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A future patriotic song (National Anthem) crafted by Ayele Ansa, PhD – OpEd

A Song for Ethiopian Harmony and Solidarity

A patriotic song crafted by Ayele Ansa, PhD, which resonates with the ethos of unity, understanding, and rising above divisions. Given the current socio-political environment, I believe that music can play a pivotal role in promoting unity and understanding among Ethiopians.

Rise up Ethiopia

(Verse 1)

In Ethiopia’s embrace, where ancient tales begin,
We stand united in faith, as love and truth win.
But shadows now loom, casting doubt and fear,
Hidden hands stir the pot, making division seem near.


But we see through the veils, to the strength of our past,
Our fathers, united, made our sovereignty so vast.
Hand in hand we’ll rise, for our souls to be free,
Ethiopia’s heart beats, in you and in me.

(Verse 2)

They spin myths and tales, to cloud our clear view,
Distract from their deeds, by lighting old feuds anew.
But we won’t be swayed, by such treacherous song,
Our unity’s legacy is where we belong.


For in love and in faith, our true strength does reside,
No dark cloud can break, the unity our forefathers did guide.


So rise, Ethiopia, with values true and grand,
Together we march forward, to heal and reclaim our land.”


It is an author’s sincere honest that it may contribute in some way to the broader conversation on national unity and harmony.

The Author of the song is open to any suggestions or revisions amyone might have.

Ayele Ansa, PhD

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