Wellega & Illubabur belongs to Damot not to Oromia

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Wellega & Illubabur belongs to Damot not to Oromia

PART 1 : Oromos’ expansion is responsible for the genocide of Gafat population

The current Wellega and Illubabar are not lands of Oromo rather they were part of the Damot kingdom once its Gafat population and rulers evicted to Gojjam by the Oromo aggression. In the 16th Century, the Gafat inhabited a long stretch of territory on the bank of the Abbay River, extending from the Wellega river in the northern Shewa into eastern Wellaga (historical Damot), up to the Didessa river, and beyond. Southwards, their area of settlement extended as far as the headwaters of the Awash river: lakes Chala and Zway. The available earlier data indicate that the Gafat had inhabited a substantial portion of this territory in the previous two centuries.

From 1574-1606, the Gafat were increasingly exposed to the pressure of the northwards migrating Oromo. Unable to resist their onslaught decisively, large numbers of Gafat left their ancestral homelands and migrated across the Abbay into Gojjam, taking with them many of their place names ( including the term Damot, which now came to designate a town north of the Abbay ). Once in Gojjam, they were incapable of resisting the Christian kingdom, but instead looked toward them for protection. Overtime thus the Gafat became loyal and inconspicuous subjects of the Christian empire. This development culminated in the linguistic and cultural annihilation by Amara, which was virtually complete by the mid-20th century, a process that began 150 years during the visit to the area by the Scottish explorer James Bruce in 1769. Those Gafats who did not take part in the trans-Abbay exodus, but remained in their erstwhile homes and were fortunate enough to survive the Oromo invasion, were rather quickly assimilated , thus  disappearing from history as a distinct ethnic groupGafats, now confined in Gojam speaking Amharic used to occupy a large area, are close relatives of Gurage. Study of their language revealed that it’s a family with Sodo and Sebat Bet dialects of Gurage. In Chaha, Sebat Bet gurage, just southwest of Welkite near Gubrye town, there is a region called Gafat.

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The main reason many of the people were wiped out was because of the “depopulation” or i.e.   “Genocide” that took place in the 16th century that is painstakingly recorded by the Portuguese such as Alvarez, Bermudez and Arab Ayyan. The Amhara, Argoba, Gafat, and Gurage people occupied much of the North, South, west and central Ethiopia that is why they speak Semitic language because of living together in common boundaries in ancient times. It is the Cushitic invaders Oromo occupying Illubabur & Wellega and bloking the Gojjam Amhara from the rest of Southern, Shewa and Gurage land.

In a related story the Mislee  Oromo tribe occupied the present time Gibe and Jimma towns in the period between1554- 1562.This area was known as Enarya land of the Southern nations as currently called. Untill this point we can conclude that expansion of the Oromo towards west and North West Ethiopia Oromonized the areas by large.The expansion not only changed names of Damot to Wellega, Enarya to Jimma, but also resulted in extermination of the Gafat Damot population.

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When to redress the crime done to the Gafat?  The Gafat people should be given back their land in Wollega and Illubaur or monetary compensation. These people did not leave Damot of their will or even peacefully, they were mass murdered, their women raped, children castrated. It is a crime of genocide made by the Oromo they should redress the Gafat people before they claim Minilik. Not all, the few moron Oromos should learn it is typically referred to as genocide no survivor is left after their horrendous holocaust of the Gafat and Enarya tribes.

If the former boundary is not violated by the Oromo the possible Semitic region map will be mixing Southern nations such as Gurage land with Amhara land as Illubabur , wellega  and Jimma were part of their land before the Orommo aggression.


Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Ifat.png

This part 1 approves the Oromo aggression and genocide in the west and North West Ethiopia

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Assimilation of Central and southern Ethiopians by Oromo( to be continued)




  1. ዓሣ ጎርጓሪ ዘንዶ ያወጣል ማለት ይሄ ነው!!! The only way out from all the past mess is to think only and only the future how to make suitable for all of us!!!

  2. This is written by woyane.to stay more on power.whether belong to Damot or oromiya its territory of Ethiopia.Now every body is learn from last 23 years what the intention of woyane is.

  3. What a moron! whether you like it or not Oromo will secure its political, economic and social interest in Ethiopia. Oromia is the heart of Oromo people, our land, “Biya oromo” …”Ye Oromo Hager”, it is who we are. It is impossible to subdue the economic, social and poltical interest of the Oromo people by fabricating the Neanderthal and Denisova hominin time.

