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World Bank grants Ethiopia $300m for Tigray war recovery


The World Bank says its grant to Ethiopia will go towards helping people begin a new life from the war. PHOTO | AFP

Ethiopia on Wednesday received a massive boost to rebuild from the Tigray war after the World Bank agreed to disburse $300 million targeted at local communities whose lives have been destroyed.

The money given under the International Development Association (IDA) is part of the bankโ€™s Ethiopia project known as the Response-Recovery-Resilience for Conflict Communities.

It will partly go to reconstructing local facilities such as health centers and other amenities but will also help locals get assistance for effects of war, such as sexual violations and gender-based violence (GBV), the bank said.


1 thought on “World Bank grants Ethiopia $300m for Tigray war recovery”

  1. It was rumored that the top TPLF thug Dr. Teodros Adhanom had knocked at the doors of the World Bank. As the top level TPLF activist and leader in the Diaspora,he has been misusing his poison in the WHO to solicit diplomatic and material support for his organization. His engagements to promote the TPLF case in the west are against the code of conducts of the WHO but without any consequences though though Ethiopia has officially complained about them.

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