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TPLF Warlords Must Face Justice !!!!

William Davison International Crisis Group

By Tedla Asfaw
November 9, 2020

To William Davison
International Crisis Group

Dear Mr. Davidson,

I just followed Aljazeera Inside Story, Nov.9, 2020. You mentioned most of the fights underway for a week now between Ethiopian Defense Force( EDF) and TPLF special forces in “Western Tigray”.

This huge land is a fertile and strategic land
for the survival of TPLF.It was created by TPLF in 1991when they captured power in Addis Ababa confiscating the land across Tekeze River a historical boundary between Tigray and Gonder. They also expand south taking Raya from Wello and East Afar land.

No wonder the Amharas joined the battle with EDF that was attacked suddenly by TPLF special forces.The aim of TPLF is to wage war holding the Amhara people hostage inside the Amhara region. From there march to Addis Ababa !!!!

TV footage I watched on ETV tonight showed celebrations in towns that were liberated from TPLF. You were also heard saying the Ethiopian Defense Force joined TPLF ?? How come then “Western Tigray” including border towns like Humera are free from TPLF ??

You also suggest that TPLF and the people of Tigray are the same. That is classic TPLF propaganda. If organizing the sham election in Tigray last September means legitimacy then TPLF should have stayed in power in Addis Ababa after winning the 2015 fake election.

TPLF according to the other two guests, Mustefa, Somali Region President and the law professor from Addis Ababa University have articulated for viewers that TPLF has to be removed from Tigray because all the attempts for peacefully resolve issues was rejected by TPLF Warlords believing they will prevail on battlefront ultimately capture power with OLF, OFC and other anti Amhara forces.

That bravado has been dealt a huge blow when they ambushed EDF on their bed and ethnically killed non Tigreans.That cowardly action galvanized the EDF including Tigreans that were protected by army for more than two decades to remove these traitors once and for all.Anything less is capitulation by Abiy Ahmed that will be the end of him.

Regarding foreign actors they will not have much impact because Ethiopians do not trust outsiders from their long history. TPLF Warlords Must Face Justice !!!!


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