    To me, it is wiser to refrain from opposing the interest of Oromo people; accept the reality that Menelik II committed genocide to the southern nation and nationalities 140 years ago to create today’s colonial Ethiopia during the colonial period.

    Let us focus on the hegemonic dictatorship of the 21 century instead of arguing on the trivial matters. Let us look forward on the big issue to abolish today’s “Tigray Ethiopia”!.

    Accept the reality, Oromo people and other nation and nationalities never ever disregard their own political and economic interest to sustain the unrealistic Ethiopia that hasn’t respect their social, political and economic interest. That is the fact, accept it and hope for the better for reciprocal co-existence.

    • You are talking a contradictory telltale. You are complaining Against Minillik the Great leader which didn’t let Oromo and their language vanish ;rather established Ethiopian Solidarity as free kingdom in keeping your leader in power. But you are unable to accept how your Oromos demolished ancient Landers Damot ,Enarya of the current Wollega, Illibabur, Jimma. Is there any time boundary to speak about our old history ? Even, you don’t like to accept the very recent massacre against Amharas in Oromia by your people. You better move forward not to be awkward. Oromo is large in Land but poor in Mind!

  4. @write

    What is your aim to write this stuff here? to get fake fame from your supporters? or that is so important? Please do not be kiddish as many twisted people. few Oromos can write whatever they want maybe if you intended to write in response to them. We DONOT need now Oromo kill that and this and Amhara did that and this including Tigray. We need peace and living togather with equality and brotherhood. All farmers from Amhara,Oromo, Tigray and all other are all great and think much better that those who claim professionals. This is so sad for our nation we all were supposed to be better than them but it did not work out that way. I can see how Ethiopia is pretty unlucky to go ahead in development.

    • Dear Alem
      you are among the good peoples of Ethiopia. I agree you with you our people think better and are of greater virtue than those few stupid elites of all ethnic groups who always come with nonesense ideas and evil thoughts, but their time has run out. I do not understand that these few claim to be ethiopians, further they go further to claim torepresent this and that ethnic groups, and yet they spread their evil and destructive agenda- to induce conflicts; cause trouble and see innocent people to shade the blood of thier sisters and brothers. It is good to listen to them be we must be very cautious of these dangerous people. All ethiopian people of all groups have an extra qualitative and sound traditions of living together for generations and have developed an institution for conflict resolution and management. Our elders have continued to play such significant leading roles that the coherent existence of our society have been stable.
      The article of this writer is one of the few evil people who try to destablize Our the stability of our society and our country. People like him should have focussed on workable solutions that could help our people get out of the abject poverty and sufferings.

  5. It is amazing how some individuals are coming with new fiction/anecdotes from time-to-time to divert the current situation in that EVIL Empire. If you look at the map shown with the article AXUM is/was including parts of Wollo, Gojam, Shewa and Wollega. The main objective of this article looks like:
    1) To justify or divert an attention from Menelik’s Genocide in late 19th century (Most probable scenario)
    2) TPLF wants to expand the “GREATER REPUBLIC of TIGRAY” based on this map/fiction.

    Abraham and the likes; you may continue writing the same fiction again and again but no one is going to be fooled by this baseless trush fiction.

  6. If we keep on digging, no one is clean because everyone has violated others rights. There has never been a land called Oromia, this is invented by TPLF. The bad thing in Ethiopia, truth is not told and when truth is told, it is not accepted. Specially, building new indentity based on lies has become a norm. Eritrean denied themselves they are Tigreans and now they call themselves Eritrean which is completely self-denial and the end result is we all see it today. Now some of the oromos never wanted to accept their have no long history in Ethiopia. They deny they invaded and settled in Ethiopia and now they wanted us to accept their claim based on lies only. People what is wrong if we accept the truth and live in peace? Why do people need to fabricate lies to fill the emptiness in them? why not liberate the mind than faking indentities? I do not blame the people , I blame the system who promote lies like the current regime what promotes lies and no-existing history. Anyway, the land in Ethiopia does not belong to an Oromo, it belongs to all Ethiopian. This madness needs to be stopped. It does not benefit anyone. Anyone who live in Ethiopia must accept the true history of the country , if not leave the country in peace. We do not want to waste time fighting for false and baseless fake history to replace the existing history.

