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Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopia News – Esat Morse December 10 2022

-የኃይል አሰላለፍን ለማዛባት የተሸረበ ሴራ – Esat Morse December 10 2022

Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopia News Dec 10, 2022 |

1 thought on “Hiber Radio Daily Ethiopia News – Esat Morse December 10 2022”

  1. eritrea -land of genociders & robbers on massive scale

    The Devil Can Cite Scripture for His Purpose- it becomes a normative behavior among some activists to speak about religion & citing biblical verses while encouraging Fanos to resume in their mass killings and barbaric act. At RasMedia, recently we heard fanatic members of fano recommending Ethiopian Orthodox Church to arm , provide mass killing weapons, to its adherents. One said « it is not enough for the church to arm Christians with godly or eccleciastical accessories , word of God, Cross and others to protect themselves from evilsprits .The church need necessarily arm its believers to defend themselves . There is no biblical verse telling us to run after our neighbors who partake in the same faith , and national identity, above all who share likeness and image of God in order to expand our territory and grab power massively by degrading other ethnicities as minorities and devoid of rights . It is evidently barbaric act to invade and massively kill innocent civilians of all ethnic background who are peacefully staying in their home or work place with pretext of defending yourselves. Many of of those innocent civilians massacred by fanos were sleeping in their home and never used any kind of weapon to attack their neighbors .

    Fanos at rasmedia, Ethio 360 & Zemedkun Bekele Cite Scripture for expansionist and genocidal Purpose !!

    Stop killing innocent civilians of all ethnicities under the cloak of unity, victimization and self-defense without even being attacked !!!

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