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Is Meles Graziani using HIV/AIDS as a weapon to terrorize Ethiopians?

Is Meles Graziani using HIV/AIDS as a weapon to terrorize Ethiopians?
The following anonymous letter that appeared in Ethiomedia brings up the question that many have suspected for long that the Fascist Meles may be trying to punish the Ethiopian youth of the 2005 revolution with HIV/AIDS infection. In Ethiopia, it is common to shave the heads of those arrested; but where HIV/AIDS is prevalent at 12.6% in urban areas, why would these Fascist thugs shave as many as hundreds of young men and women with a single blade.

Dear Sir:

Let me give you the snapshot on HIV prevalence in the country. According to the Ministry of Health report (mind you it is a government report which seems to underestimate the magnitude of the epidemic for political reasons): ” The estimated national adult prevalence in 2003 is 4.4%, of which 12.6% are urban and 2.6% rural.” (AIDS in Ethiopia fifth report by MoH, June 2004). According to the above conservative report of the government, at least one in ten adults is HIV positive in urban areas. Having said this, let me come back to explain the worst of all crimes in Ethiopia history.

Punishing Detainees with HIV Virus!
There were protests in June and November 2005, which claimed the lives of many people. I don’t want to play with figures but I want to show you the scale of the problem and the hidden genocide. By the way it very soon that we will have many mass graves after the dictator is removed from power.

In the June protest at least 5000 people were detained. In November the number of detainees skyrocketed to over 10,000 up to 50,000. In both cases the security forces were shaving 30 to 40 detainees’ head with one razor blade. In both protests almost all of the detainees were taken from Addis Ababa where the HIV prevalence is 12%. You can imagine there is one HIV-carrier or someone living with the virus. Thus at least 15,000 to 20,000 could be exposed to the deadly virus deliberately. The crime was conducted this way: In both protests there were also “pseudo detainees,” those undercover who spy on the genuine political detainees, if they were planning an escape or any other stuff. These false detainees had their own razor blades. That means it is a well-planned and deliberate act to infect others. This is not only the planned atrocity by the government there were also more than 3000 women detainees, this group was exposed for sexual violence. They have started to release the prisoners without charging them.

However, they have warned the detainees against the consequences of telling prison conditions to the public or media. They have taken the detainees’ full address, and if anyone tries to tell to the media or international community, punishment by death is what they had vowed.

From this worst scenario I am trying to make a point that the impact of this inhuman act unleashed by the ruthless tyrants should be taken as equally as the Rwanda genocide. The only difference in our case is, it was well planned and designed ahead of time to make all acts acceptable and legitimate. From these detainees some of them have families (wife and husband) plus imagine the sexual network they had and they will have; that makes me worry. When you take into consideration the trickledown effect of these atrocities made by irresponsible group of halogens could affect at list 140,000 people (the average household size in Ethiopia is 7). So how can one keep silent in the face of such crimes against humanity?

Please inform human rights groups and international organizations around the world. It is a crime against humanity that all human beings should know.

God Bless


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