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40 million orthodox Christians must join the revolution

The Horn Times Newsletter 8 February 2013

An intimidating show of defiance by Ethiopian Muslims rocked Addis Ababa.

*40 million orthodox Christians must join the revolution

(By Getahune Bekele-South Africa)

“We are Kamil Shemsu, We are Yasin Nuru, and we are Ahmed Mustafa…Allah Waa Akbar!”
“Release our venerated leaders now, Allah Waa Akbar!”
“Let our voices be heard…”

As time runs out to correct the wrongs of the dead tyrant Meles Zenawi, Ethiopia’s crumbling minority junta is fast losing credibility and legitimacy.
Democracy denied

Today’s(8 February 2013) ground breaking Muslim protest and the voices they reverberated throughout the vast nation are the authentic voices of all Ethiopians, according to Jemmal Yassin, a 21 year old Unity college student.
“As you see this is not savage rioting to destroy property and innocent lives. We are not here to destabilize our country’s political life and social balance by blindly demanding the implementation of the Sharia law in a secular nation. All this is the junta’s shoddy propaganda war against Muslims to scare off 40 million orthodox Christians from joining us.” The articulate young devout told reporters at Anwar Mosque in central Addis Ababa.
Despite the massive intimidation campaign and threats of genocide by the minority junta the turnout was much bigger than previous protests, a clear sign of people getting fed up with TPLF warlords and an indication that the regime is losing its hold on people.
Similar protests were held in all major cities and towns of Ethiopia with miner clashes being reported in the eastern historic city of Harer.
Some Muslims said today’s angry protest is provoked by the airing of a Holy wood blockbuster styled sort of poorly written documentary titled Jihadawi Harekat on the TPLF owned ETV.
Besides linking the peaceful protesters to extremist groups like Al-shabab and Al-Qaida, the topsy-turvy documentary believed to have been authored by pathological anti-Islam warlord Bereket semon, accuses the incarcerated leaders of the revolution as instigators of militant violence.
However, in more than a year long peaceful demand for religious freedom, Ethiopian Muslims never sought armed confrontation as solution for the predicament their religion find itself in.
Would the man who is running the show after repeatedly vowing to crash the Muslim uprising, Deputy Prime Minister Debretsion Gebremikael use excessive force similar to the 2005 genocide against the people?
Will warlord Abbay Tsehaye’s blatant attempt to instill a fake pro TPLF patriarch prompt millions of Orthodox Church followers to join their Muslim brothers and sisters at Meskel square?
Only time will tale.

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