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A message from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church

A message from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church




2 thoughts on “A message from the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church”

  1. Illegal appointment of Bishops in Ethiopia

    IT is not debatable issue that EOTC , mahibrekidusan and other organizations of the church are saddly dominated by one amhara tribe.However, the current ecclesiastical nomination of Bishops and patriarch in Oromia is unacceptable. We all know that a good number of preachers and church scholars do serve Oromia . We have many scholars and talented people who study in Qine , zema, kidase and aququam bet or school who are native to Oromia and who speak Oromigna.
    The reasons brought by these newly appointed bishops to the public is inadequate .
    Bishops and patriarch should not be appointed in the backyard and in secrecy. However, if they could fully justify that the members of Orthodox tewahedo church are persecuted and targetd due to their ethnic background this may seem persuasive.
    BTW, EOTC leaders are preachers are not doing their job accordingly that why many follower are joining other denominations but not because they are not preached with oromifa , or any other language. WE all know many preachers who speak oromifa are deployed by the diocese and parish church leaders to many towns and villages of Oromia even if we can’t deny the scarcity of these preachers and servants of the church in Oromia . Because many church scholars serving as ecclesiastical choir members (like merigeta zemiran etc )are mainly amhara descent.
    All in all, these bishops are violating the church laws, honest opinion !!

  2. Aby Ahmed has been playing a bloody game of uniforms on the unsuspecting Ethiopian people. Even though he learned this originally from the TPLF, he has mastered it to such sophistication that he was able to commit repeated massacres of Amhara civilians in Wellega and Eastern Shewa dressing his mercenaries as the situation demanded (Shene, Amhara Special Force, Ethiopian National Defense Force, Oromiya Special Force and, yes, even Fanno).
    Now he has gone inside the Ethiopian Orthodox church with his game of uniforms. Well, he is going to burn in hell. He has dressed protestant pastors, rapists and other misfits as Bishops to blaspheme the Church.

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