Uganda granted asylum to 15 Eritrean football players

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Uganda has granted asylum to the 15 players from the Eritrea football team and the team doctor who absconded in the country in December during the 2012 Cecafa Tusker Senior Challenge Cup.

Apollo David Kazungu, the Commissioner for Refugees in the Office of the Prime Minister in Uganda, said on Monday that the Refugee Eligibility Committee had found the group’s claims valid and granted them refugee status.

The Eritrean team had been eliminated in the tournament in the early stages after drawing with Zanzibar 0-0, losing 3-2 to Malawi and being beaten 2-0 by Rwanda in their last match on Saturday.

Instead of boarding the next plane out of Uganda, 17 players and officials left their Sky Hotel reportedly to go shopping, but only three returned to Asmara.

“This is very good news if they have finally been sorted by the relevant authorities. But next time teams should come and play football and return to their countries,” said Uganda Football Association’s vice-president in charge of youth, Patrick Ogwel.

Source: BBC Sport


  1. Very Shocking news for Eriterians who have sought an exit from Eriteria to make their destination in the dream land of USA or Europe accusing the Shabia led government for gross human right violation and then after securing thier refugee status they will turn up die-hard loyal to Shabia.

    Afterwards there will never be any fake asylum seekers from Eriteria.

  2. Wey yeErtera lejoch, yasazenal…keEthiopia megentel kedehenet merak ymeslachew neber, wede dihinet azekt wust wedkew keru

  3. Guta or Gutto ras

    the separation of Eriterians does not represent the whole Eriterian people its a result of Meles and Esayas evil agreement .Eriterians are still our brothers do not be racist we ethiopian also the poorest in the world you can not say any body deha (poor) while you your selt nech deha

    in fact the reason they ask asylum is not economy issue it is political asylum because of the dictator regime of Esayas

  4. To Ababa.

    Stop swearing to any one, being rude is the nature of Tiraye (Eriteria+Tigray). Everyone knows Eriterian donot have real threat from Shabia but they should make their way to any Europian countries for livelihood.

    No a single Eriteria wishes to stay in Eriteria. Their fond of home country(Eriteria) is good for nothing.

    They are very selfish and their life is full of deciet. They make the entire world fool by fabricated alligation on Shabia.

    Once Isayas Afeworkie had responded to a jounrnalist forwarding a question ‘Why Eriterians could not be able to enjoye life to the full after freedom?’ He then went to say that ‘ I didnot promise to slaughter a sheep/cow for every citizen’ You have to accept what you have got at your disposal.

    But for Ethiopians your sparation is a great reliefe and it would also be double pleasure if the rest Tigrians follows your suit. Every Ethiopians has now exhausted the remaining sympathy to Tigrians and no longer to stay with evil creatures synonimous with a bottle of poison. Toxic narrow minded.

    So Eriterians PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay at home as your CARD to play for asking refuge is no more helpful. Be a man enough to confron your poverty and destititution inherited from your forefathers. Stop empty propaganda/proudness and face your natural challenges at home.

  5. to Ambasel

    yes i know when Esayas sworn he did not promised to slaughter sheep/caw he promised to slaughter any people who need freedom

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