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Splinter group of EPRDF has released statement

Press Release – EPRDF Democratic
Addis Ababa
October 08, 2012

It is to be noted that Ethiopia has been in an economic and political growth in the past two decades although there have been glitches here and there in every aspect of our Nation. Especially, since 2005 our great Country has been registering double digit economic growth. These successes have been garnered through the collaborative efforts of all four member parties, allies and the great people of Ethiopia. Our Front’s oldest member, the Tigrean People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) has spearheaded the struggle against the most dictatorial junta in Africa, Mengestu Hailemariam’s Derg, which was finally overthrown through the sacrifices of all EPRDF member parties and the Ethiopian people.

However, despite our hopes and convictions that power and leadership would be evenly distributed and the TPLF will gradually decrease its hegemony, the experience has been otherwise. We, the non TPLF member parties and allies of EPRDF today, are under the full control of the TPLF and it arbitrarily meddles in our internal workings. Our Party’s economic, security and political clout, as well as our great Country (the current pandemonium within Oromo People’s Democratic Organization (OPDP) is one example of this interference). This has for long created a huge political uncertainty and instability in the country. The international community, the Ethiopian people and all concerned bodies have been worried that this power monopoly could immediately change into civil war or an uncontrollable state of affairs. Considering these scenarios and future risks, We, “Reform Seeking” members of EPRDF Executive Committee and Congress, have been pushing and endeavoring for democratic reforms within our Front and Country. We have been indefatigably arguing and calling the hardcore and extremist sect of our Front’s leadership to make reforms both within our Front and Country. Our group believes that for Ethiopia to continue a democratic and united country; our Front should engage and have a room for each and every Ethiopian party and individual. Matters of the Front should be conducted in fairness and respect to all, besides. We have lobbied that our Front’s policies and programs are obsolete and ought to be reformed.

The hardcore and extremist sects of the EPRDF have so far paid deaf ear to our requests and at times fired most of our colleagues labeling them “opposition aficionados and neoliberals”. Similarly, our high hopes of immediate reforms following the death of our great leader, the late Meles Zenawi, the incoming leader, Hailemariam Dessalgn, sadly reiterated the unwavering stands of the hardcore and extremist groups of EPRDF. He stepped on our repeated calls for reforms and democratization within our Front and Country.
Therefore, we “Reform Seeking” members of the EPRDF,
– Convinced that EPRDF members and Ethiopians have the right and vested interest to democracy, equality and freedom of/in their Country,
– Conscious that the continued “unwillingness and refusal” of the hardcore and extremist sects of EPRDF endangers the unity of our Front and the national security and regional stability of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa,
– Aware that there is a necessity for an immediate and cross sectional reform in policies, programs, leadership and structures of our Front, we “Reform Seeking” members of the EPRDF declare that we have formed EPRDF Democratic (EPRDF D).
We therefore, urge the armed forces, member parties, regional states and international community to stand with the new and reformed EPRDF D. In the coming days, we will launch our website and publish our new leadership, Party programs and policies.

08 October 2012
EPRDF Democratic

EPRDF Secretariat
The Government of Ethiopia Communications Ministry
Office of the Prime Minister
African Union
United States of America State Department
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