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A Call for Unity: The Role of Leadership in Ethiopia’s Current Crisis


In the heart of the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia finds itself at a crossroads. As a concerned citizen, I believe in the mission of the National Dialogue Commission to foster trust and improve relations between different sectors of our society. However, I’ve noticed some actions that could undermine these efforts.

Specifically, the language and tone used by Ato Daniel Kibret, an advisor to Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, on social media are widening divisions rather than promoting unity. His words carry significant weight and impact public perception. This is particularly concerning given the current state of affairs in Ethiopia, where peace, unity and understanding are more important than ever.

The role of government officials in shaping public perception cannot be overstated. Their words and actions set the tone for public discourse and can either unite or divide communities. When these officials use language that is divisive or disrespectful, it undermines their credibility and the public’s trust in them.

This is why I am calling on the National Dialogue Commission to encourage all government officials, including Ato Daniel, to use respectful and professional language in public communications. This is not just about maintaining decorum or avoiding controversy. It’s about fostering an environment where constructive dialogue can take place, where differing opinions can be heard and respected, and where solutions can be found to the challenges we face.

In these trying times, Ethiopia needs leaders who can bring people together, not drive them apart. Leaders who can listen to criticism without resorting to insults or dismissive language. Leaders who understand that their words and actions have consequences, and who are willing to take responsibility for those consequences.

As we navigate this crisis, let us remember that our strength lies in our peace and unity. Let us strive to create a peaceful and prosperous Ethiopia, where every voice is heard, and every citizen is valued.
#EthiopiaDemandsBetterLeaders #TimeForChangeInEthiopia

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