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A Message to Eritreans – In Solidarity

Ethio-American Development Council (EADC)

It is imperative to recognize that Abiy Ahmed (PP/TPLF) is attempting to exploit old wounds in order to sow discord and mistrust between Eritreans and Ethiopians, particularly Amharas, based on perceived historical grievances and misunderstandings. Let us not succumb to this ploy!

Misrepresentation of the Amhara people based on historical grievances is a concern at this time when Amharas are facing gross atrocities at genocidal scale. We must avoid fueling hate against a group unfairly targeted as EVERYONE’S enemy.

Ethiopians, most notably, the large Amhara community has overwhengly shown solidarity with Eritrea, disproving these claims about “Amhara elites,” that are based on prejudiced stereotypes.

We condemn all parties that do not respect Eritrea’s sovereignty, including those claiming to be Amhara or precieved to be “Amhara elites.” Those responsible for disrespectful statements should be held accountable as individuals or organizations, but should not be an excuse to cast blame on an entire group of people.

It’s also essential for Eritrean brothers & sisters to understand that the term “Amhara elite” is often used as a euphemism against all Amhara people. #Amharic is a common language in Ethiopia, and it’s not a reliable way to differentiate ethnic Amharas solely based on language or one’s claim to be Amhara, especially given TPLF/PP covert operations and psyops.

It’s more appropriate to hold ETHIOPIA as a nation accountable rather than singling out a specific ethnic group when articulating your concerns, especially during these challenging times when ethnicity is being weaponized, resulting in tragic acts of violence solely based on people’s ethnic or religious backgrounds.

Such stereotypes and conspiracy theories are not only harmful but also demeaning and prejudiced. Singling out any ethnicity, such as the Amhara, from the diverse tapestry of Ethiopia and labeling them is hurtful to people that are currently enduring unimaginable suffering.

The #Amhara people should be given solidarity, not be made scapegoats for Ethiopia’s sins, past or present.

Unconscious biases and rhetoric that paint the Amhara as a ‘boogeyman’ to be feared only contribute to the rise of #Amharaphobia, which has tragically cost innocent lives in Ethiopia’s ongoing violence against the Amhara people, falsely branding them as a common enemy. This perilous political discourse must come to an end.

We are a new generation! Let’s strive for understanding and solidarity, and uplift each other for a more peaceful tomorrow.


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