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Ethiopia may become World’s largest country by 2150, ranked 7th in 2050

According to a US Census Bureau report, Ethiopia is projected to become the 7th most-populous country in the world by the year 2050. At the current rate of growth, analysts predict that Ethiopia will become the largest country in the world by the year 2150.

According to the Unites States census bureau, Ethiopia will more than triple its population from the current 91 million people to 278 million people by 2050. This would put the country in the top 10 most-populous nations of the world with an estimated growth rate of around 305% percent over the 39 years period between 2011 and 2050. The second fastest growing country in the top ten is Nigeria, which is expected to jump 242 percent during the same 39 years period.

By 2050, India will pass China as the largest country in the world however by the year 2150 Ethiopia could pass both China and India to become the most-populous nation on earth, according to analysts. This explosion of population in Ethiopia is due to its declining child mortality rate, growing net migration and the estimated fertility rate of 6 children per woman in 2011, which is the highest in the world among big countries.

Such rapid population growth in Ethiopia could also worsen the pre-existing food crisis and the severe drought. However, critics believe Ethiopia’s growth rate would slowdown and normalize overtime as urbanization and education continue to rise.

•2050 population estimation by US CENSUS BUREAU

Country 2050 Population (in millions)

1. India – 1,657

2. China – 1,304

3. United States – 423

4. Nigeria – 402

5. Indonesia – 313

6. Pakistan – 291

7. Ethiopia – 278

8. Brazil – 261

9. Bangladesh – 250

10. Philippines – 172

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