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We who are here today came from Ethiopia

Zekarias Asaye

 We left our country because of persecution in different ways and different reasons which have an impact on our survival. We have assembled across different ethnicity, religion, ideology and political point of view not to be oppressed and unavailability of injustice in our country.

Currently we are raising an idea of which has an attractive broad minded slogan which can Unite us to stand firmly not to be divided so as to strengthen our effort not to fall.

Even if it does not has a moral satisfaction like a country where we born, fortunately, we are in a civilized country, where we can talk and express ourselves, our feeling, our idea etc. We can talk about the reason that we were imprisoned or tortured.

Every situation in our country does not allow to act like that. Thousands of our brothers and sisters were killed, tortured, imprisoned or disappeared and is also a continuing phenomenon.

The majority of the educated, middle level educated, the farmers as well as the illiterate and different category of the country are closed with false dream minded key of zero level EPRDF leaders.

As it is clear for all of us, nowadays, there is no freedom of religion in Ethiopia. The blind mind calculation of the  higher officials of the government are harassing Christians, Muslims, mineral idea minded journalists, dreamed opposition party leaders by considering them as terrorist. Many of the above mentioned categories and\or fruits of Ethiopia were imprisoned and those who kept silent are also searched by 100watt battery. Their personal attitude as well as the life of their family is running even by far lesser than the life of an animal.

The Ethiopian regime is one of the worst dictatorship practitioners ever seen in the country’s history, even when compared with the world dictators; it is pronounce as a silent killer. The country’s level of development level is a day to day dialogue, forgetting the different ways which can lead us to reach there. No freedom of press, freedom of explaining idea and feeling, freedom of telling the truth, living the real life etc. The mind and the mouth of the people are in prison today than in the past, the outsmarted journalists of the country are suffering in …………. Prison since they reflected the internal feeling of the society even the future of the baby in his mother womb.

Whenever there is a happening of telling the fault of the leaders, they will stay on their bed like *the mind is present and the body is absent* reciprocal of *the mind is absent and the body is present* thinking how to attack their fault tellers. And during the day time, they will run faster than Kenenisa and Haile. They will start to discuss with their addicted friends of the same job how to throw the life of Ethiopia in to jail. And finally they will try to design and discuss about new laws, rules and regulations how to frighten them.

I do not know how to say it why they made corruption as their characteristic of the regime.

Nowadays, the government chases different category of our people out of their land and sell their wealth to Chinese, Indian or Arab companies. It is also practicing to export agricultural products to acquire weapons while millions of citizens are suffering due to famine.

There is no, neither democratic nor reasonable system of leadership, in our country. The regime is practicing a day to day aggravated systematic and blind minded calculation of discrimination.

Today we demand democracy, human rights and justice for all forwarding a core message like:

Political prisoners must be released now!

Prisoners of conscience must be released unconditionally now!

Journalists must be released now!

We never accept discrimination!

From Zekarias Asaye

E-mail: [email protected]

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