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Why is Abiy’s Army Exiting from the Amhara Region?

I have been urging for the withdrawal of Abiy’s Oromo dominated army from the Amhara region.
I do not know the reasons for the rapid exit of Abiy’s army using Antonov planes. Is it because of Fano’s success? Is it because of international pressure? Is it because  of Al-Shaba’s slaughter of more than 200 Ethiopia soldiers and its threat that it will launch attacks against the Ethiopian heartland?
I leave the estimation to you. One thing is clear..Fano is a formidable group of young Amhara determined to save the Amhara population from extinction.
Abiy’s regime is also pouring millions of Birr to finance Amhara militia and other units to fight Amhara Fano. This strategy of Amhara killing Amhara is not unexpected. This is because recruits are mostly the poor and disgruntled with their livelihoods.
I urge Amhara to stop their killing masters. I urge Amhara not to wage war against or kill their own brothers.
At the same time that the army is existing, Abiy’s army continues to use drones and attack civilians in the city of Debre Markos, killing innocent civilians.
The US is monitoring atrocities on the ground using satellite images. These images will be useful for the inevitable charges that will be lodged concenring Ethiopian state and goverment led war crimes, crimes of ethnic cleansing, rape and genocide under the watch of Abiy Ahmed Ali.
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Dr. Aklog Birara

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