21 years old driver arrested for killing a Pedestrian in California

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A pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and killed Tuesday in Santa Monica and police arrested the 21-year-old driver, who tried to flee the scene.

The crash was reported about 3:30 p.m. in Civic Center parking lot in the 1800 block of Main Street, near Olympic Boulevard, according to Santa Monica police Lt. Saul Rodriguez.

“Several witnesses described the suspect vehicle as entering the parking lot from Fourth Street and proceed westbound at a high rate of speed,” Rodriguez said. “The vehicle continued through a parking gate and struck a pedestrian standing at a pay parking booth.

“The vehicle continued across Main Street and struck a parked car. The
suspect driver exited the vehicle and fled the location. Officers gave chase
and confronted the suspect at the 300 block of Pico Boulevard. The suspect was
taken into custody following a struggle with officers.”

Rodriguez identified the suspect as Absadi Kidane.

The victim was found unresponsive with critical injuries. Paramedics treated him at the scene. He was taken to a hospital, where he died from his injuries, Rodriguez said. Kidane was booked on suspicion of homicide, vehicular manslaughter, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, felony hit-and-run and forcibly resisting arrest, according to Rodriguez.

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The victim’s name was not immediately available.

City News Service.
Photo by: Jason KS Leung

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  1. What can I say really? I am not amazed. I share the feelings of this man. Guys, listen to yourself, to your innerself, what are you feeling because of what is going on in Ethiopia, I mean the politics, the Hailemariam’s regime? I hate myself, I feel as if I am loosing my country, Like being a man without country. This feeling makes so desperate. Imagine, if someone really annoys you, as this time of hopelessness, you may not be sure what will you be doing?

    What I would like to say to all of you is, are you ready to take action, then make your action meaningful for a better cause. Now our country needs people who can save her from destruction by dying first, why don’t we go back to our country and die defending our people and our country against the colonizers: Hailemariam Desalegn and the co. rather than rotting for life in USA’s gay rapists/HIV infested prisons. I don’t think any human being should see the inside of prisons like I did last year. prison in USA is the most ugliest place anyone can possibly be. Surprisingly there are huge number of Ethiopians and Eritreans serving life sentence and decades in prisons in DC area and in California especially with no one even visiting them. No friends no families nothing.

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