  7. What happened to the region called Damot in western Ethiopia is a mestrey. No doubt this presentation will shade a light on events that took place in the past.

  8. What is the point of this article or for that matter the author is trying to make? Hello!!! The area he mentioned belongs to Oromos therefore to Oromia and everyone who lives in it. What should be advocated is that everyone’s human and democratic rights living in the region is respected and never violated. This article has the same tone to such foolish argument that USA belonged to Native Americans about 600 years ago and every white and non-white should leave. Even die-hard Amharas, if any for that matter, do not say that. What rubbish argument.

  9. Desperate morons, you run our of time to take control of our father land OROMIA; you tried your level best to erase our language, culture and identity and claim every thing our people own as if it is yours. But thanks to our fathers for defending and preserving their identity. No second chance you are died for good and never come back your language is dying, and diminishing with alarming rate, you have lost all your institutions that you have been using to oppress our people. It is a matter of time we will soon deport thousands of your beggars out of our land rather don`t tighten the rope on your neck let.

  10. Desperate morons, you run our of time to take control of our father land OROMIA; you tried your level best to erase our language, culture and identity and claim every thing our people own as if it is yours. But thanks to our fathers for defending and preserving their identity. No second chance you are died for good and never come back your language is dying, and diminishing with alarming rate, you have lost all your institutions that you have been using to oppress our people. It is a matter of time we will soon deport thousands of your beggars out of our land rather don`t tighten the rope on your neck.

  11. Damot was kushite kingdom it includes what you call it today the amahara teritory. amara /any habasha do not belong there historicaly. any fiction you create works against you!

  12. The land of Gojjam can never been forcefully taken away. We all know that Wollega, Kefa and Ilubabor belong to Gojjam. If secession comes true we know what to do. We never let the outsiders/invaders to take our land by force. They will rather be asked to pay price for the land they depleted. It was Minilik supported by Wollos helped the Oromos to take our historical land. Believe me there will be time to get back what we lost before centuries. Such things have been practically seen by the Israels. They have gained back their historical land what they missed before 2000 years. So we never the Oromo’s invasion that took place before 400 years. We know each other very well.

    • Belachew ,

      are you serious? are Gojjames are really different from Oromo except forgetting their mother language? can you count your generation back with out Oromo name in it? 85 % Gojjames simply count only 5 or 6 generation back. If you want to came back to your people it is ok, 400 years is not far compared to 2000 years you mentioned. Unless continued with you assimilated identity.

  13. To all respondents to Abraham Taye ‘s article, He showed us how we went through ups and downs to achieve the current Ethiopia. Therefore,those of you who are blaming Minillik are totally dwindled in thought ;Oromos leaders in the past, Ofcourse even this days, had bad deeds and good deed too while trying Oromization in majority of our ancient land. But, still, their funs are trying to tell us Nonsense hiding their deed. Don’t try to pick ones minute deeds before you clear your bigs. Look forward and compromise the current primary public problems. Get learned better and do not live for good but for paradigm shift and dev’t for betterment of Ethiopia established by all ancestors of all ethnic society since the blue moon. No Oromization, No Tigrization or Amarization…Ethiopia is to All Ethiopians equally and unconditionally. Viva Mama Ethiopia! Long live all Ethinics in our Mam !

  14. Well, thank you for finally admitting that the current Ethiopia is not 3000 years old. The yellow region is all that it used to belong to Abysinians and we have said this all along but you used to deny. I am excited that you finally admit that this was (the yellow map) was all it used to be. Please don’t remove the map for all to see it again and again. I bet that the writer does not know that this map that Abysinians do not want others to see.

