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From a Donkey to an Elephant: A Reluctant Political Shift of Diaspora Ethio-Eritrean Americans

The Queen of Sheba

In a piece I wrote under a heading Ethiopian Democrats: Time to Vote Republican? in March 2021 I observed:

“One of the banners in the recent massive demonstration against the United States read “I regret my vote for Democrats, it only brought back Rice, #1 enemy of Ethiopia!” It was referring to the hysterical—and manic laughter—of Susan Rice in front of the world as she was unabashedly re-affirmed the 100 percent election victory of the TPLF! With such epic honesty who needs liars. All justice and democracy pursuing and seeking people of the world should have noticed, but may have already forgotten, this tragicomedy. We shall never. It is time that the Ethiopian and Eritrean Diaspora show their strength not just in the streets—but also in the ballot box.”

I went on to argue:

“Ethiopians and Eritreans in the US and elsewhere need to stand together in their struggle against the blatant injustice committed against them in different times. Collectively, they are a force to reckon with as we witnessed it in the unprecedented public demonstrations in Washington, New York and globally. It is important that their votes count for something; and if it means propping up an inept republican senator, legislator, counselor or even a president, who takes favorable stance towards the countries, so be it. It is time that the Ethio-Eritrea diaspora play the game in a systematic and organized manner. Organizations such as the Global Ethiopian Advocacy Nexus (GLEAN) and the Ethiopian American Civic Council could play a key role.”


Raw Emotions

Such was the raw emotions of some African Americans, one in response retorted at length aggressively:

“I usually gloss over your column because I find it to be nothing but gloss. That is to say, the babblings of a person desperately attempting to be taken seriously; to be considered a shaper of opinions. Generally, I have no objection to such pretentious self-deception. Whatever floats your boat. However, the recent insurrection in the US of the very moronic, cowardly and racist Republican party you have the audacity to recommend to Ethiopian voters is a subject apart. You have identified yourself, little do you know, with the other ‘Black Republicans’ who, because they pretend to have been “taken for granted”, meaning they have not been invited to discussions in what they consider High Places, run to the other side for the comfort of having their indignant feathers smoothed. That is, to be invited to sit with ‘white folks’. Permit me to be blunt, at the risk of seeming discourteous: You understand nothing of American politics. Further, I believe that in recommending the Republican Party as an alternative to the Democrats, you have destroyed the very little credibility as an analyst you had. You might want to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the history of the Republican Party. Before you are approached to join their ranks. If you have not already been approached. Have you?”

He went on another follow up offense:

“The history of African peoples is rife, even today, with those of us (with apologies) who, like Republicans, think themselves a ‘cut above the rest’. Those were the ones who collaborated with the whites in de-populating the African continent of its peoples for, at least, 400 years of slavery all over the western hemisphere. And who, even now, continue to do so. The only difference being that today it is called ‘foreign domestic labor’.”

The same person did not spare other such African descendants either as he described:

“Susan Rice is one of the wanna-be-whites we have become accustomed to and she carries no weight among non-Republican Black Folk. And she never will. Just like that other rice, Condoleeza.”


Crossing the Aisle

Such folks as this one may not readily comprehend the painful taboo of crossing over the aisle of political allegiance. But for the Ethiopians and Eritreans, their homelands, as mismanaged and mangled by the incompetent democratic leadership, crossing that aisle is, simply a fair play. For such groups, the allegiance to homeland is much greater than the issue of race.

Today marks the beating of a democrat in the Virginia gubernatorial election. The other one in New Jersey is in a virtual tie. Ethiopians and Eritreans are reported to have voted overwhelmingly—with vengeance—crossing the aisle, in a strong reaction to the dazingly disastrous, but consequential, policy of the Biden administration.

In a congratulatory remark to the victorious Republican candidate the American-Ethiopian Public Affairs Committee (AEPAC) wrote:

“Ethiopian-Americans feel desperately let down by the President and Democratic Members of Congress. They have shown sympathy towards an insurgency determined to undermine Ethiopia’s democratic and economic progress and have failed to constructively engage the Ethiopian Government. Instead, this administration has opted for a misguided and contradictory approach with aggressive rhetoric and sanctions that will hurt ordinary Ethiopians.” More of the message here.

Today is a historic—but ominous—day for Ethiopia as it marks the first anniversary of the slaughtering of its National Defence Forces by the TPLF cabal terrorists—while in their sleep. More on this in a piece entitled The Last Supper: The Slaughter Camp.

