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A Devastating Climate Change on Populations around Lake Tukana with TPLF Imprint on it

October 19, 2015

TPLF, until recently, bragging with an economic growth of 11%, is now faced with hard question of how to explain the famine that once again hovering over 10 million Ethiopians in the country. The average Ethiopian is asking a simple question that needs a simple answer. If the economy is growing at 11%, why are 10 million people about to starve to death?

The answer is simple. If there is any growth at all, it has nothing to do with the people of Ethiopia. The profits and the proceeds from the growth of infrastructure (service industries, roads, hotels, buildings etc.) are going into the pockets of top TPLF dogs, their Military Generals, and their lackeys. And the infrastructures are basically serving the TPLF state and its allies than the average Ethiopian.
One of the big money makers in Ethiopia is the construction of exaggerated and environmentally devastating big and expensive dams. First, TPLF and its stooges who are in charge of the construction steal money allotted to the project by cooking the numbers. Second, they give the contracts unfairly to TPLF companies and providers further sharing the loot. And finally when the dam is done, the money acquired by selling electricity goes to top TPLF dogs and their supporters. What is left over goes to strengthening the oppressive TPLF state machinery such as Federal police, Agazi army, expansion of prisons, for advancing its war plans with Eritrea and suppressing free medias like ESAT.
And if the dam is built for irrigation purposes as is the case in Gibe 3, it will be used by agricultural firms owned by TPLF or their supporters. Or it may be used by other large agro-businesses owned by foreigners who may have already paid millions of dollars in bribes to gain the farmland where TPLF has removed the local populations by force. This has happened in Gambella, the Omo valley and continues to occur around the country.
And the same problem is going on with the millenium dam on Nile river which may have other serious impacts on top of environmental and ecological disasters. It may be the reason for bloody war with Egypt. But TPLF is not expected to have the guts to engage armed confrontation with Egypt for the sake of Ethiopia’s national interests. Just as they gave land to Sudan, TPLF will 100% agree with Egypt on Egypt’s terms as long as Egypt gave a save facing deal on the negotiations.
To make matters worse, TPLF is now going beyond Ethiopia’s borders affecting the Kenyan population in Lake Turkana not to mention what it has already done to the people in the Omo valley and Gambella with a catastrophic consequences.

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