  15. The TPLF’S cadres have finished dancing in arusi’ after erecting a statue of non existed and un founded history. The ethiopia’s broned eritreasn have been behind for the displacement of Amhara’s farmers from their own country by using OPDO’s cadres like condom. Thye OPDO’s cadres killed alemayehu atomesa by poisioining him and engineer tesfaye chemeda by ignoring his sickness in qality, but erected statue in arusi as if the arusi’s oromos resisted atse menelik’s army under the leadership of dejach gobena gachew.
    Now the ethiopia’s borned eritreans are trying to tell Amharas that the ex- damot, illubabur , enariya, daworo were your anncessatoral’s lands, but were being taken by oromos, so you need to claim back. this is the message which the brainless weyanes try to send the message with in Amhara’s ethnice group. in one way or another Amhara and oromo must fight eachother, otherwise the brainless weyanes can not drive these two powerfull people if the people stand together for one common goal. the brainless weyanes know very well how the unted forces of ethiopia defeated brainless weyanes forefathers in adwa and their fathers in machew. Ethiopia belongs to all ethiopians. all ethiopians have been the vicitims of un democratice regimes. those un democratice regimes have had strong supportters from all ethnice groups to oppress the majority ethiopia’s people specially the ethiopia’s farmers. with out oromos’ war lords, atse menelik could not re-unify ethiopia.
    So all ethiopians must negoitation with him or her self before dealing with others.no one will free if we do not stand together for our freedom the main problem in ethiopia is one and one. that is true [geninue] democracy. The people mus elect their leaders and give political power through true and geniune election. that the only key to solve ethiopia’s problem for once and for all.

  16. @Belachew u know that 1/4 of gojjam are oromo. On top of than gojjame esike 7 zeru teqotiro ye oromo dami kebelebet BUDDA naw yibalali. Just figure out everything. Thanks

  17. how about the AGAWO kushatic speaking, how about saho. why are they srounded by sematic. hold on! can you relate that to your study so that it will earn a read

  18. Thanks Abrham. The Oromo migration should be well taught in Ethiopian history. It was part of Ethiopian history 101 but the territories Oromos annex and the assimilation was not discussed, may the authors thought it is not good for the country. At the time when Oromo nationalist claim everything and label non-Oromos as colonizers/settler, compiling works on medieval Ethiopia is crucial.

  19. This is a usual fiction like essay that is written by ordinary debteras who are accustomed to propagating unreliable information.Whatever such trash information is being disseminated,our struggle to liberate our land is moving forward.

    • The Ancient people descendants will move to free their ancestral land taken in massacre by Oromos. Don’t be one-eyed if not bilateraly blind and narrowed. You can’t claim a land your fathers took over in massacre (Genocide).The writer has posted you the graph sourcing international website” Wikipidea. “Wikipidea is not the Ethiopian knowledgeable and Wise people (Debteras).

  20. What the hell is this? We know we come later, but we live for at least 400 years. We need peace with all people. Did you mean that we leave the place for you? Where we go? We don’t have another destination. This is our place. please, stop writing such things.

  21. Habeshas can not write a nice fiction unless they find a way to insult Oromo people. That is madness. As being Oromo from Oromia, i am enjoying the fiction no matter how stupid it is.

  22. Habeshas just can not write a single fiction without attacking Oromo people. I have to admit this fiction have got me cracking up like crazy. Mhahahahaha … Habeshas are jokes.

    • They are street boys with the disabled debtera Getechew haile and another low graded professional tullu konta haile, as their best mind. Their main goal is to insult the people of Oromo. The day every Oromo will hear what they are saying in about 10 years and they will get what they wish for, the same like what they said happened 400 years ago. This time we need ports too, not only green land.

  23. Great article!
    I think the map is produced by Wikipedia not by Abraham, All the books also told us Oromos migration of the 16th Century.

    Gafat people are killed ,destroyed by Oromos that is trully genocide. please discuss this. Gafat people should get compansation as killed by brutal aggression of Oromo or the Oromos should stop propogating Minelik commit genocide.what Menelik made is nothing compared with the Oromo TOTALLY KILLED GAFAT!! no one is left as a trace!!

    The Gafat language looks like one of Gurage´s sound. It is also reported that in many history books that the link of these Semetic poeple from the Amharas is cut during the Oromo agression of 16 Century.

    Unless the Oromos Stop Succession talks we should also tell them they are invaders of Damot kingdom,Enarya etc….

    ORomo yefesabetin hulu Oromya madreg tegebi aydelem

  24. Daamot, Gaafat, (E)Inariyaa, Dawwaroo, Ifaati, Hadiyyaa, Kunnamaa & Sa’oo … all are OROMOO words or terms or names!!

    • Don’t blind yourself! Language will be created, grow and die. There a lot of words shared or assimilated to one Ethnic language but it doesn’t mean that these words are original from that language. Go through Amharic Tirigna, Affan Oromo, Guragegna, and others, You will get lots but no exact origin identified so far. Don’t Narrow your Oromo mentality. If Oromos are talking about old history and wants to go back living in it, the Others are also the right to talk about and live in it. Best of all, to look forward and live better future is golden idea. Otherwise, Old racist and hatred movement is fatal to Oromos themselves.