Ethiopians have been deeply grieving by the reprehensible policies of the Biden administration and the democratic party ever since the unprovoked and “thunderous” attack while unabashedly siding with the terrorists.

On this very day, we also witnessed the disastrous defeat of the democrats with a warning shot for the mid-term election.


In Conclusion

The message now is pretty clear. Ethiopians and Eritreans in states and communities where they live in large numbers are emerging as a strong voting bloc(s) in the process becoming an important force in advancing their national—as well as homeland—interests.

And the question mark in this heading of the March piece “Ethiopian Democrats: Time to Vote Republican?” is now out of place.

The Ethiopian and Eritrean Diaspora votes should be taken for granted—no more. Yes, both animals—donkey, representing democrats, and elephant, representing republicans—are simply mammals when the matter comes to an issue of a homeland.

The Queen of Sheba may be reached at | @TheQueenofSheb5 (This Twitter account has been suspended for months now after joining—and making a few tweets and retweets on the TPLF cabal.)



2 thoughts on “From a Donkey to an Elephant: A Reluctant Political Shift of Diaspora Ethio-Eritrean Americans”

  1. This is a beautifully written opinion piece. It sends a good message to the Donkey team in the white house. Ethio-Eritrean Americans must now understand the power they have in their hands. United you are you have a super power greater than the Donkey’s arsenals and missiles. Thank you and good luck


    It is costly to be ignorant of and look down on “small voting blocks.” Take Ethiopian-American vote. The group came out in force to get Obama over the hump during his two bids for the presidency. Then for Biden. Obama (true to character) went on to side with Tigray Liberation Front (Tplf), a Marxist terrorist group, calling it a “democratically elected party” (Tplf won 5 election cycles by 100% vote each time!). Ethiopia began building a hydro dam with its own money raised from Ethiopians to provide electricity for 60% of its population still in darkness. Biden opposed it (Btw, the difference Biden and Trump is only of degrees; that is, whether one tolerated racism and hypocrisy or hypocrisy and racism!).

    Ethiopians rose up as one to kick out Tplf from power. Sixth national election was held granting a landslide victory to Abiy Ahmed (in effect totally rejecting Tplf). Biden Admin said it would not recognize election results! Talk of Biden/Democrats complaining Trump/Republicans refused to accept 2020 election results!

    Tplf went into overdrive doing what it knows to do best; mass killings, looting, rape, defacing cultural sites, recruiting child soldiers, etc. Biden sided with Tplf incriminating the legitimately elected Ethiopian government trying hard to establish law and order, as the aggressor. Yesterday Biden cut out Ethiopia from AGOA trade program effectively condemning thousands of women (and children) to unimaginable misery! The reason? Ethiopia’s “gross violations of internationally recognised human rights!”

    Obama/Biden never raised “gross violations of internationally recognised human rights” as an issue in the 27 years Tplf run the show (taking the country to a border war that claimed close to 80,000 lives for a starter; and a $30-billion aid that ended up in Tplf account overseas, etc!). All documented. In other words, Biden is going against American interests! Ethiopia has been friend and ally of America since 1903! Ethiopian-Americans almost always voted Democratic. Democrats on the other hand seemed to have taken that for granted.

    In the 1970s Carter’s uninformed decision forced Ethiopian leaders to go with the Soviets; and did we pay a price for that! The same thing is happening now; Biden’s lazy policy has pushed Ethiopia to go with China, Russia, and Turkey! All because of a foolish decision by Obama/Biden! Guess what? Biden lost Virginia (probably will NJ too). And this is only the beginning. Biden needs to do some house cleaning if he ever cares about America’s long-term interests abroad. He needs to rethink about keeping advisers Susan Rice, Power, etc.

    I believe what we witnessed in VA (probably in NJ also) is a temporary glitch! Few corrections to Biden policy would do the trick, in my opinion. 1/ Listen to voices some of us have been airing for couple years 2/ Reverse AGOA decision 3/ Replace Susan Rice, Power, Gayle Smith (they are too close to Tplf, and not ashamed of their association with a terrorist group) 4/ Get the $30 billion Tplf stole back to Ethiopian people 5/ help Ethiopian government to take Tplf leaders to International Criminal Court for brutalities over 45 years. I am hoping Democrats are capable of learning a bitter lesson from the current elections outcome. Ethiopian Americans, Eritrean Americans, Somali Americans, Sudanese Americans are not fond of siding with Republicans! (Biden Admin behind the recent military coup in the Sudan, in effect depriving Sudanese their democratic rights.) Good luck.

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