people.

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