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East Africa drought: UN warns of looming humanitarian crisis as millions in Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia face severe hunger

By Charlotte Bateman/ Sky News

Aid is distributed at a camp for displaced people in the Somali region of Ethiopia

Millions of people are facing severe hunger in the Horn of Africa due to record droughts, the United Nations has warned. Up to 13 million people are at risk in Kenya, Ethiopia and Somalia, according to the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

The region is experiencing the driest weather since 1981.

The past three seasons of low rainfall have destroyed crops and many livestock have died.

Drought in the Somali region is killing cattle depended on by local farmers

The food shortages, which have been compounded by rising prices, inflation and low demand for agricultural workers, are set to worsen as forecasters predict more dry weather in the coming months.
Water shortages are also forcing people from their homes.

“Harvests are ruined, livestock are dying and hunger is growing,” Michael Dunford, WFP regional director for Eastern Africa, said.

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