  25. Daamot, Gaafat, (E)Inariyaa, Dawwaroo, Ifaati, Hadiyyaa, Kunnamaa & Sa’oo … all are OROMOO words or terms or names!! And all are ancient Oromoo multiple families!!

  26. Semitic people come from south Arabia-Yemen and engaged in confiscating Cushitic land is a fact supported by anthropology, genetics,lingushitic, history, geography, sociology and related fields. An attempt to twist reality to dictate your
    Appetite based on biased finding won’t change anything rather than fulling your empty wishes. East Africa have been known as a land of Cush, any isolated history you might find out of this context is a movement of Cushitic people to regain there ancestral land from Semitic invaders. Please write how your folks managed to cross bel mandeb before they arrive from Yemen and started genocide which had been continued till Minilik ii time.

    • Kohen
      he did not write fiction You OROMOS never lived in the present day OROMIYA 400 years ago you just occupy the land of AMHARAS, ENARYA, DAMOT,and GAFAT forcefully killing millions and committing GENOCIDE on the original inhabitants of the area….
      He did not create rather he told you what was written by foreigners ABA BAHREN, ALBAREZ etc …..

      now people like JAWAR MOHAMMAD are beating the drum of the second GENOCIDE against AMHARAS like his forefathers did 400 years ago and this time we will not sit idly we will fight to death and we have every right to claim the land forcefully taken by OROMOS if they are not willing to live peacefully

  27. Hellow readers, be afan Oromo yebere fes wey ashet wey agema. The tplf/woyane division of Ethiopians continues. For the bloody criminal tplf/woyane the unity among The Oromos and The Amharas is headache. Oromos and Amharas must get unite and get rid of the bloody criminals.
    Abrham Taye I hope you shall go back to elementary class and learn real history.

  28. I applaud the courage this author shows

    The great grand sons of the 16 century Oromo invaders should be told the truth and every time their barbaric expansion mentioned they cry this is the story written by AMHARAS, rather there are so many foreign historians and travellers who lived in these regions in the 16 century documented the presence of the KINGDOM OF DAMOT, ENARYA, and GAFT before they were completely annihilated by OROMO INVADERS and
    the forefathers of OLF cadres and Historians are criminals who committed GENOCIDE on AMHARAS, ENARYA, DAMOT etc and the barbaric nature of the OROMO INVASION is well documented by ABA BAHRAIN how OROMOS CUT THE BREAST OF WOMEN AND PENNIS OF MEN and OTHER HUMAN ORGANS OF AMHARAS including children actually ARUSI and GUJI OROMOS still exhibit this kind of BARBARIC ACTS that what they did to Arba gogu, BEDENO etc

    The OLF cadres and Historians are crying fool and writing HATE about MENILIK to repeat the GENOCIDE their forefathers committed 400 years ago

    To sum up ADDIS ABEBA University has a TAPE of the last speakers of ENARYA language before recorded before they left this world for good in 1974 Ethiopian calendar

    when JAWAR an his likes started the liberation war We AMHARAS will fight and push them where they came and there is also a DNA evidence support the present day SHEWA, WOLLEGA, JIMAA were not the land of OROMOS no amount of denying the truth written even by foreign writers will change the truth and OLFites would know these and the consequence AMHRA PEOPLE will not allow them to slaughter them silently like in the past

    • Dear Kibret
      Your support for this article shows you have a little brain like your likes-
      All those fictious-staffs are over- be intellectual

