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A lesson from the brave people of Egypt !!! 
July 9, 2013 at 3:59 pm

It is a military coup supported by Qatar Saudi Arabia and the West. The massacre of more than fifty Morsi supporters by the army yesterday assured us that it is a bloody coup too. The hypocrisy of the West is very shameful to say the least.

More than 100,000 Syrians are dead and the “civilized” world is doing nothing. Assad like Qatar and Saudi Arabia congratulate the people of Egypt and the army for removing Morsi by force. He told the world that “Islamists” can not rule in a democracy.

When it comes to Egypt coup, Assad, the West, Qatar and Saudi Arabia are in one camp. All are afraid of democracy that brought “islamists” to power. Whatever shortcoming Morsi has in one year he did not slaughter Egyptians that did not vote for him.

If all who lost election should come out on street there will never be a system of government by election. Morsi should have finished his term and his party can be ousted by the popular vote.

General “Assisi” some called him “Assasin” is taking Egypt to military state. The west would not mind if it brings “stability”. Calling for another election by those who overthrow Morsi is a joke.

Why should the Muslim Brotherhood supporters go for any kind of election ? There should not be any election in Egypt before Morsi allowed to finish his term. Egypt can organize a make believe election by disbanding Muslim Brotherhood that will take Egypt to the Syrian Road.

The Egypt population can not be put down like what Woyane did in May 2005. The West then endorsed the killing by welcoming the late Meles in their summer gathering. They can not dio it in Egypt because the population whether pro or anti Morsi sacrificed in large number to be where they are now. No one can buy the population.

The lesson for all of us is to bring the population out in a sustained manner and fight Western endorsed coup or tyranny like the one we have in Ethiopia, The Blue Party of Ethiopia/Semayawi did it for half a day can they do it in a sustained manner ?

The next protest is before the end of Ethiopian year of 2005. Will the public be ready to pay a sacrifice like what the Egyptians are doing ? Stay day and night until tyranny is over. Who called the rally does not matter. Tahrir and Nasr City before they split they were all Tahrir Square.

Ethiopians are on the first stage of the Tahrir Revolt that overthrow Mubarak in 2011. Get out and liberate your parks and streets if you want to live in freedom and dignity. Woyane will not be ousted without popular upheaval. Our generation did it in 1974 even though the Military stole the revolution like General Assisi has done in Egypt this month. The 2005 upheaval has left us with many lessons. True leaders will stay with the people not in foreign embassies.

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