  29. I have a question to Oromos? do you know where your came from? do not you have any oral history at least? Why you insist and Lemn ggm bilalachu tkdalachu? Yetemetachuhubtnet betake minalbet gigm kemalet? I am serious. Why Oromos do not know who they are ? where they came from? It is really sad Oromos have no any long history in Ethiopia and they can not even accept it. it is okay now it is 400 years and we can not send you anywhere because you are no a big part of us. But stop denying history and faking history. You can not fake history now in the 21 century. Why? you history is now written on your DNA. it is even possible to know where you came from without talking , but just by analyzing your DNA sequence and map. Please accept history as it is and never try to rewrite it in order to suit you. This is not good. It is okay to come from where, there is nothing wrong. Migration did not start with Oromo only. The Falasha were in Ethiopia and across the world.The white in America today moved or migrated from Europe to USA, Canada, Australia. There is nothing wrong migration because no human is born to live in one area. What I am hating myself is not Oromo migration? but What I am hating is Oromo lies, fabrication, fiction, … Oromia was created by Woyane yesterday. Oromos were called Gala, even Oromo is a geez word, it is not yours.What is your original name ? I am serious guys? Oromo is geez word, it is sad there is no trace of history except faking new one. Anyway, you are our brothers now, feel at home. But stop demonizing the amharas who accommodated as guest as your enemies. Stop this childish. It is not our fault you do not have recorded history like others. It is not Amhara fault. Do not blame amhara for not having a recorded history or any history written even on stones. All African in Africa have their history written somewhere even if they do not have script, they have pictures drawn, symbols drawn, burial place, tombs, palaces, …. There is no any old Oromo palace anywhere in Ethiopia but they insist Oromia, Oromia,… Oromia out of the blue? how? Why make up history in one day? It is impossible to fake history in the 21 century. Please be yourself today and do not fake yourself and do not misguide the new generation because it is not their fault there is no long history recorded for them.

  30. You peoples of Northern Ethiopia is or are highly possesed of evil thoughts, let God make his mercy up on u. Really non good things are raised of u. Actually, it is of devil possesion inside every body of you. Let father of righteousness help u.

  31. @Kibret I like all of your comment. Yes Oromos are more cruel , commit genocide of Gafat poeple and Oromonized the land.
    Specially Nother of Addis ababa, Jimma including Wellega upto Axum belongs to Axumite kingdom area.
    The nearby damot kingdom of Gafat poeple massacared by Oromos and evicted to Gojjam and this time There is no Gafati speaker in Ethiopia as OROMOS Killed the WHOLE Gafat people.
    Please mr kibret Can you post the speakers of the lasr Enarya, Gafat etc from Addis Ababa University.

    thank you Abraham

  32. Dear demand
    It is only Addis Abeba university,a department of History which has the tape of the interview of the last speakers of ENARYA language recorded in 1974, these people were living in WOLLEGA which their original land even though their ancestors all died because of the Genocide committed on them by barbaric invading Oromos of the time
    There are prominent historians in the history department of AAU who have access to this tape shades light about the crimes committed by OROMOS yet these Schoolars remain silent for fear of the attack comes from OLF hate writer historians and veterans of Arbagogu and Bedeno

    Oromos should accept their history of migration and live peacefully with other Ethiopans, this is 21 century and the age of DNA and there are DNA evidences about the original inhabitants of the lands occupied by Oromos and the hate driven OLFites propaganda can not beat historical and DNA evidences rather it is better to stop denying the facts and decide to live in the land they live currently in peace instead of beating the drum of Genocide against Amharas and other people

    Even the founder of OLF in his recent interview with VOA admitted the migration of Oromos though he called it Movement kkkk how someone call the invasion and the genocide caused the extinction of people like ENARYA DAMOT and the massacre of hundreds of Amharas
    We should encourage people like professor Getachew Haile and FASSIL yene Alem to write the truth and also should be behind and protect them from the attack emanates from mad and hate driven OLFites

  33. @kiberet & @Oromos

    Oromo came from East Africa between South of Egypt and North of Somalia. It is strongly support by modern day anthropology, Genetics, geography, lingushitic history and other related fields. Cushites had been living South of Egypt before any of Semetic people crossed to Africa from Arabia period. ( Refer Egyptiology and Western Libraries). Check Meorite history of Cushites which was destroyed by Axumites in ancient time. Oromo is a branch of Cush who had
    a rich history even listed as ancient Egypt kings. Today Cush is an icon of black race and taught in US the universities. I don’t waste my time teaching you history let me leave it for historians. As long as we’re concerned, Oromo is different today -one a big nation and a majority in Ethiopia easily win democratic election. 2. Have a rich land- can make better allies than losers 3. proud and nationalist- decide it’s fate. 4.United – time will show soon. I don’t belive “mexe” habashi-slave in Arab language crossed from Arabia and tell us what we do. @Keberet and your likes go to hell where you came from you don’t have any legitimate histroy in East Africa.

  34. That was very good idea but it’s false, I tell you some thing if have some brain your country tigray is part of our country so is better to you shut up. Don’t even try to mix the history of oromiyaa with your false and cheap opinion.

    • What ever you dig and say, you could never change a fraction of truth in history. Hundred years ago because of European gun fire, these people came to and settled on Mecha and Tulamma land, grabbing fertile Oromo land, but they could not able to make any siginificant demographic change using modern weapons from which we are recovering by fast and alarming pace. The truth is Ethiopian history is less siginificant, irrelevant and full of mythology.If Damot did exist on Mecha and Tulamma land prior to Oromo, the Damot are authorized to question , not the invading Amhara’s. the truth is on the way, we have clearly identifying those elements who tring to sabotage our historic owner ship to the land.

  35. The DAMOT have to ask weather the land belongs to them or, not and you are not authorized to represent the extinicted or existing DAMOT, Rather much of the present dayAmhara region belongs to Agawo and Oromo. Try to see this side as well.

  36. I believe in equality , tolerance and respect you all mindless Ethiopian who posted this stupid insult it is really shame ! shame on you. We the poorest nation, we shall fight poverty, a shameful scare.
    I ashamed of born from this mindless people who fight with his brother and sister. One married to Oromo , Amhara or Tigre and have a child and our blood is missed . We are one ! oooooooooooooha
    It is better to died than to hear your shameful comment !

  37. Howdy! This post couldn’t be written much better! Looking at this article reminds me of
    my previous roommate! He continually kept talking about this.
    I most certainly will send this article to him. Fairly certain he will have a good read.
    Thank you for sharing!

  38. Who ever you are in reality, your Web name (zehabesh) says it all. Abyssinians are famous people for creating history out of thin air. For example, they try to convince us that Ethoopia is a nation of 3000 years of history. Ethiopia as they claim it didn’t exist even 100 years ago. For example, Ogaden which is part of their Ethiopia was annexed about 60 years ago. So much for 3000 years of history. Probably 3000 years must be demarcation of the period when abysinians left their native country in South Yemen. By their own admission, they are Semitic groups and Semitics are not native to Africa. Their presence in Ethiopia is testimonial to the genocide they continue to commit. They displaced, exterminate, or shipped to slavery substantial cushitic population to occupy the land they live on in the Horn of Africa.
    Mr. Zehabesh, the Horn of afric belongs to cushitic people whether it is Oromo, Somali, Sidama, Damot, Afar, Agaw, Kunama etc. This people lived together for thousands of years and there might be population movements. But one thing is for sure, they never have any troubles until the arrival of Evil Abyssinians. By the way, you didn’t tell us who the Axumites have displaced to occupy the land they live on. Your fiction has bent only on defamation of Oromo people. Try to update your knowledge of history from fiction to reality. As for Oromo people, we are traveling at 100 mph. We will get to our destination during your life time.

  39. You Neo-Neftenga(Amaharas), You have to cry for your future house
    because yuu are on living in AGAW-MIDIR & BEJA-MIDIR. So, they will
    come for your one day, even soon! Oromos are an ancient Cush/Kush
    People and they are still live in this land for thousands of years from the
    time they separate from there Grand-Father Noh. Don’t loose your time by
    talking about Oromo’s. because this will never give you guaranty to live in
    Kush land instead of backing to your ancestors Yemeni through Red-Sea.
    The Houthi Rebels are your ancestors go and beg them for settlement.
    Kibre-Negest is Designed and Written in Egypt to make you big & to
    destabilized Kush people. Then Egypt to use the Nile forever by
    destabilizing Kush/Cush. Still they are successful in giving you other
    ancestors than your Yemeni’s Father. Then They are still use Nile(which
    is Cush/Kush Property. Don’t be fool My Friend. You have to believe the
    Real & True History even if you don’t like it, instead of believing
    Purposefully arrenged History to attack other to fill your poverty & lack of
    Land & Resource. Then Truth will set you free. Thanks

  40. @kibret
    like it or not, they have existed as a
    community in the Horn of Africa for
    several millennia (Prouty et al., 1981).
    Bates (1979) contends that the Oromo
    “were a very ancient race, the indigenous
    stock, perhaps, on which most other
    peoples in this part of eastern Africa
    have been grafted”.

  41. I am an Ethiopian from Amhra ethnic groups. I do have great respect to Oromos and I love them. But I do have so many questions to my oromo brothers. For the time being, I have presented three of them as follows. I hope anybody can give me his opinion. I believe in discussion and through discussion we can learn and unlearn.

    First, I usually hear that Oromos were oppressed by Amhra ruler in the past including Minilik and most oromo politicians are asking that the current Amhra generation should apologize for that wrong doing. After all I was not there at the time and I did not give my support to the rulers to operas anybody. How can I be expected to apologize for the wrong doing of past rulers?

    Second, some oromos especially coming from Wellega area have great hatred for others especially to Amhras. I have observed this in my university life and in so many occasions. I guess that; it is the result of an exaggerated propaganda of OLF/ODF as most of the leaders are from that area. I do not think that OLF/ODF will succeed by propagating hatred to others. It is only love for human being that wins. So I request, my oromo bothers are there other reasons for this?

    Thirdly,for the last four decade, politicians and others propagate “land of oromia”. But we hardly find any evidence such as oblisque and other evidence showing this.To my knowledge, the history of oromos in the current region is only 400 years.so what, what is your justification. does the existence of other cushetic people in the region gives guarantee?

    Finally, I heard/read most oromo politicians blaming past rulers. Why not they make history instead of blaming history?

  42. there is no people called semetic who are identified as ETHIOPIA

    ONLY CUSH is the anscient people of EAST NORTH AFRICA

    OROMO is the largest CUSH people not amharas


  43. At the beginning the whole land of Ethiopia was the land of Kush people so what makes that wellega,illubabor not the land oromo.the Oromo were the brave people to reconquer our land.Do you know that the lands of semetics is also our land?

  44. haha …weyane start creating history that no one believe go and full yourself notit is time to go from Ethiopia we amhara and oromo people know already your trick.

  45. I don’t know how far back in history one should go to reclaim the land under consideration. As we are aware the focus in Ethiopian political history so far has been largely on unity and territorial integrity of the country as a whole rather than on local or intra- national boundary issues. Even the concept of ” Kilil” is “TPLF’s “idea” which future governments, depending on people’s interests might even totally reject it or modify it sooner or later since it appears to have been designed to serve the narrow interests of the people now in power.

  46. You talk about Damot why dont you tell Damota is Wolaytta rullef by the legendary notorioud king motolomi!!!! Half of now days ethiopia is the earlie wolaytta and u do know that!

  47. Its true exept not mentioning motolomi king of kings in damot Damot (Wolayta ) read it in gedle teklehaimanot

  48. I can read too much fuss here. I don’t want to go into any insult or even the current dirty politics. I want to focus only on the history which should be told as it is. Whether Amaras, Oromos or Tigres shouldn’t fabricate history as it pleases them. Even though the details are not present the history is there for all of us. Starting from the 13th century until the Oromos began to expand the kingdom of Damot has much of the land south of Muger including almost all of Souther Ethiopia. Its rulers were Wolaitas. Motollami was their king at that time. Kawo Tona who was defeated by Minlik in a bloody war was the last kind of the Wolaitas. The Oromos who expanded from a tiny pockets of land in present day Kenya and Somalia close to Borena managed to take much of the land that belonged to the Damot kingdom in the 15th and 16th centuries. During that time the Oromos have done atrocities much worse than they declare that was done to them. The Oromos had powerful customs of converting people in the region they conquered to Oromos including kidnapping children and raising them as Oromos. They managed to change the identities of the people in the region they conquered. It can be said that much of present day Oromo speaking people are not real Oromos instead they belong to other ethnic groups in the present day Ethiopia. It could actually be said that the Oromos have lived in harmony with the Amharas during Menilik and even before then while the other ethnic groups in Ethiopia were struggling. Since the didn’t offer any big resistance to Menilik, they have been privileged unlike the Kaffas and the Welaitas that struggled bitterly. They had established themselves with a kingdom centered in Debre Tabor and had ruled in Wollo. They managed to intermingle with the Solomonic dynasty. We can name several people from the Solomonic dynasty with Oromo origins: Taytu, Lij Eyasu, Haile selassie (Oromo mom), Ras Michael..etc Much of OLFs and the history as told by the current generation is simply a fuss. Someone is twisting it for their purpose.

    Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oromo_migrations

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